A television station in Louisville, Kentucky reported on an interesting story today entitled "Woman Claims Cruise Company Promising Free Cruise Lied, Stole."

Amy Zetina, a hard working mother of three in Kentucky, responded to an ad which offered a "free cruise."

Ms. Zetina was taken for a ride, but it wasn’t on a cruise ship. 

It turns out that "Caribbean Cruise Line" offers “free” Caribbean cruise package, with some ads featuring Carmen Electra promoting a "free" cruise.

Ms. Zetina received a packet in the mail telling her that she was the lucky winner of a "free" cruise, including a $1,300 voucher.  She agreed to pay only for port taxes and then gave her credit card number over the telephone.  The cruise company then began sucking money out of her account.

Ms. Zetina did not know that 458 customers had lodged complaints against Caribbean Cruise Line.  Nor did she know about it’s "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.  An investigation by the television station revealed that the company made unauthorized charges against customers’ credit cards. 

After Ms. Zetina contacted the television station, she called the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General’s office and the local police.  Only then did she get her money back.

You can find complaints about this company on the Complaints Board and Ripoff Report and throughout the internet. 

Moral of the story?  There are no free cruises in life.  And when someone rips you off, fight back.

Enjoy the official ad of Caribbean Cruise Line with Carmen Electra (in Spanish – Cruceros Gratis!




PS:  There have been criticism of marketing scams by "Caribbean Cruise Line" which is not a cruise line at all but a marketing company which also sells time shares in the Bahamas.  We last mentioned this company two weeks ago in a story about an affiliated company, Celebration Cruise Line –  Report of Rape on Bahamas Celebration Cruise Ship.    

April 26, 2012 Update: The fun & games continue.  A "free cruise?"  I don’t think so.  Hanging Up On A Free Cruise: The Emotional Toll Of Doing The Right Thing


Photo Credit:  Celebration Cruise Line website

  • Caribbean Cruise Lines has at least 6 domains offering this scam which is a cover for timeshare sales, and other dubious “freebies”.


    Ramada Plaza Resorts is also in the middle of the scam. There is no such place, and those who buy into this usually end up at the Ramada near the cruise port in Ft Lauderdale – which is a 2 star dump.

    I plan to post about this after I get more info, and will link back to your article.

  • Ms,. Broussasrd

    I am scheduled to travel from Houston to Florida for this (scam) in December. I started reasearching after everytime i asked which hotel i would be lodged at, i was never given an answer just the lie that they had several hotels to choose from and upon booking i would be told which one… when i did find out and googled the hotel i was very displeased. When i called back to request a different hotel, i was put on hold for 30 minutes and given the run around. Finally after being very persistant James a so called Trip advisor gave me his personal line number 954-630-9449 ext 4320 said he would upgrade my hotel to the Marriot. When I called back to get confirmation he didn’t remember the phone call(how conventient!!!!even though i had his personal line” ) James informed me that the cruise line owned the Ramada Plaza Resort hotel and that is the only one they have to offer..unlike i was told when i bought the package and for $45 a night I could upgrade at my expense to the Marriot or Westin. I expressed my concerns about the EXTREMELY negative reviews along with pictures of the Ramada Plaza since year 2006. that this hotel has not been renovated,better yet demolished. I am still fighting for a resolution… Maybe even a class action lawsuit.

  • Viv
  • mlong

    I was just threatened by Mr. Robertson in expired accounts on an package I never used. He told me if I didn’t upgrade for $800 that they would come after me for $900 for my unused vacation. He was very persuasive with his fraudulent tactics. Problem is that my fine print didn’t match what he said at all. So after the call I called Corporate Headquarters and they apologized repeatedly for what happened and said it wasn’t true that I would be charged against my will. They said he wouldn’t be fired but would have money taken from his paycheck. (?) The more I think about how he tried to force me and wouldn’t let me talk to mgmt (how many others did he swindle?) I think I should contact the AG.

  • Angela

    Wow, these stories sound so similar to my situation! I’m trying to contact the cruise line now and I don’t have a number? What number should I call? I think I spent over $1200 and I would be more than willing if anyone wanted to proceed with a class action lawsuit, only I don’t have all my info (which is why I wanted to contact them). Thanks you and Good luck!

  • victoria

    i just called this and it is a joke. thay were rude after i said i would not give the credit card number. i suggest that no one ever gets mix up in this stupped game.thay wiil drain your money dry.

  • lara

    i had my money stolen, lost my honeymoon and they are refusing to refund me. dont know what to do.
    i booked the cruide plus extra features, staying in bahamas, free meals. i called 5 m ahead of time to book my dates, they booked them but refused to send me confirmation. i called again 2 weeks later to discover, it was wrong dates, i was very upset, had to change my tickets and everything, then they assured me they have the right dates. since it was my honeymoon, i called again because i didnt feel comfortable without written confirmation. they said they have reservation for a whole different month, no cruises in the month i wanted. that was after the guy had assured me reviously that evth wa set. they admitted theat maybe they committed 3 mistakes, booking wrong dates 3 times but they cant do anything about it, it is non refundable and there is nothing i can do. now i lost 1000$ and my honeymoon.
    how can i get my money back and who is responsible of closing this buisness?

  • je and st

    Thanks to.everyone who wrote. We just got a call and put Mr. James on hold while we “get our credit card” so we could look up this too good to be true offer. He wouldn’t give us his phone number so we could call back so he said he would wait on hold for ten minutes while we “drive to get our card” instead, we Googled the company and only found websites about a scam. Thanks for your posts everyone! My husband and I really appreciate it. 🙂

  • Janice

    Thanks for your information – I fell for this over three years ago and it still haunts me! I received a phone call approximately two weeks ago saying that my credit card was going to be charged for the additional amount owing on the trip (we never did go and thought that it had just expired after 18 months). The guy on the phone would not indicate how much was owed – I hung up and put a hold on my credit card. I get, on average, three phone calls per day – mostly hang ups, but today Mr. Alan Parker phoned. I “googled” his name and see that others have been victims of his phone calls as well. Beware everyone!

  • Pissed Consumer


    I purchased a cruise deal on March 23, 2011 and tried to cancel May 6, 2011 and they told me that they could not refund my money.

    I wanted to cancel for various reasons. First, because they did not tell me that I had to participate in a timeshare and I specifically asked this question and was told, no.

    Secondly, when I would call to inquire about rates for adding kids I would receive different answers. The price was increasing rapidly.

    Caribbean Cruise Lines is deceitful, and untrustworthy and the customer service is unbelievably horrible. I would never ever ever recommend this vacation to anyone.

    I was told the owner’s information was:

    Robert Mitchell
    2419 East Commercial Blvd. Ste 100
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308

    and to write a letter to request a refund.

    Hope this helps. I have submitted a claim to the BBB and the Florida Attorney General Office. I guess I have to wait and see what they will do. Any advice, please let me know.

  • Mike Swisher

    Please someone in this world listen to the fact that this cruise line sucks

  • miriam

    I bought this over a year ago…should I pick a date and go? or just consider this a loss? This is going to require us flying there…so I don’t want to add to what I have already invested and end up not having a trip after I fly there! Does anyone have a phone #? Any info is appreciate.

  • Emily

    I just fell victim to “Caribbean Cruise Lines” today. I had been searching for cruises for the past few days,and then I heard a commercial on the radio saying that the first 500 callers would receive a free cruise. Normally I would think it to be a scam, but being a strong believer in fate, I called anyway. I asked repeatedly if it was a scam, and was continually reassured that it was not; one of the reasons I was given was that the radio could not market a scam or else they would lose their license. (I believed that). They kept trying to sell me bigger packages, none of which I could afford (we had planned on saving money to take a cruise, not buying it right this second), and when I denied them the man would become increasingly angry and keep lowering the price. How can you lower the price that much? Then they did an “audio receipt” where it was obvious they only wanted yes or no answers. They also never said the amount my card was charged for in the audio receipt. When I came home, I tried to get on the website they gave me, and the login and password did not work. I never received a confirmation e-mail. I tried to search for them online and the website I found was obviously a fake and had no contact information at all. Luckily, my husband is a lot less gullible than I and advised me to check this out before things got ugly!

  • JVA

    Hello to all. Just to like to confirm that this company (or whatever it is..) is in fact after your money and there are many many strings attached. I was outraged read see many pages like this and it is terrible.

    For anyone researching this off of a “free cruise” please please see a certified travel agent.

  • misty

    I really need the cruise lines phone number. They took my money for the port taxes and fees and I want it refunded to my card. Can someone please give me their number???



  • Colleen Hough

    For several months I’ve been getting an obnoxious computerized phone call about twice a week stating that I will be awarded a Bahamas cruise if I answer a short survey. I usually hang up but thought if I answered the survey, maybe the calls would stop. There were 10 generic questions (male/female, rent/own, age range, education level, etc.). Then I was put through to a rep to “collect my reward”. I asked who was sponsoring the survey and she said the cruise was from Caribbean Cruise Lines. I asked again what company was actually calling and doing the survey, and she hung up on me. I’ve been trying to contact Caribbean Cruise Lines to ask them to stop phoning me but can not find a way to contact them. The calls come from (207) 493-2630 but you only get a busy signal if calling it. Does anyone know how to contact Caribbean Cruise Lines?

  • brittany a.

    i called the number then hung up thinking it was a scam. then i re-thought and went through the process. only when i was put on hold to get the audio receipt did i realize this was really a scam. will my card still get charged??

  • Margo Kistler

    The exact same thing just happened to us. Unfortunately, my husband and I were unable to go and now they told us they would charge our card for 2 passengers. Even after we told them we DID NOT go. They have no contract or recording that this ever even took place.After reading this article, I will be calling to get my money back.

  • Chris Covington

    I have had the same thing happening to me as Colleen Hough did. They tried to get my card info. after sweet talking me. I told them to email me their info. The first time I told them I didn’t have my card with me, and they hung up on me. Two days later, they called back like nothing happened, and I told them the same as the first. She went on to explain to me that I may miss my chance in this great offer. I told them that I must have been very lucky to have had them pick me twice already. Again I asked for them to email me their info. and have yet to receive one. Your instinct is your BEST weapon. If its too good to be true. It MORE than LIKELY IS!

  • Figured…

    So, a couple months ago, I was asked to take a survey “promoting Diabetes awareness”. They asked a few vague questions, then asked my name. Nothing too personal. I figured I was bored, so why not. Then, for the next two or three following months, I got 1 or 2 phone calls a day, saying “Hi, this is John. I’ve noticed you haven’t registered for your FREE cruise to the Bahamas! Please give us a call back…” etc. It listed a cancel number, which I called a few times. Kept calling.
    So, this morning, when they called, I called back and asked if they could prove this was legit. They dodged the question with “well, this is a call directly from the Corporate Offices of Carribean” and gave a brief description of the “free cruise”, then asked for my credit card number. I told them I don’t have it, I’ll call them back, and asked for contact info that didn’t involve automated bull. She said she had none. Then hung up. No goodbye, no “have a nice day”
    So, then I came on here, to look for Carribean’s Corporate phone number. Of course, I can’t find one, and I find this site instead. Perfect. Just as I figured. Another scam. And I’m still going to get these phone calls…

  • Unknown

    Hi everyone so I of course am doing research on cruises and I so happen to come along to this page in which the funny part is I work as a customer service rep for this company I’m not sure about the people who you guys have spoken to first things first I have been with the company since 2009 as well I have had people send me post cards thanking me for their great vacation. Okay so lets understand the partner companies transfer clients over after “asking” if they would like to recieve a FREE cruise in fact it is free some people dont under stand by law another person cannot lagally pay taxes for any body so by law if you take the FREE cruise which is FREE you have to pay your OWN GOVERNMENTAL PORT TAXES yes the company cannot pay them for you now its your choice to accept or decline the offer now of course when your travling from CA or NY your not going to just fly down an fly back so of course they OFFER you people a Discounted hotel stays which again you can accept or decline I have never once lied or stole information to a customer if that was the case wouldnt you think the company would have been shut down an their merchant privledges taken away from them! Now when you were asked if your under stand what is being processed to your card than yes your going to be charged if you answered yes now for you people I read the script everyday I understand how things work in the company in fact if an employee gets caught lying to anyone at all your fined and your black listed from the company which includes alot of affilated companies now keep the above in mind and understand what your reciveing the next time people dont understand what free is and you make false statements about a good company Oh an one last thing yes if you are not interessted in time sharing than you understand you do not have to buy you simply say no and you go forth with your cruise as well if you live in CA or IL you cannot particapatie in time shares so seems pretty normal and realistic to me…

  • Pavan

    I was talked into buying this last night. Fortunately for me, I did not fall for any of the aggressive selling of hotels packages etc. I only paid for the port taxes and room upgrade, costing 217. After I read all the reviews, called them to cancel it. Had to be on the phone for an hour and go thru 3 people trying to convince me that the posts on internet are from unknown people and I should not beleive it and ll crap. They then threatened me with the contract terms etc, but when I said I dont care and I will dispute this with my Credi Card company anyways, he put me on hold and then came back and said he wants to have satisfied customers, so he would refund. I think he budged because the amount was small and was not worth for them. Inspite of this, I put a hold on the payment with my credit card, and also am replacing the card. They initially asked me if I was setup on a monthly payment plan, which makes me think they would even try to credit money every month. The indication of Fraud is the way they try to sell you stuff .. that tells it.
    Stay Away, not worth the pain.

  • Cruise Customer

    I received this voucher in the mail and was very skeptical as well. We did not receive a “free” cruise, but did pay about $160 for a 2-night cruise for two and enjoyed a great weekend getaway with no strings attached. We did not have to sit through a timeshare presentation nor did we have false charges on our credit card.

    I’m not sure how myself and the other passengers aboard got lucky, but we did and had a great time! We even talked to people that cruise with this particular cruise line every couple of months.

  • Darren

    I am having problems getting my money back from this deceiptful company. Anyone pursuing class action, please let me know as i would like to join the case and have MY money refunded accordingly. This company must surely be in breach of numerous laws and someone needs to put an end to it swiftly. I plan on taking it up with the BBB and Florida’s State Attorney General, however, if anyone has any advice on how I can get my money back I’d greatly appreciate the feedback.

  • Unknown

    I’m a manager in the promotions department, if
    It was a scam we’d obviously no longer be in business

  • young

    We had just recieved the free cruise voucher and $1300.00 expense voucher. On the back said port charges were $59 pp $12 fuel charge. That’s it. When we called they wanted over $800 from us not including port charges. We cought on real quick. IT’S A SCAM! So we ended the call before they got anymore info or credit card #. I don’t suggest it. They have a D raiting with the BBB.

  • uknown

    so do these guys really exist? if i proceed will i get something in return? who may i call to verify if this companies services actually exist? please HELP!!

  • Nan

    To the individual posting as “unknown” but “manager of promotions.” For you to doubt or deny these postings, by stating that, your company would not be in business if it were a “SCAM” is ludicrous!! Any company that makes money by offering “free” services, but expecting money to follow through with the offer, would naturally stay in business. It takes money to make money, it sounds as if the money your company takes from trusting individuals, would ensure its ability to, “stay in Business”! If you truly represent the company, toss out a legitimate phone number so that people can get their money back!!!

  • Joseph Kings

    I went on this cruise August of 2011. I actually Googled them just now because we are thinking about going again this year when I saw this blog. Listen, its by no means a huge luxury ship but still had everything we needed to have a good time, and it was clean. Everyone was very polite, food was surprisingly great. We actually had a really good time. The timeshare thing was… what it was. We sat through the presentation to save a crap load of money for like an hour and change. If we had the money we prob would have bought it, it was pretty nice. Over all, with the food package thing and drinks on the ship, taxes fuel charge and parking (which NO ONE can escape taxes, and have you been to the pump lately?) for me my wife and 8 yr old we spent like 1200 bucks for 5 days and 4 nights, 2 on the boat and 2 in the bahamas. So come on guys, NOTHING is free, but it can be affordable. The stories Ive read are crazy for sure, but all seem to be more about their sales people then the actual experience, times are hard in America today, and you have to reach out to the people however you can i guess. I have yet to see any big company make everyone happy. If you want a good time cheap go with it, just dont expect the Ritz Carlton or the majesty of the sea. You can get that for only 5 times the price…I’m more about enjoying my family and relaxing time then anything else… for every bad time I’m sure there are thousands or at least hundreds that had a good time… like us… thats my two sense

  • Sunshine

    My husband and I agreed to attend a timeshare meeting while we were in Las Vegas, just to receive all the free stuff that they bribed us with to attend. One of the “extra” things that was given to us on our way out of the timeshare meeting, was a free cruise voucher for 2 nights on Caribbean Cruise Line. Even as a travel agent myself, I had mistakenly confused Caribbean for Royal Caribbean a VERY reputable cruise line.

    After registering, I googled bahamascruiseregistration and every search result was from angry people claiming this to be a scam. I KNEW it, there’s always a catch.

    I am glad that I didn’t get past the registration before I found all of this out. I plan on messing with the lucky sales person who calls me back ^_^

  • Erin

    I was also offered a “free cruise” after participating in a 2 minute political survey. I have had many calls like this before and have never even considered giving a decision and my money after a 10 minute phone conversation. Usually the companies are up front about what they are selling (timeshares, etc.). This time my husband and I did go for it because it was only $118 in port taxes/fees for 2 days/2 nights in the Bahamas. We need a vacation very much (we just had our 2nd child 2 weeks ago). The representative told me that this cruise had nothing to do with timeshares at all, which I later found out you do have to sit through a presentation. I called my aunt who has been a travel agent for several years, she immediately did research on this cruise line and informed me they had a “F” rating with the BBB and had found a ton of terrible reviews and horror stories from other people that had been scammed. To be fair, some people did say they had a good experience also but not many. Apparently they try to sell you a larger cruise package, a timeshare and people have a very hard time booking their cruise dates (they told me that as long as I booked 60 days in advance, there would never be a date I couldn’t get). I called back within 24 hrs and they did give me an attitude and a hard time about giving me a refund. They tried to sell the cruise to me all over again but in the end she did tell me I would receive my $118 within 3-5 days ( I am still waiting). For everyone that has written on here that they can’t get in contact with anyone or the company, I have the “CUSTOMER CARE” # 800-221-8200….Good luck to everyone who needs their $ back or is going ob this cruise line- hopefully it will be a good experience. I just don’t want to take the chance. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • court

    Received a vocher in the mail on 6/11/12 said i won a green cruise for 2 and 1300 vocher.,i called to claim but quickly hung up.. I did how ever give my phone number to them b4 hanging up should i worry bout this?

  • Rtc

    If this is not a scam why is the guy on the phone got so angry when after giving him my card info I said, cancel it I’m not going to do this. I said i need to call my husband first and discuss about this, he said you will loss the free cruise if you hung up, this is a one time call only. I said i don’t care just cancel it then i will call you back wether i will buy it or not. And he was so ANGRY said I can’t cancel it’s non- refundable, can’t give that $118 dollar back. And we had to fight over the phone and they were passing me to 3 different people. I just called my credit card company and they said there was no transaction appeared. But I will keep on checking!

  • CMJF

    I just talked to someone today. I recieved a voucher and free cruise in the mail and called the toll free number. First of all, i have been in customer service since I was 15, and I can tell when people are lying. This guy was practically begging me to not talk to my fiance and just do it. He was very pushy and he was very flirty and unprofessional. The voucher says I have 72 hours to confirm my cruise, but he said that once I hung up, I would lose my only chance. He also only wanted my first name and phone number, which isn’t enough info legally to register for anything. He uad bad tactics and if it says free, then I sure aint going to give him my credit card! Also if you go to their website, there is always a toll free number, which on theirs is not.
    If it seems too good to be true, it is……

  • Lynn

    I called this number 1-866-728-4263 by accident and they tried to say I had won a free cruise as well, and I thought it was a scam so I research while talking to them and let them know what net and better business bureau said. They still said it was not a scam, but I had a funny feeling that it was. They transferred me three times trying to talk me in in to doing it and I refused but not before I got there corporate number 1 800 221 8200 to try and see what was up they gave it to me but not before if I hung up I would have to pay full price. I just let them know I am not going to go for there scam. Sorry for the ones who did hope these numbers will help again, 1-866-728-4263,1 800 221 8200 call until you get some kind of results. Hope you get your money back. Best of luck.

  • Lynn

    1 800 221 8200 corporate number, and also 1866 728 4263 I called them trying to get a hold of another company and it was the you have won a free cruise, I figured it was a scam and ask a few questions why I googled it and done some research and found out I was correct, I had let them know that I found this out and they had an answer for everything but I had let them know I was not fallen for it . They did try to push it on me and even try to make me feel guilty for not taking it and not only that tactic but also oh your friends will be jealous if you go on a cruise etc….. I just let them know I was not interested but I had asked them for the corporate number so maybe you guys can maybe get some type of justice for being scammed. Best of luck

  • chevbht

    hi i got a letter in the mail saying im worthy of two free tickets to the bahamas im so glad i didn’t call thanx

  • emma

    I just bought the package this Tuesday because they pursueded me so well. I called my credit card holder and got a new credit card so hopefuly it didnt go thru. wished i had research this before going along with it, but thanks to you guys posting your experiances i now know never to answer the phone for a “free cruise”. thanks

  • emjay

    funny story, i get a call from Them and the tell me its free and all that and that there allowed only one phone call per house hold. the funny part is that two days later my Brother get the same exact phone call telling him is free bla bla bla. and im like wooh! this is not good news. so i called my credit holder and told them to unauthorize what i had stupidly authorized and got a new credit card. i hope it didnt go thru.

  • norman

    got a pize entry offer then transfer to a gift offer for free cruise, when i said it be next week before ihad the money he was pushie and told me to over draft my account be worth the voucher. so glad i read these reveiws before giving up my card number no telling how much they would of took

  • sarah

    JUst got a call from these cruise line ppl saying i won a 2 night cruise and a $1300 vochure… I hung up on them and they even still sent me the stuff in the mail… I had a bad feeling about the whole thing right from the start/

  • Possibly out $

    They now have an F BBB rating.

  • Anonymous

    It may or not be a complete scam; but it’s just not worth the risk, and probably just a marketing ploy. They tried too hard to make everything seem like it was not a scam, and when you try too hard, you fail. Sorry, I’m not that stupid. Try the next victim.

  • Diana

    Me and my husband just finished talking to one of these lines. This man named Justin Jackson, after he explained everything and we finished giving him our credit card number they immediately deducted the money after he had told me that they where not going to deduct it just yet. So now we are scheduled to a cruise. What I want to know is if there is anyway I can cancel it and get myy money back before they deduct more money out of our account without knowing?

  • Steve

    Not sure what the complaining is about. We’re getting ready to take our cruise in a month. We’ve finished paying and the total cost off our credit card was $465. We are receiving a cruise for 3 of us, a rental car for a week, and two nights in a fort lauderdale hotel. Sounds like a great price to me.

  • Gennadi Fedorov

    I am calm now…
    or at least calmer, than I had been an hour ago. Deep breaths, meditation,
    positive thinking… it helps a bit to look at the world and still love it,
    though companies like Caribbean Cruise Line make it quite hard sometimes. My
    story is still in development and I still do not know how it will end, but I
    felt that I should warn fellow travelers – if Caribbean Cruise Line did it to
    me, there is a good chance they do it on a regular basis and same mishap (to
    say the very least) may as well happen to anybody.

    “So, what is the story?!” – you wonder. It start with a very simple
    statement. WE Love To Travel! When I say WE, I mean my wife, myself and our two
    daughters 9 and 12 years old. We travel at a slightest provocation. We travel
    wide and long, the further and the more exotic – the better! We do not like
    cruise ships, though. We tolerate them only as a mean of transportation. So,
    when a guy call my wife’s cellphone about a year ago and offered a
    “unbeatable deal on Caribbean Cruise”, she refused at first. Then she
    was told that we do not stay on-board longer than needed to reach Caribbean
    location. On the island we would stay in an all-inclusive resort for four days
    and board the ship only to sail back to Florida. We liked the idea and paid a
    deposit. Somehow life got busy and we did not book our trip. One year later we
    received a phone call from Caribbean Cruise Line and were told that we must
    upgrade our reservation or it will be lost because we did not book within a
    year from deposit. So, we did. We paid the balance and upgraded to a better
    outside view cabin. Couple of months passed and we got our plans for end of
    summer sorted out, call Caribbean Cruise Line and booked our trip for September
    2013. Upon receiving confirmation of our booked dates over the phone from agent
    Serena we found and booked airline tickets from New Jersey to Ft. Lauderdale.
    We also arranged for vacation time at work and school for kids. We decided to
    use another of our previously booked vacations in Florida back-to-back with
    this one and booked another resort through our timeshare. Everything looked
    good. We were all excited about vacation to come in few months ( we now have
    March 30 on calendar and our vacation may or may not be in September, in 6

    Our excitement did not live very long. One week after we booked our dates with Caribbean
    Cruise Line we received a postcard (!). Not a phone call, not email, even
    though they did have all our contact information and could at least make an
    effort of notifying us of the trouble with our booking. So, the postcard said
    that we have to call reservation department and re-book… That’s a surprise!
    So, I call and speak with an agent Charlene, who at first does not understand
    why I call. Then she informs me that I cannot go to their all-inclusive island
    resort in September, because it is all booked, no more room for me and my
    family. That’s 6 months in advance… Gee… Must be one of the best places on
    earth, one may say. Charlene says that I can go in October, though, no
    problem… I try to explain to Charlene, that, yes, this is a problem, since I
    have four airline tickets booked, car rental booked and my timeshare resort
    booked. How come that I got my dates confirmed on the phone with Serena a week
    earlier? Why this did not come up same day or at least next day? Why did it
    take their company a week and a $0.33 postcard to let me know that I have
    trouble with my dates? On top of that, suddenly, I am informed that there is no
    mention of my daughters in their documents… According to “their
    documents” there are only two people will travel – my wife and myself. We
    always travel together and always book accommodations and places for four
    people. And that was the same with current company, but somehow they ”
    lost” any and all information, pertaining to our kids traveling with us.

    Obviously, I got quite upset and asked to speak with supervisor. After few long
    I tried to call three more times and speak with Melvin again, but… I bet it could be easier for me to get president Obama on the phone. Melvin “was not available”. When I said to “the next available agent”, that Caribbean Cruise Line successfully ruined my day and, possibly, so much anticipated vacation in September and that I would like to see if I can get full refund for my cruise, I was given customer service phone number and told to call them about refund. One department screws up and send me to fight another team… The usual trick. I think, I will call them tomorrow, but I also think I pretty much know what I will hear and that’s most likely will not be an apology and a speedy full refund of my money…

  • Sherelle

    Wow! I just recieved a text saying that I won a free cruise with these folks. First of all, the spelling in the text was all kinds of ignorantly mispelled. That was my first clue, then I called to speak with these people and yes, they were a bit short with me. Secondly, they were too eager to give me their information up front and try too hard to sell me on what was already “free”. Interesting…Then finally, he tells me I would have to pay the port tax which is “only” $59/person. Nah, I put him on hold to research and went as far as to have him email me. Don’t you know the email looked fake. I have never seen a legit website or email with fuzzy photos in it. What a waste of time. Needless to say, I blocked them from texting me. Oh yea, how did they even get my phone number…?

  • cheated

    I bought a time share in Las Vegas and was given a complimentary cruise voucher. I had to register it within 30 days or receiving it for it to be valid. after I received a phone call from the cruise line they immediately started to harass me for money. I didn’t have a job at the time and they kept pressuring me to pay for all these upgrades. I eventually gave in and paid the $118 port fee’s the lady I spoke to was relentless! it’s been a year later and I have yet to book the trip. after reading all of these posts I decided to get my money back.I only spent 20 minutes on the phone and spoke to two people. the last guy I spoke to kept asking me why I changed my mind and “as adults I know we change our minds but there’s always a reason” eff that! I don’t need to explain my reasons to you. He also told me that since I live in Canada I only have ten days to request a refund. I was very polite and said that I no longer wish to take the trip and I would like my money back. He eventually became reasonable and said because it was such a small amount that he would refund me because they did not want an unhappy customer.
    Maybe they’ve learnt there lesson from all of these disgruntled people? who knows. please people just know that I requested my money back after 12 months!! get your money back and don’t take no for an answer!!

  • Greg A.

    Got the call today. Caribbean Cruise is using a new tactic saying that they need to fill cabins. I had won a legit free cruise from Carnival the year before, and I thought I got on some type of cruise mailing list. Also I live in Florida and thought I knew all the cruise lines, but never heard of them. Luckily while the gentleman was talking I was on google. I noticed all the negative comments and bad press. I feel like I dodged a bullet. Sorry for everyone that didn’t.

  • Diane

    These people keep calling me – if anyone is I interested, here’s there their number:

  • unknown

    I purchased a 2 night cruise to the Bahamas on Saturday. I only paid $237.00 for everything. I didn’t fall for all the other mess they were offering because I was a lil skeptical about purchasing the cruise using my debit card but I watch my bank account closely and also made sure I repeated the entire price while I was being recorded. I wish I would have seen these reviews before purchasing it; Now, I’m just praying for the best.

  • anonymous

    1-800-221-8200 is the direct customer service number. I was an employee treated like garbage. Good luck

  • J.R.

    I corresponded to them by sending to their customer care email address my notice of cancellation and provided my reservation number, and directing them to cease any further deductions from my debit/credit card, all within the 30 days allowed under Florida law. Incidentally, their correspondence to me a week or two prior gave no information about their refund policy, nor is it easily or clearly listed anywhere on the “reservation” site assigned to me. Anyway, a few days after I sent the email they responded saying they passed the information on and that I should call their number (800-221-8200) to speak with them. I have just responded to them stating that I am under no obligation to speak with anyone from their organization. In fact, the Florida Attorney General Office’s for “Vacation Packages” reads of my obligation to contact them within 30 days of purchase (which, technically, I still had 5 monthly payments remaining) and that they have 30 days within which to refund my purchase amounts. That deadline will be on April 30th. I’m skeptical that they will refund my money, but I know one thing – I will thereafter file a consumer complaint against them with the Florida Attorney General’s office and, if I have to, voice my comment on my Facebook about their shenanigans and explore legal remedies, both state and federal, to get my monies (which total just under $500 so far). I will dispute any further charges to my debit/credit card on the grounds that they received written notice to cease further deduction of amounts owed them from my account. Whatever they mentioned on the phone and what is consistent with the consumer laws in Florida are two different things. I am within my right to get my refund, and I want it. I’ll post again in the future the results of my efforts. Stay tuned…

  • Em

    I fell for this scam 5 years ago. They got my number from a draw I entered and I thought I won. They did get an initial deposit out of me. I tried to back out they kept telling me it was too late in the process. I tried to get a refund within a few hours and in the next week but they wouldn’t let me. I didn’t know about the 30 days to get a refund law at the time. I was told I had to sell my package to someone else, but that didn’t seem fair so I tried to let it expire. They tried to threaten collections near the expiry date and we threatened to get a lawyer. Two years later, I got a new call saying that they was to try to solve this in a positive manner but I need to call back in the next 2 days. I don’t know what to do anymore and i’m a bit scared honestly.

  • alek

    I just received this text message, and not a first one like it, others say different stuff, but I never respond to them..
    Contact an agent to discuss your complimentary Crui se! Contact (954)210/8910

    the spelling error is there to add credibility, as if a human wrote a personal message, rather than an automated scam machine, spewing messages to who-knows-how-many people – a percentage of whom are sure to get excited and give out their cc, social, and copies of their birth certificates (joke). Anyways, I would not call that number. If someone wanted to alert a winner, they would do more than send a few words through txt.

    be careful people! Thanks for reading.

  • okeh gabriel
  • Tracy Harris

    Yes i am very dissatified with caribbean cruise line, I had got one of those pay so much money for two then you get bonous trips, I put out $548 with a remaining balance of $118 for port charges well i had to have surgery and paid money to have it extended, and then when it came time again I again pd $58 and $81 to extend, till 2012 I had to have another surgery and went to call to extend the date and I missed it by (1) day and they tell me that I lost it all, this is no way at all fair, I tell everyone who is looking to cruise not to cruise with caribbean……..

  • Chris

    Complete scam artists – they lure you in, promise you whatever they have to, take your money. Then when it comes to finalize they can’t get you what they promised and they charge you more. COMPLETE SCAM

  • Geo

    Agreed with the previous person. I booked a trip in June 2014 for family Christmas vacation. In November I found out that the ship (Celebration) was damaged, they offered me a spot on Carnival Victory. In my estimation I spent up to 50 hours on the phone trying to get more information, I felt like I was getting nowhere. We found out on the departure date (Dec. 22nd) that our booking on Carnival Victory ship was canceled!!! We spent 6 hrs. in front of the terminal, along with about 20 – 25 other families. There was zero help from the Caribbean Cruise Line, then they offered a free room for the cruise duration in Ramada Plaza Resort in Fort Lauderdale. After we took $100.00 taxi ride to the hotel, we found out that our Christmas vacation dream (already over $6,000.00 into it including the airfare) turned into complete nightmare; rooms were dirty and infested with ants, old furniture, very bad food, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this dump. This was my first cruise attempt, if I knew what I know now I would’ve booked the same trip for about the same price directly with the cruise line and avoid all the problems. After all I didn’t need free 4 nights stay in the hotel. In addition, when I originally received the phone offer, I asked if this was a time share deal. They lied and said no!!! I didn’t check into the hotel prior to the cruise, but others who did spent about 4 hr. on the time share tour. I would like to hear from the families and individuals who were in the port on Dec 22nd and didn’t get on the ship. I resolved my situation directly with the Carnival Cruises after I found calling the Caribbean Cruise Line was useless. Total scam.

  • Tamilselvi
  • eileen genske

    I am also a victim of the caribbean cruise line my story is very similiar to the others . What I want to know is how a company this unprofessional,rude,and dishonest can stay in business. They seem to have ruined many hard worked for vacations. I am sure very wealthy people don’t even have to deal with these people so it is the people that have to work for years to take a vacation that are susceptable. For us it has been 10 years since our last vacation and my husband wanted to surprise me for my birthday. Well due to this company there was a black cloud over the entire vacation and a qweezy feeling in our stomaches after feeling like we had been robbed.All we could think of was being so stupid as to let ourselves be ripped off.There are different kinds of crime besides being robbed at gunpoint or raped but this companies business techniques make you feel like a definite victim and just as helpless. Isn’t there something that can be done to put them out of business. Who protects the ordinary citizens? This has been going on for years according to the dates on the comments.

  • Bummer Man

    I just found out that carribbean cruise line was bought out by holiday cruise line. Does anybody have any details on this transaction? I am concerned that I have totally lost my investment for a cruise in the Bahamas.

  • Steph

    Honeymoon Horror story here, I filed a complaint with the BBB (which they have many…)

    Ours involves us flying from Canada–then driving 22hrs to west palm beach..just to find out the ship was broken..and no one bothered to call or email me about this–they were very difficult to work with over the phone, lots of arguing and the word “NO” alot from them. They love to lie and argue.
    Our honeymoon was stressful, both emotionally and financially and we cant sfford another one..we hope to get some money back from them to cover all the added costs we put in because of their mistake(trip was a gift..which we ended up paying for in the end)..even then we wont be able to go anywhere for a longgg time..since we are still paying for the wedding 🙁
    So our plans for kids will have to wait too..

    Bummer Man- Bahamas Celebration is now Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines, they bought a new boat the MS Grand Celebration…
    the story is on here:

  • pushkal kumar chittej
  • Robyn

    wow reading all these comments just made me really wish I had looked up this company before talking to them. I have paid the port tax of 118, and I am just wondering if I should just consider it a loss and never book and let it expire, or just go. Damn, I hate scammers.

  • Captain Pissedoff

    People wonder if Caribbean Cruise Line “answer the survey for a free trip” is a scam??? YES IT IS! These idiots have actually hijacked my business phone number in the Quinte region of Ontario Canada, so that when people call my store, it routes to their survey number. I now have to find out how to shut it down and find out just how they did this. Pricks… They’ll get theirs, and as for the “upstanding employees” that have posted here representing that business, good luck with the damage control a$$h*l3s.

  • val mckenzie

    I also had a free cruise – I already paid my port fees but it was from late 2013. they reinstated my reservation but I got a feeling when calling back to ask questions about my potential upgrades that it might need to be checked into. I wanted to know which cruse ship, and what hotel. Originally in late 2013 I had got this from another company that had a good reputation and had transferred me “over” so I was surprised about this not being real. planning a vacation and was going to finally go. seems a shame it might not be real!

  • Jitendra Tailor

    I purchased the tour package of 2. I asked them to refund my money due to my job lost and could not afford to go to the vacation. They told me to sell this package to someone I know. I did not wanted to go through this hassle any ways. So I asked for the refund, and the reply was my package is expired and need to extended for another year by paying them another $80 per package. I request to cancel my vacation and refund my money but they told me the money is not refundable….! I am really frustrated. I don’t know what to do? The package does not even mentioned about any expiration date. It looks like they want to keep my money without providing me any service. That’s not how the business supposed to be! Please any one give me some guidance how to get my refund back.

  • Scott

    My wife ended up accepting a vacation with this company, well its with ‘holiday cruise line’ which I think is an alias from what I have read. I never realized how she got it at first – she wanted to surprise me and showed me the “certificate” and info when it arrived in the mail. I couldnt believe she done something like this – it was also news to her that this included a timeshare presentation, this was not mentioned before purchase, neither was the no-refund policy. I hope we can use this to our advantage to get the money back – if possible. If the vacation was only 10% of the real cost I would put up with the timeshare stuff but there really isnt any savings – plus the process of booking, choosing options and confirming is drawn out to be slow and confusing – often only responding to mail. The personal web page thats created is very vague and doesnt show enough important information. We are hoping to follow the refund process of writing to the company first via certified mail and then following up with the BBB. What makes me angry is that after my wife called asking for a refund they begun mentioning that the computer system was down and then they mentioned they never had details of her account – it was all blatant lies – then they told my wife it would only be a partial refund as 623 dollars was used for deposit which was non refundable – when she said the last agent confirmed she would get all money back the current agent began laughing and said that wasnt true. Anyway, despite it being written, I dont see how any company can legally hold money when service has not been provided. They really are a crap company and deserve to go under – im just hoping to get a full refund.

  • Scott

    Well – my last post was sent on April 20th as i was about to begin trying to get my money back. Im pleased to say that after reporting the company to BBB I eventually got fully refunded – I reported them at start of May and I had 2 thirds of the total refunded last week followed by the final third today. Im glad it turned out to be easy and hope many others can resolve it this way. The company doesnt even need to respond to BBB but they did – I simply stated that a time share and no refund policy had not been stated before or during the purchase.

  • Cherry Johnson

    It’s a scam. We were told that we would sit through 2 hour presentation to get cruise tickets. But we weren’t told it was timeshare. And it turned out to be 4 1/2 hrs. 3 people tried selling it to us. We kept saying no, no. Last person, I think his last name was “Herron”. He got rude & asked why we came to this trip then. It caught us off guard, so we didn’t say anything. Then he walked off. As we were leaving to get our cruise tickets, another person tried selling us timeshare. The trip was not free. Not even cheap. Rental car taxes were over $200 for taxes & insurance etc. We Were told everything was included that we pay nothing out of pocket. We paid taxes & housekeeping fees and whatever else they can charge. I think we could’ve paid for alot nicer cruise for not much more than what we paid for this “free trip.” Biggest scam ever