Today, legal marketing expert Paula Black featured me on her blog Law Marketing Results: A Big Congratulations – talking about Cruise Law News (CLN)’s one year anniversary.

Today, my blog CLN is ranked as the no. 1 blog regarding maritime law and no. 1 blog regarding personal injury law pursuant to the AVVO / Alexa ranking system.  Alexa ranks us as the 36th most popular law blog overall.  The ranking system is far from perfect and there are far better blogs than mine which are ranled below CLN, but it is fun to see the ranking of blogs. 

Today, we were retained by two Royal Caribbean crew members and a Carnival passenger in cruise line injury cases.  It is clear that the cruise lines are indifferent to caring about people injured on their cruise ships.  It is the reason we are in business of practicing maritime law.

Today, the settlement in the George Smith disappearance case was finally disclosed to the public, over 5 years following his tragic death.  You have not heard the last of this sad case.

  • Harold Duncan

    Mr. Walker,
    Congratulations on a remarkable first year for Cruise Law News; what an outstanding response to the site!
    Best wishes for a successful second year. Clearly, you have tapped a vein of concern in the public about safety at sea. Such concern is most prudent. Also, exposing the legal bias favoring cruise lines will, I trust, encourage readers to be careful in assessing their risks, both contractual and personal, before deciding to cruise.
    With regard to the law, Congress needs to act on long overdue changes to the maritime liability laws. In the meantime, I hope things go well for your new clients.