The FBI is investigating a passenger rape aboard the MS Bahamas Celebration cruise ship which is operated by Celebration Cruise Line from the Port of Palm Beach.

A blog associated with the Palm Beach Post – Jose Mambiet’s Page 2 Live – reports that a 52 year old woman was forced to have sex with a man, another passenger, on a ping-pong table on the ship’s deck around 4:00 a.m. Monday.  The ship’s nurse treated the passenger and administered a rape kit.

Bahamas Celebration - Celebration Cruise Line - Rape - Sexual AssaultThe article quotes the vice president of the cruise line’s marketing, Glenn Ryerson, stating that "It’s only a crime if the FBI deems it to be one.  At this point its only an alleged rape."  

This is one of the more insensitive press statements I have heard from a cruise line over the years. 

Unfortunately, the FBI’s track record of successfully investigating shipboard rapes is dismal.  At a Congressional hearing I attended in 2007, the FBI admitted that its investigations resulted in prosecutions only 7 times out of every 100 sexual assault allegations. And cruise lines often work hard to make certain that no one convicted of a crime on the cruise ships.  Consider reading:

Cruise Ships Are A Perfect Place to Commit A Crime, And Get Away With It!

If You Are A Victim On A Cruise Ship, The Cruise Line Will Treat You Like A Criminal

Marketing VP Ryerson is also quoted stating that this is the first criminal allegation on the Bahamas Celebration "since its Palm Beach launch." 

That’s not saying much – because this cruise ship started sailing out of Palm Beach in mid-March.

The cruise line has a Twitter page @CelebrationBS.  It is offering cruises for as little as $199 a day, although there have been consumer complaints.  Read Cruise Critic’s article about about what are described as marketing scams by the cruise line or an affiliated wholesale company called "Caribbean" Cruise Line.     

I wonder if the cruise line has any surveillance cameras on the decks or security guards patrolling at night.          


Were you on the cruise or have information about this incident?  Please leave a comment below. 


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  • yours truly

    I worked for this cruise line recently. I quit after so many changes & they are so disrespectful, to their clients & their employees. The VP Glenn Ryerson just became the VP, & I do not even know how he got that position since he did not know how to do his last job as Marketing Director. The man is the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, if he only had a brain. Only a person without a brain or a heart could say something like he said about an alleged rape. Don’t ever go on this cruiseline! They do not care about you having fun they only care about their timeshares making them money.

  • Gloria Murphy

    I was offered a promotion to go on the ship. Yes it was a timeshare, but a fair exchange for the nice time we had. I was offered another promotion, there was a bit of a price difference when it came time to pay, but I reached a supervisor who was extremely respectful and helpful and we worked it out. Now looking forward to a very pleasant vacation with 3 out of town friends. The ships are full and everyone looks like they are having a great time. I am even trying Our Lucaya this time. Don’t understand these comments.

  • Tammy

    I just returned from a cruise on the Celebration, and my family has declared it the best vacation ever. Friendly staff, LOTS of food, comfortable cabin. I’m already planning my next trip.

  • Sarah Ellin

    I went on this exact sailing for my daughter’s 12th birthday. She made 2 friends because thee wasn’t much to do on this cruise. The 1 pool they had on the top deck was about the size of my bathroom. The chicken they had given us for lunch at “Our Lucaya” was old and greasy. The boat had NO security guards walking around at night. My daughter and her 2 friends were in the cabin we had almost all the time. I was definitely expecting something better. And it was over priced and wan’t worth it. Being a Palm Beach resident for all of my life I know things happen but this was un-speakable.

  • Recent cruiser

    I just got back from cruise line with my mum and sister. We had an amazing time! All the crew were extremely courteous and extra friendly, not to mention HOT!! I was treated like a celebrity. Their booking and reservations people were ridiculous. Rude and didn’t know what they were talking about. The food was ok.. They need to work on their desserts and lunch and menus. Lame food, but again the staff was extra. Accommodating and the entertainment staff was too good. I would go back just to be around such hospitable people. And yes! They need to work on security.

  • Jessica

    In mid-October 2011, I was called SEVERAL times by the same number without answering but I finally answered. It was a recorded survey message about a chance to win a free cruise if I answered a few questions. I was just curious to see what questions they would be and none of them were person, so I decided to answer them. I’m usually not one to fall for these scams or believe in something that’s “too good to be true” but the questions were ones like “are you male or female” “have a you taken a vacation outside of the usa before” etc…I decide to answer them thinking “what the heck…won’t hurt to at least hear about the “free” cruise. after taking the survey they said they would reward me with my free cruise within a couple weeks. They called back the next week but I decided to ignore them. They continuously called day after day…leaving an automated voicemail every time. Finally I called back on November 3, 2011 around 7:30pm saying “fine, tell me about this so called free cruise” After listening to their long 20 min scripted speeches about the free Caribbean Cruise Vacation Package I decided this was probably a waste of my time and that we can NOT afford this cruise right now as my fiance and I are getting married in a couple months and have just bought a house together. They became very rude and pushy on the phone and decided to not take no as an answer. I felt very pressured, uncomfortable, and harassed over the phone! =( They spoke very quickly giving me many reasons why I shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. I then told them I would like to at least wait for my fiance to get home from work so that I could discuss this matter with him first and then make a decision. (but really I just wanted to get them off the phone and make them think I would call back) They responded by saying this was a one time deal and I’ll only get the promotion if I made the purchase at that moment. I asked many questions about the vacation package over the phone and everything seemed legit even though I still didn’t trust these people since I’ve never heard of this company in my life. After many tries of reasoning with this sales person, I just gave in. I figured it was just $129 (port fees etc) and I could just cancel it if my fiance and I decide right away we can’t do it. So I gave my credit card info. What a huge mistake…they led me into other fees and a bigger vacation package totaling $598 charged to my visa credit card going to hotels that I was told were great but after looking them up online I found out they were probably wrong. My fiance came home and I told him the whole story. We both agreed that I should call back and cancel. I called back right away and asked to cancel and the guy, Vinny, who sold me the package over the phone said that my credit card info already went through and that I would have to wait a full 14 days in order to cancel. He said to call him back after 14 days and request him to cancel. I’ve been calling them non stop ever since that 14 day mark and they continue to be rude and decline my request. They say their only option for me is to either refund only partial amounts of my payment or I’m allowed to transfer my vacation package to a family or friend. It is now November 22, 2011 and I’m still trying to cancel my package which I will NOT give up on especially before the 30 day mark. I’ve spoke with people such as Monique, Shantel, Sirius, David, Vinny, Dan, and a few others. I’ve never dealt with such a rude, careless, evil business (if that’s what you want to call them) in my entire life! I like to consider myself a very easy going and friendly person, but after dealing with these people, my goal is to never stop spreading the word to EVERYONE I know and meet about what a horrible business this company truly is. I hope no one has to go through with what I’m going through now. =*(

  • Katherie Davison

    Is caribbean cruise dangerous? Do they steal money?

  • The Caribbean Cruise Line is a total scam. For proof see