The FBI is investigating a passenger rape aboard the MS Bahamas Celebration cruise ship which is operated by Celebration Cruise Line from the Port of Palm Beach.

A blog associated with the Palm Beach Post – Jose Mambiet’s Page 2 Live – reports that a 52 year old woman was forced to have sex with a man, another passenger, on a ping-pong table on the ship’s deck around 4:00 a.m. Monday.  The ship’s nurse treated the passenger and administered a rape kit.

Bahamas Celebration - Celebration Cruise Line - Rape - Sexual AssaultThe article quotes the vice president of the cruise line’s marketing, Glenn Ryerson, stating that "It’s only a crime if the FBI deems it to be one.  At this point its only an alleged rape."  

This is one of the more insensitive press statements I have heard from a cruise line over the years. 

Unfortunately, the FBI’s track record of successfully investigating shipboard rapes is dismal.  At a Congressional hearing I attended in 2007, the FBI admitted that its investigations resulted in prosecutions only 7 times out of every 100 sexual assault allegations. And cruise lines often work hard to make certain that no one convicted of a crime on the cruise ships.  Consider reading:

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Marketing VP Ryerson is also quoted stating that this is the first criminal allegation on the Bahamas Celebration "since its Palm Beach launch." 

That’s not saying much – because this cruise ship started sailing out of Palm Beach in mid-March.

The cruise line has a Twitter page @CelebrationBS.  It is offering cruises for as little as $199 a day, although there have been consumer complaints.  Read Cruise Critic’s article about about what are described as marketing scams by the cruise line or an affiliated wholesale company called "Caribbean" Cruise Line.     

I wonder if the cruise line has any surveillance cameras on the decks or security guards patrolling at night.          


Were you on the cruise or have information about this incident?  Please leave a comment below. 


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