OK time to brag a bit.  Today my blog was added to Avvo’s "Top Legal Blogs."  Cruise Law News is currently the 55th most popular law blog in the United States.  The blog has been the highest climbing law blog this year.  

For bloggers like me, that’s exciting news.  Blogs are vehicles for education and ultimately social and political change.  The higher ranked a blog becomes, the greater the opportunity for it to be read.

Cruise Law News was launched just over 9 months ago.  So in the blog world, it’s still a baby.  My  readers and subscribers have increased every month.  It is by far the the highest ranked blog, or Cruise Law News - Maritime Law Blog website for that matter, which covers maritime law.  I expect it to become a top 25 law blog by the end of the year.

My blog has been instrumental in educating the public about what really happens during cruises.  We publish the type of information that the cruise lines don’t want you to know about. 

There are a number of blogs published by the cruise lines.  Royal Caribbean’s president, Adam Goldstein, has a pretty popular blog called Why Not?  But it is 90% marketing PR.  Not surprisingly, it’s also less popular than Cruise Law News.  Many more readers are coming to this blog to read articles about Royal Caribbean than to the cruise president’s own site.    

An integral part of the blog are comments from passengers and crew members who are on the cruise ships.  For example, read the incredible comments about novovirus on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas, and a crew member lost overboard from the Oasis of the Seas.      

You won’t find this type of information on any of the official cruise line blogs or websites. 

If you want happy talk and gobbledygook, subscribe to the "Why Not" blog.  But if you’re interested in the inside word on what’s really happening in the cruise industry – keep reading Cruise Law News.


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  • Harold Duncan


    I’ve followed Cruise Law News since you began writing about the top ten reasons not to cruise. For someone like me, blithely unaware of the personal dangers and legal bias my cruising parents faced, your posts have been eye-openers.

    Best wishes for continued success and many more readers.

    Keep up the fight for justice!


  • Suzanne

    I have enjoyed reading all your blogs and have forwarded many to people I know working for the cruise lines. Your posts are always informative and balanced. Looking forward to many more.

  • Congratulations! Justly deserved! I only came accross your blog in the last couple of months, but check-in regularly to catch-up with what’s new. Your articles are reliable, balanced and informative. May you contibnue with much of the same

  • Jim Walker

    Mr. Duncan, Suzanne and U.K. Cruises – thanks for the kind wishes!

    Would anyone like to post a guest blog one day?

    Let me know.

    Thanks again . . . Jim Walker

  • Very interesting website! We cruise often and never realized there were specialized laws. Thanks for putting this together!