USA Today reports that Star Clippers is returning to Antigua.  This is less than five months after it dropped Antigua as a port of call following the murder of passenger Nina Elisabeth Nilssen. 

Star Cippers - Crime - Antigua We have written many articles about crime in Antigua and Ms. Nilssen’s untimely death. 

The newspaper quotes Star Clippers’ president Jack Chatham saying:  

"Star Clippers has been assured by the Antiguan government that they have improved security on the island, particularly in the areas where our guests visit."

hhmmnn . . .  not sure that I would make a decision solely on what a tourist dependent Caribbean official "assured" me.  

There is no mention of exactly what security improvements have in fact taken place to protect tourists.  The Star Clippers Blog contains no mention of this tragic case, nor any warnings of high crime in the Caribbean ports. 

Our article Travel Writers and the Ethics of Reporting Cruise News raises the issue of whether cruise lines, travel agents and cruise reporters are doing a disservice to the public by keeping them in the dark regarding crimes in the beautiful Caribbean ports of call.  



Photograph     USA Today: "Should cruise lines pull out of Antigua in wake of murder?"

  • Warren Affleck

    This is a tragic time for the family and my heart and prayers go out to them.

    I am however disgusted and extremely offended by the comment that travel agents are doing a disservice to the public in what is written as “keeping them in the dark about crimes in the beautiful Caribbean ports of call.”

    I would certainly expect that a person of your credentials would know better than to paint a broad generalization of a particular group of people. As it is written you indicate that travel agents do this. Not some, not a few, just travel agents in general.

    Do you, as an attorney, tell your clients that lawyers will defraud them out of settlement money? Read the article from your own local media or how about lawyers involved in Ponzi schemes. Here is the DOJ press release

    As you see, the same brush you used to pain travel agents with can also be used against any profession.

    Sir, I feel you owe travel agents a sincere apology for painting us all with the same brush.

  • Jim Walker

    Thanks for the comment Warren.

    There are a lot of good travel agents who warn their clients about the dangers which we write about on this blog.

    But I note that your website has no warnings whatsoever about crimes in ports of call or on the ship.

    Your “news” section is completely empty.

    Your “frequently asked questions” section is very misleading, particularly implying that the children programs are safe and give “youngsters a chance to experience the cruise with kids their own age while mom and dad enjoy some adults-only time together.”

    I suggest that you read:

    “Should Travel Agents Be Liable For Falsely Representing That Cruises Are Safe For Kids?”

    You seem like the typical CLIA salesman, trained to sell cruises without revealing the dangers which cruise passengers need to know about.

    Jim Walker