From time to time, I’ll include a “personal story” in Cruise Law News, like this one.

This year my younger son, John, a 7th grader tried out for the 7th and 8th grade lacrosse teams at his school Gulliver Academy.  He had never played lacrosse before.  Quite frankly, I don ‘t think he had ever even seen a lacrosse game.  He certainly had never handled a lacrosse stick or thrown or caught a lacrosse ball.

Gulliver Lacrosse Team - Seventh and Eight GradeBut lacrosse is a combination of other games he has played like basketball and football.  You set screens and cut for a pass in lacrosse just like basketball.  And lacrosse is just as physical as football but without as many pads.

Gulliver has an “A” team, mostly 8th graders, and a “B” team mostly 7th graders which he was trying out for.  I wasn’t sure he would make the team, but he did and the family was really excited for him.   After a few weeks, he got the swing of if and began to start as a midfielder.  No. 35 started scoring on offense and knocking people down on defense.

Gulliver had a great season, won some tournaments, and John and his friends had a great time.

This weekend, the team had an end-of-the-season pool party.  John was awarded Most Valuable Player and got his photo taken with the coaches and his MVP trophy.

Its great to see your kids meet new challenges and have fun in the process.

Gulliver Lacrosse