Has another person disappeared from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

A passenger on Royal Caribbean’s mega ship Oasis of the Seas is commenting on Cruise Critic that the Captain announced earlier this afternoon that the cruise ship was turning around to search for a missing person.  

Passengers aboard the cruise ship (see the comments below) are telling us that a crew member went overboard.

Overboard - Missing - Royal Caribbean - Oasis of the Seas If this information is correct, then this is the fourth overboard from Royal Caribbean cruise ships this year.  On May 6th we reported on Royal Caribbean crew member Satianand (Satyanand) Buddaru who disappeared from the Explorer of the Seas –  Crew Member Overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas

In March a crew member employed by Park West Gallery jumped overboard from the Radiance of the Seas.  Our stories about the incident are available here: "Man Overboard" Reported on Radiance of the Seas and here Master of Radiance of the Seas Praised for Rapid Response to Crew Overboard.

On New Year’s Eve Royal Caribbean crew member Neha Chhikara jumped from the Monarch of the Seas.

These type of incidents raise questions whether this cruise line has adequate security systems in place to address the issue of passenger and crew member overboards.  Last year, the  popular web site Jaunted published an article "Enough With People Jumping Off Cruise Ships Already!" The article refers to ". . . an assistant purser on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas (who) apparently hated his job so much that he couldn’t wait until he was back on land to quit, hopping overboard as the ship steamed from Key West to Miami . . . "  Fortunately, he was rescued.

Royal Caribbean has had more than its share of unexplained "disappearances" of passengers and crew, including the very disturbing case of Mirrian Carver who vanished from the Mercury cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean’s subsidiary Celebrity Cruises.  ABC’s Primetime covered the story in an article "Cruise Cover-Up?  Cruise Line Doesn’t Notify Anyone When Woman Disappears On Second Day Of Trip."  

Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean have a reputation of being very secretive when people go overboard.  Following the last crew overboard from the Explorer of the Seas, we received sixty-three (63) comments to our article.  Most of the comments were from passengers or crew members on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  Passengers are often the only source of accurate and timely information when things go wrong on the high seas.

Were you on the Oasis of the Seas during this latest disappearance?  If you have information to share, please leave a comment below.

May 25th 2:00 p.m. Update – Crew Member Identified:

The Coast Guard News identifies the crew member as 45 year old  Dillon Roache, of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The Coast Guard states that Mr. Roache was "confirmed overboard" between Nassau and St. Thomas.  This means that the cruise ship’s surveillance cameras captured images of the crew member going overboard.  As we have mentioned in prior articles, Royal Caribbean apparently does not monitor its exterior cameras or use technology to alert the bridge when the security cameras detect persons going overboard. 

Many male crew members from St. Vincent work as manual laborers (utility cleaners, night cleaners, etc.).  The work is hard and the pay is as low as $137 for 85 hour work week.  Read "Screwed If By Sea" for an idea of the working conditions on Royal Caribbean.  

May 26th Update – Crew Members Reported Mr. Roach Missing around  1:00 p.m. on Monday  

The Virgin Islands Daily News reports that according to a statement issued by Royal Caribbean, "about 1 p.m. on Monday, May 24th the Oasis of the Seas’ crew reported that one of their co-workers was missing. Security searched the ship and paged the missing crew member, then contacted the U.S. Coast Guard and the Bahamian Coast Guard."  According to the newspaper, "closed circuit camera footage revealed that the missing crew member fell from the ship, Royal Caribbean said."  But the cruise line did not disclose the circumstances to explain why the crew member went overboard.

May 27th Update – Questions Remain How Crew Member Went Overboard:

In prior incidents when crew members went overboard from Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the cruise line claimed the crew members jumped.  But in this situation, the cruise line has stayed Oasis of the Seas - Crew Overboard - Webcam - Surveillancemum.  The Norwegian shipping magazine Tradewinds just published an article about this latest disappearance from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  The article states that the crew member "fell’ and referred to the incident as a "horrific accident."   Notably absent from this article, as well as the  statements from the Coast Guard or cruise line, is any indication that the crew member was suicidal and "jumped."     

The Oasis of the Seas has hundreds of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.  It has several webcams where you can even watch what’s happening on the cruise ship from your home computer, like the webcam of the pool and sports zone (above right).  Royal Caribbean knows what happened, but is not telling.

This is the type of case where the cruise lines could establish some degree of credibility and transparency with the American public.  Instead, this cruise line has defaulted to its usual character of secrecy.

Does anyone has information regarding how the incident occurred?  Please leave a comment below. 

May 29 Update – Passengers Return to Fort Lauderdale:

Some passengers returning home from the cruise today have emailed us.  A few have left comments, including one passenger, "Dave," who writes that the crew member jumped off of deck five at 3 a.m. in the morning and was "seen on the camera swimming in the ocean."   Can other passengers confirm this?   Leave us a comment below if you have information to share .  .  . 

May 30 Update – Interview with Wife:

The Caribbean Daily News interviewed the crew member’s wife, Doris Roache, who indicated that her husband had worked for Royal Caribbean for five years, and was employed as an assistant waiter.  He left St. Vincent on Friday May 21st after spending two months vacation with her.  He flew to Miami and stayed in a hotel Friday night and joined the cruise ship on Saturday, May 22nd. The ship sailed at 5 p.m. Saturday evening.  Mrs. Roache received a call from her husband between 11:00 -12:00 p.m. Saturday night. He told her he was okay and that the ship was sailing towards the Bahamas.  She later received a call on Monday morning, May 24th, between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. from the "ship’s administration" saying that her husband was missing and that he was last seen aboard the ship at 11:00 p.m. Sunday, May 23rd. while the ship was sailing.  "They said that he did not come to work; he is an assistant waiter and he is never late so they sent somebody to look for him and he was nowhere to be found.” 



Oasis of the Seas       Kenneth Karsten via shipspotting.com

Oasis of the Seas webcam       Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. 



  • Annie

    I am on the Oasis now. Captain just gave an update 30 mins or so ago. We have turned around, headed back to Nassau to search for what he said was a male crew member that is missing, thought to have gone overboard. Will skip St. Thomas, but will continue to St martin after another day at sea tomorrow.

  • Mike

    My girlfriend is aboard now and I can confirm what Annie has said. They turned around at 3 looking for the person. 10 hours later they are skipping St. Thomas tomorrow to return to Nassau. The Coast guard is assisting in the search.

  • Tricia

    I have family I am on the phone with right now. They report that crew “members” went overboard but then were told to pray for a crew “member” so they are uncertain if it is one or more person. They are unsure if they are actually going to dock in Nassau – wondering if they are just going to be out to sea tomorrow. They called me because I am in the mountain time zone and it was still early enough to reach me and ask if there was any news on the web or television about their situation. This site was all I could find.

  • Angie

    My sister and husband are aboard the ship now for their honeymoon. They also confirmed the missing crew memeber and RC’s intention to turn around & search for the crew memeber rather than heading to St. Thomas.

  • Mrs.Burbuda

    My husbnad and I were on the oasis and we heard that someone has fell or jumped over board, the code 3 is a common code we hear all the time in the hospital where I work. I am a dr. and When we hear this, its alarming to others more so than to us. We see alot of suicides and alot of people leave this planet fast but for someone to call people names on here is wrong.

    No one ever talked about it on the oasis, i hope no one did jump

  • Mimi

    It is a mistake to skip St. Thomas, this island is by far the most picturesque and friendly. I especially like the shopping, the beautiful beaches….It is America’s Caribbean Island!

  • Steve


    One male crew member, jumper. So heartbreaking.

    And shame on you Ms.ALLCAPS! Extra time at sea to search for a human being does not warrant passenger refunds. Shame!

  • mike

    Im pretty sure no body is calling people names, this is a serious matter. Everyone is being respectful to the lost person.

  • mike

    Latest Update:
    Spoke with my girlfriend again this morning. Around 1am last night the royal Caribbean Oasis saw video footage of the guy going over board. So they turned back around and started heading for St. Maarten. Coast Guard boats and planes are still searching for the man. Conditions are very cloudy. The ship will be at sea until tomorrow morning.

  • Annie

    Male crew member was seen on video going overboard yesterday. We turned around yesterday to go back towards Nassau and helped US coast guard search until 1am, we then turned back around to head to St Martin. Skipping St thomas, sea day today and st martin tomorrow. We also got letters on our doors this morning with this info. In addition, RC is giving each passenger a $200 credit towards their next cruise in consideration of missing st thomas today and for the inconvenience. They have confirmed 1 crew member only.

  • nix

    Curious about this. My wife and three kids are on this cruis and they were given $500.. That doesn’t come out to $200 a person

  • sdlong329

    Steve – What is wrong with refunding a portion of the cruise-fare to the passengers? Clearly, the ship is not docking in St. Thomas. Clearly, the passengers paid taxes, which included port fees for St. Thomas. I believe most would understand and agree that the search is necessary, but that does not mean the cruise line does not have to do it at the expense of the passengers. In similar instances, other cruise lines have made good faith gestures – included ship board credit, discount on future cruise, refunding port fees, etc. To STIFF all passengers sounds like something CARNIVAL would do!

  • Mary Elizabeth

    I just returned this past Saturday from this ship and I’m so sad to hear this news. I’ve been following the post here and on another website and my prayers are with a successful recovery of this crew memeber.

  • Jeff

    Makes you wonder what the working conditions are like on these wonderful boats. My mother is on the boat with a few of her friends. They are disappointed that they will miss an island stop but do understand that a human life is more important then a day of pampering. I pray that the man is found, and that they investigate why these people keep jumping off the ships! Subway rocks!

  • sara


  • Jay-j

    my sister works on oasis.. she call us and said the crew member who dump overboard is from where we’re fr St.vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Michelle

    Okay, stop giving RC crap about this. It’s not their fault someone did something stupid. And big deal they had to skip St. Thomas…there isn’t anything special about that island anyway. I’ve been there 4 times through RC and it’s pretty boring unless you like shopping all day. They did what they had to do, and people should be considerate of their decision. Royal Caribbean is the best cruise line out there, so support them in their decisions. Don’t blame them for the stupidity of a crew member. The Oasis is the most magnificent ship and I cruised on it in March. Don’t be skittish towards the Oasis or any RC ship just because of this. I’ve been on 12 RC ships and I always felt very safe on them. Can’t wait to cruise again next year 🙂

  • Pam

    What about the money that was paid for land excursions. That should at least be refunded. Alot of money was paid by passengers for this vacation and to receive a credit for the “next” cruise isn’t right. I wouldn’t go again.

  • stacey

    ha i just went thru this 3 weeks ago i was on explorer of the seas and the crew member lowered himself into water (but he did it on purpose he was upset and depressed and watned to get off the ship) at night time so we had to turn around at 830 at night n didnt stop searching til 7 the next morning and we didnt get jack sh** for returning back home 7 hours later and we werent allowed off the ship til 530 at night and they wouldnt give drinks or food while we had to wait hours to get off and they bearly did crap for the people who had scheduled flights and had to change them and also we got rushed when we got off the ship to get our luggage and did not have to go thru customs which should have been done and i still had to pay for my luggage that was forgetten there due to the fact that they were rushing everyone out to get the next group of people on the ship

  • LEPJ

    El barco cumple con todos los requisitos de seguridad tanto en puertos como en alta mar, Considero que ellos no son responsables por el actuar de las personas, cada uno es dueño de su vida y puede hacer lo que mas le plazca, desgraciadamente esto perjudica a personas que estan tomando un crucero como en este caso perdimos la ida a San Thomas.

  • Luis

    Hi guys, Im reading this and I have to mention that the working conditions are very good with Royal Caribbean, please do not blame or talk about things that you do not really know. It is a human being and for that we have to respect this, if he decided to do what he did it was his own decision, you can not blame on RCCL. I work on the ship and I know what happened and who that person was, the living conditions and what our guests think about it, their reactions and comments during and after the event. My collegues received a lot of back feed mostly negative comments about it, most of them concerned about missing the Island and how much will they receive for missing port. Just be concious that this can happen to anyone either guest or crewmember, and what would happen if this happens to a guest probably, they will be begging to the Captain or whoever they can find to not go even to St. Marteen and keep looking behind. It is just a matter of who has the ball.

  • I live in St. Thomas and no the Oasis did not come to the island yesterday. It’s too bad unlike Michelle’s comments I have been living here for over 30 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. This island and ALL the Virgin Islands are beautiful with our crystal clear waters, the snorkeling is magnificent. Your local culture is a must to experience.
    Lets all pray that this young fellow is found (which could happen) and all ends well. For the rest of the folks sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • SanDee

    I am sure RC will take care of all refunds due for excursions and lost port stop. I read on another post that they were giving $300.00 to $800.00 towards next cruise based on cabin catagory. Right now the concern is for this crew member. If I was on the ship I would be more concerned for this tragic event and less worried about my investment. I would worry about that “after” I returned home. What I have not read is if the cameras show him accidently or intentionally going overboard.

  • Linda

    I was in St Thomas yesterday when the ship was to arrive, yes this is a tragedy for all involved, the vendors in St Thomas were efected as well, fishing tours, sightseeing, snorkling, Coral World, taxis, restaurants, bars, everyone one in the tourisum industry lost their income for that day, we heard many very upset on how they could just not show, the Harbor Master had to call the ship at 7AM and ask where they were, they were not even notified, so this was horrible for RC, the Oasis crew members, passengers and island vendors who rely on all the ships for there income. I pray for the family and crew friends of this man, God be with him! They should have someone on the ship to council members who have problems, after several cruises (11) you can see how it gets to some of them being on ship 24/7 some trips, that alone would make one upset. As for refunds, yes, they should be givien, when you pay for a port and then not get there is is taking time from your vacation plans. Again, God bless them all on the Oasis, it will be with them for ever!

  • Tia

    I feel for the family of the crew member, but I also feel for the passages on the ship. My mother happens to be cruising on this very voyage and $300- $800 credit on a $1800-$10,000 cruise is an insult. Most of the people sailing on this ship planned their vacation months/ years in advance to sail on RCCL new “Fabulous” ship. Only to spend the majority of their cruise on the ship. The ship sailed late on Saturday, May 23, 2010, due to alleged maintenance, which lead to the cruise itinerary being changed immediately. Lost of 1 day!. Then the unfortunate demise of a crew member, lost of 2 day and a port of call (St. Thomas). I think RCCL owes all passengers on this cruise the cruise experience that they paid for not a messily $300- $800 credit. I am a long time RCCL cruiser, as is most of my family, however after this incident and RCCL’s response that will probably change. I do understand that this was an unfortunate and uncontrollable event, it is their response and lack of sympathy for the passengers that is appalling to me! BAD RCCL!!!!! I expected better from this company, apparently the more you grow and the bigger ships RCCL builds the less and less you care about your passengers (the hard working people that patronize RCCL).

  • Fernando

    Minha esposa Cristiane G. Diniz está a bordo do navio e confirmou esta informação que não vi ser divulgada na imprensa. É uma pena terem perdido St. Thomas, espero que sejam todos muito bem recompensados !!!

  • Kari

    I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport after leaving the Oasis of the Seas reading these posts. Thought I’d set the record straight for those inquiring minds regarding refunds.We received a full refund for land excursions booked through RC, a $10 port fee refund and each passenger will receive a $200 credit toward a future cruise. We were told to expect a voucher via mail in 4-6 weeks either to our house or travel agent. I too was disappointed that we didn’t make it to St Thomas but realize there is “a bigger picture to look at”. It saddens me that this seems to be occuring more frequently. As I was on the ship, I thought to myself “yes, this ship is quite spectacular but it takes a special breed to work on these ships for months at a time”. We all need to pray for this man and his family.

  • dave

    Just got back from the Oasis. A male crew member about 45 yrs old from St Vincents went to Deck 5 at 3am in the morning . it was his 2 day back on the ship after being on vacation for 8 weeks. He had a cigarette and then was seen jumping off the deck by the cameras. He was then seen on the camera swimming in the ocean. We got $200 off a future cruise. Cant wait to not use it and go on NCL’s Epic. I dont understand how we could find someone who jumped off at 3 am when we turned around almost 12 hours later. We had 3 hours of day light left when we turned around. The Coast guard released the ship of its duty to assist in the search at 1am , upon which we turned around from heading back to Nassau and went back to St Maartin.

  • Brian

    Just arrived home from this cruise. Given mechanical issues and having lost a crew member, the captain did an excellent job keeping everyone informed. The Oasis staff did a great job in keeping 4K plus passengers happy with the extra day at sea. I also wonder why with all the security cameras onboard it took so long to discover what had happened to the missing crew member. Immediate overboard detection would have been of great value. Think of the expense RC incurred in order to follow protocol. All in all a great cruise.

  • andrew lasky

    I was on this ship. Got back today. The crew member who went overboard was an assistant waiter two tables away from ours in the dining room. According to our waiter, he was not new to the company, but had just come aboard this ship last Saturday. We did not receive much information as I am sure the investigation is ongoing, but did receive the letter from the captain expressing his regrets and telling us that each of the first 2 passengers in each cabin would get $200. off a future cruise, and that 3rd and 4th cabin occupants would get $100. The captain had previously made several announcements explaining that he was turning around per the coast guard’s request that the ship participate in search efforts and expressing his concerns and prayers for the missing crew member. At some point during the night, according to the captain, the ship had to abandon the search due to fuel concerns, and proceeded on to St. Martin. Felt especially sorry for a couple on board who were supposed to get married in St. Thomas, and had friends and relatives waiting for them there, but of course, the primary concerns were for the missing crew member.

  • Ted

    Just got off the Oasis today.This is/was a human life. How many of you have actually seen a drowning victim?
    Shame on some of your comments.

  • Katie

    I too just returned from the oasis trip. I cannot believe some of these posts about money concerns. Who gives a crap about weddings, refunds or missing a port of call when a human being died.
    To hear the pain in the Captain’s voice as he was keeping us informed of this tragic loss was heartbreaking. I wrote a brief note to him expressing my condolences and prayers and dropped it off at Guest Services not knowing for sure if he would actually receive it.
    This morning, on my stateroom door was a hand written letter from Captain Thorolvsen that brought tears to my eyes while reading it. Not just a short note…but a page long letter on his personal stationery explaining how difficult it was for him to lose a crewman and fellow shipmate. He acknowledged the disappointment of the guests in having to cancel a port of call but believed that most would understand given that a human life was involved.
    This man is truly a good person, and a Captain truly in mourning.
    Please show some respect.

  • Magan

    We were aboard the Carnival Dream and we saw the RC ship turn around and go back and we were wondering why it turned back. We missed them in St. Thomas with us and when we arrived in St. Martin and heard what had happened when then knew why they turned back. My prayers are with his family it is such a sad way to lose your life.

  • crew member

    i am a RCI crew member and there are many things behind the scenes that you as a guest don’t know that can make one of us take terrible decisions, like guests treating us as servants, making us run in the dinning room because the potato didn’t have the right shape or after a week drinking for free those great martinis in the diamond lounge you just don’t show up because you know you have to tip the bartender, or simply make a complaint for any reason just to get something for free.
    And it’s true housekeeping, bar and dinning room staff salaries are gratuity based, we just get TIPS from you the company only pays us 50 US a month, and we have to pay expensive flight tickets to come back to work

  • Jennifer

    I am so sad to hear such news. I believe cruise lines need to increase their security when it comes to safety with all passengers on board. I have been on several cruises and to think of a passenger or crew member lost at sea is so sad. What is going to happen if it was a child over board? All cruise lines should really think about better safety measures!!! They should check out this site on the web, it is really interesting, and it may answer all our problems at sea!!! http://www.Seahawksurveillance.com

  • Rev. Wallace Johnson

    I just arrived home from my trip on the Oasis. Not only was my heart sad from the indcident but I had the opportunity to conduct a mass for Dillon that was attended by his crew mates. I can tell you first hand that inspite of their pain from having lost a friend and teammate, they showed a professionalism to each guest that never once lowered the level of service they sought to render. I tried to encourage them in their hope for the coming days but at the same time told them to cry out when things get tough and not let the choice that Dillon made be theirs. I hope people reading this can see the bigger picture that all life is important and whatever steps are taken to sustain life should be the greater effort. Living to take another trip is a blessing. Dying because of thinking there is no more hope is the real tragedy.

  • Sarah

    I was on the carnival dream when this happened. i was docked in nassau with the royal carribean and they did not show up at st. thomas. We heard that it was a female but apparently, we heard wrong. They missed St. Thomas but met up w/ us in St. Maarten

  • Jan

    I’d like to comment on this. My husband and I and a friend were all on the ship at the time. Somewhere between 3 – 4 PM we all heard an announcement on the intercom system on the ship – “would so and so please contact extension “XXX” – URGENTLY.” Then we heard it again about 15 minutes later. At around 4:30, the captain came on and told everyone that unfortunately they were conducting a thorough search of the ship to try and locate a missing crew member and that because he was not located, they were turning around to retrace their route to search for him. He also said at that time that it would affect our next port of St. Thomas. The Coast Guard became involved in the search and Oasis searched with spotlights all the way back when finally, at 1:00 am, Oasis was released from the search by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard then continued the search with the Bahamian Coast Guard. Royal Caribbean did everything and more than they could do to try and find this missing crew member. We later found out by announcement from the captain that they had in fact found a video that showed the crew member jumping overboard. We spoke to one of the head waiters and he told us that he had been hanging around on deck 5 for awhile until he was alone and would be unnoticed, stepped up over the high barricades and jumped. He had apparently broken up with his girlfriend recently and was distraught over it. He was also, according to the head waiter, a young crew member who had the day before re-upped to be on the Oasis (crew members work for 6 months on the ship, then go home for 3 months, and then go back on the same ship or another for 6 more months). It’s a very sad, sad situation but in no way should this reflect negatively on Royal Caribbean. The captain and everyone involved kept us up to date at all times and followed up accordingly. They also refunded all passengers who had booked shore excursions in St. Thomas. St. Thomas would have been nice but pales in comparison to a human life. As one last note, it states in the contract when you book a Royal Caribbean cruise, as in ANY cruise, that they are not responsible should any situation arise where the ship does not make it to any certain port. I for one, am grateful that they did make a good faith gesture of giving us a $200 credit to each 1st and 2nd passenger, and $100 credit to the 3rd and 4th passenger in a cabin, on ANY upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise. It wasn’t something they had to do at all and I think it was a very nice gesture. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the crew member’s family. I hope this helps clear this up.

  • Michelle

    This is so sad. I’m sitting in the Ft Lauderdale airport having just come off the Emerald Princess and heard this news. It makes me very sad, but I am surprised RCL does not constantly monitor their cameras. Last night, my husband and I were watching the ocean on an upper deck around 11pm. Security immediately came and asked us to move for safety reasons. I was impressed by their concern for my security and quick response. Perhaps this young man’s life could have been saved if RCL monitored their cameras at all times. Seems it would be a wise business decision also as the cost of a crew member to monitor cameras is much less than the cost of compensating thousands of passengers. I imagine it would also help morale by showing the staff their safety is of vital importance to the company. My heart goes out to the crew and family of this man.

  • M. Lisa

    I was on this cruise where the man jumped overboard. A man decided to take his life and I am glad that the cruise line searched for him. However, I also think that the Captain could have make a stop in St. Thomas, even if it was to 3-4 hours. Many people had planned this cruise way in advance and had saved their hard earned dollars to be on the Oasis. Or, maybe, they could have gone to one of the islands they own. But, since none of this was done, I believe a cash credit of $200 per person plus any applicable port fees and taxes that were paid in advance would be an acceptable compromise for outstanding customer service. I, personally, will not sail with Royal Caribbean again. Too many unexplained incidences have occurred on these ships.

  • Glenda

    We were on Oasis last week when it turned, the waiter worked in our dinning room and had many friends aboard. It was disappointing not to go to St. Thomas, however…if I was overboard, I would surely like for my ship to turn around and come looking for me! Good Job Captain!

  • fred

    There are many unanswered questions about this tragic incident, I was on the oasis and much of the timeline doesn’t seem to fit. How can they search a ship that size as fast as they say they did, and then look at cameras? My heart and sympathy goes out to his family, but rccl should open up and tell us the facts!! Also the gesture of Rccl to give credit for a future cruise is only good for 1 year. How many of you could afford another cruise within 1 year? How about refunding the money and letting each individual decide when and if they want to cruise with Rccl.

  • Ellen

    I was on this cruise too. At first I wondered how a huge cruise ship could find someone in the water in the dark hours after it happened. But the Coast Guard advised the Captain to retrace the route. And they are the experts. If this had been a passenger taking his own life, would it be Royal Caribbean’s fault? Of course not. If someone wants to end their life, they will find a means to do it. This was not their fault. I think RCCL was generous in immediately crediting the excursions, and giving us credits on future cruises. Did we take the cruise just to shop in St. Thomas, or to enjoy the ship???? p.s. Katie, I wish I had thought to write a note to the Captain, too. That was very thoughtful.

  • MK

    I was on the ship and I felt sorry for the crew member. However, 150 future credit goodwill gesture was unacceptable. There must a better way then turning the ship around and I lost St Thomas which I am dying to visit. I email RC and hope they can refund part of the trip.

  • Andree Emsley

    My husband and I sailed on this May 22nd voyage. We were only told that a crew member “went” overboard. He had not showed up for work. Video cameras confirmed the incident. We did not have anything booked for St. Thomas as we have been there many times previously. We were told that anyone who had booked a tour would have the money refunded. We were also told that a credit would be mailed to us for a future cruise. I believe the amount was $400. I did not care for the food on this trip as well as previous cruises with RCCL. We will most likely never cruise with them again. We just wanted to see this ship and it’s beautiful. We prefer Holland America as the food is so much better and we have NEVER been disappointed by HAL.

  • Donna

    I don’t know where some people got their information. My husband and I and another couple were on the cruise ship. From what we understand, from other crew members, Mr. Rouche was seen on video alone. He was not seen going overboard or swimming in the ocean. If he was, we would have turned around immediately. We turned around eventually, when he was not located onboard. The US Coast Guard continued the search. We never made it to St. Thomas, but went on to St. Maarten. It’s a very sad thing. We were all notified that the first and second person in the cabin would receive $150 off a future cruise. The third and fourth person in a cabin would receive $100 off a future cruise.

  • Jesmond

    I was on the Oasis of the Seas last week and I cannot believe all the negative people here. So what if we did not make it to St. Thomas. A man’s life was at stake. The Captain did what was correct to look for this crew member. For those who said $150 – $200 credit was not enough. RC did not have to do anything. I can tell you all if it was one of your family members you would want RC to do everything it can to help in the search. So anyone here who is complaining about missing St. Thomas and looking for money back check your bills RC credited us all our port tax for St. Thomas. Also can anyone really say that they did not enjoy their time on the ship. There was something to do every minute on the Ship. Ken Rush and all his team did everything for us. So for those who feel that they need to complain… I have one thing to say. “Suck it up Buttercup”

  • Katie

    Ellen-Thank you….
    Writing the note to the Captain was something that I believe God led me to do. I have no other explanation on why I thought of it.

  • Linda Prang

    I wish I also thought about a letter to the captain. Sure I was disappointed in not seeing St. Thomas, but truly enjoyed the extra day on the ship. Now I’ll just have to cruise again to see St. Thomas (oh darn).
    I’m glad I did not come into contact with any negativity or someone else may have gone overboard.

  • Martin

    Well, I happen to have been on the Oasis of the Sea for the May 22nd sailing. It is very unfortunate and I feel for the family of this crew member as this is sad to lose a family member. No passengers were informed of who the crew members was nor how they managed to go overboard. I can tell you first hand, this ship is not easy to go overboard, and there are video cameras everywhere, it’s a very high tech ship.

    As for what Royal Caribbean is doing or not doing in restitution to its customers…. I am very shocked at the response provided to use by the captain of the Oasis. Let me start by saying that St. Thomas was the only port I cared to go. I Took a week off of work and spending $4000 for a veranda stateroom for me, my wife, and my son. The respect Royal Caribbean extended to me and my family for ruining our vacation is a coupon for $200 off our next sailing with Royal Caribbean. I am very upset with the Royal Caribbean at their lack of respect they shown their customers in this matter and their restitution offered. This was a crew member, which being an employee, makes Royal Caribbean liable for damaged caused by Royal Caribbean or one of its representatives. This is also a repeat Offense as this also occurred on May 5th.

    Hey, If anyone is interested in a Class Action Suite… I’m in; I’m sure there is another 5399 people from the May 22nd sailing that would be interested. Someone really needs to tell Royal Caribbean where they can put their Crown & Anchor and there $200 coupon.

    Singed a very upset customer, Stateroom 6622

  • Ellen

    5398 people – not me. Martin, what if this had been a family member of yours that jumped? How would you feel about your fellow cruisers looking for a refund because your family member caused us to miss a port? Again, the fine print on the cruise ticket contract we all signed does state that Royal Caribbean is not liable for missed ports. You have the choice not to sail with them again if you choose.

  • Katie

    I’m with you Ellen…
    Martin- you should be ashamed of yourself.
    My husband and I also had this trip planned for 10 months and paid for a deluxe ocean view stateroom. Never once did we regret the decision the Captain made in turning back to look for his crew member. I felt his pain and the pain of this poor crewman’s family.
    There is no monetary value to a human life..and as Ellen said, imagine if it was a member of YOUR family. Would you still be whining and looking for a class action suit if your family member commited suicide?
    Shame on you.

  • Martin


    Yes I agree, loss of life is tragic, but so is the fact this is not the first time this has happened, so RCCL is not doing their due diligence to protect the interest of their passengers and crew. I’ve read there has been another account which this makes two accounts of this in the RCCL fleet in May 2010 alone where their crew has went overboard and doing so been accountable for the disrupting the ports of call.

    Sorry if this seems a bit insensitive, but I feel that Royal Caribbean is not doing enough to ensure their crew is of sound mind, and the paying passengers are getting what they paid their good hard earned money to receive. Think of it this way. What if this crew member did not take their own life; instead they did something to cause harm to the passengers?

    Now, RCCL boasts about a sophisticated ‘Emergency Response System’. I’ve worked on simple CCTV security systems that use algorithms to detect motion within fields of view in video stream. The detected motion would start and stop the digital recording as to reduce the size of the recording. It would be rather simple to adapt this technology to the hundreds of cameras monitoring the exterior of the ship and trip an alarm when someone happens to fall over board. If RCCL had taken a more pro ‘Active’ stance of actively monitoring there is a chance those to individuals would still be alive if they are not alive to date.

    Great.. They turned the ship around and tried to search for the overboard crew member. This is protocal which is basically working within the a box. Lets step it up RCCL and work outside the box. Make your sophisticated systems work smarter.
    Another curious bit of information. There is no record of this that I can find in CNN News, MSNBC News, or any popular news publication. It seems this is only presented by subservient cruise related sites.

  • Jeff

    My wife and I were passengers on the Oasis last week as well. I am curious about one thing. Had this gentleman gone overboard sometime late Thursday night and was discovered missing on Friday, would we have returned toward St. Maarten knowing that we couldn’t make it to Fort Lauderdale by Saturday? We would have missed flights and the people set to board on Saturday, May 29 would have had no ship to board. I’m just curious what you all think would have happened.

  • Annie

    We would have had to do whatever the Coast Guard required us to do. That is one piece everyone seems to keep forgetting. Once this person was reported missing to the Coast Guard, there are protocols that require the Captain to then follow the orders of the Coast Guard, which were to turn around and search.
    I was on the ship during this sailing and the Captain kept us informed at all times and we recevied a written note in our stateroom as well detailing the future cruise credit and the issue. So, there was no confusion.
    The port of St. Thomas is a considerable distance from Nassau, so by the time the Oasis was released by the Coast Guard, there was not enough time to make it to St. Thomas. And I’m sorry for some of the whiners on here, if your cruise was ruined because you missed 1 port, then you were probably having a miserable time before this happened and I feel sorry for you and your lack of human emotions. This exact same scenario would have played out if it had been a paying passenger that had jumped, is RC then also responsible to make sure that the passengers are of sound mind before they board?? Ridiculous.
    and the person above that was complaining that the itinerary was changed last minute and that we left port late, etc. The itinerary was actually changed several weeks before the cruise to sail to Nassau on the first day instead of the last. I saw the change on my booking on the RC website at the beginning of May. In addition, several of the sailings before us also did the same. If you have issues with RC or don’t agree with something, that is fine, but at least get all of the facts straight first.

  • Janneth Bethea

    Oasis crew – was very infomative and did everything they could in return to Nassau trying to find their crew member. R/C did offer everyone $200.00 toward their next cruise because we didn’t make it to St. Thomas. I was very impresse with thier effort and keeping the passenger abreast of their processs

    The Oasis is an awesome ship and we had a great time.

  • FP

    RCCL should assist in a search and rescue for anybody missing on board, however when logistically Miami (base operations) was closer to a possible incident and 12 hours have lapsed, they should be prepared to assist with smaller & more precise vessels, this was clearly a public relations move….I was not notified of any change in the itinerary, it was foolish for RCCL to schedule, non-emergency maintenance, on the busiest cruise, entering a holiday weekend, with higher rates that other bookings, RCCL 1st error in judgement on this cruise. YES RCCL is liable for ruining our vacation, a $6000.00 investment (including airfare & accommodations). This is the 2nd time in a row RCCL has used poor judgement, in ruining one of my investments, last years swine flu overblown ban of Mexico. Business decisions are made and in good faith RCCL should offer everyone involved a re-introduction to this beautiful ship at a later date over the sometime over the next 3 years, there will be numerous occasions where this ship will not be near maximum capacity, a $200.00 token is such an insult that RCCL can shove that, I DON”T WANT TO CRUISE RCCL IN THE NEXT YEAR! I chose this cruise over a much more desirable cruise with the intent of spending time in St.Thomas. Fact, a crew member, a life, is valuable and every attempt should be taken to rescue a human being! 12 hours past, 4 hours of daylight search hours away, with no possible way of reaching the area was clearly a public relations move, PERIOD. An accident is one thing, a suicide or escape from a ship is in a different category that should not take down 5,400 people as well. Unfortunately, this crew member had no intention of including anybody else in his decision, PERIOD! Anybody that thinks that we should all be understanding and compassionate of that are very foolish, you know, the drill baby drill people! 2nd, for the ship to hold back on the use of their stabilizers to conserve fuel, caused more discomfort than anyone should have to tolerate on a cruise. Ships are insured, to cover their liabilities, however RCCL has you sign away your rights, unless a class action lawsuit is filed, their hands seem to be tied. I am angered by the self-rightcious attitudes! WE DID NOT ADVOCATE ANYBODY TO JUMP, so WE SHOULD NOT BE HELD EMOTIONALLY OR FINANCIALLY LAIBLE FOR RCCL’S ACTIONS. RCCL SHOULD ABIDE BY THEIR CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION AND GIVE US A WEEK OF PLEASURE or change their false advertising practices and include all of their frivolous small print into their marketing! I have been checking daily to see if Mr. Roche has been found, so the human emotional impact will always be a factor, the business factor is a separate issue, RCCL owes me a vacation!

  • Pat Tx

    My husband I were on this cruise also, along with 3 other couples. I saw alot of concerned passengers when the captain made the announcement of the missing crew member. We had a stateroom with a balcony, when the captain came over the ship PA many passengers were on their balcony’s looking with their bare eyes and also with binoculars. I also have seen that their were alot of selfish people on board, who were only concerned about monatary reimbursement. It was most unfortunate that the crew member took his life. I feel that RCC has a magnificent ship in the Oasis, but I feel with all it’s grandeur, that some type of alarm system could be put in place to detect someone going overboard. The cameras on board are pretty much useless if it takes hours to view video if someone comes up missing. I will cruise with RCC again

  • Chimeine Greenwood

    I was on this cruise ship with my new husband on our honeymoon. It was awful to hear the announcements of a missing crew member which developed into a man overboard announcement. Very sad. Ship “gossip” would have us believe that he jumped, but no official announcement was ever made. The fact that we missed St Thomas was totally irrelevant given the circumstances – I’m sure we’d all want the boat to turn around and look for us if we’d gone overboard!? The ship is so huge with so much to do that spending an extra day at sea was no problem at all. I certainly have no intention of seeking any form of reimbursement as we had a fantastic cruise, despite the sad overboard incident. Would just like to add that the crew on the ship provide a faultless service, way over and above the call of duty, and they deserve every bit of the tips that they earn, we were more than happy to pay for their fantastic service – keep up the good work people! Absolutely amazing!

  • Tari
  • FP

    Just to include my observation, there is a 4 ft. rail, however, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a scaffold set up, secured onto, I believe, the aft section of the ship. This scaffolding did not have a secure railing and was exposed to the ocean, if Dillon was smoking while on this scaffolding, I can see a potential hazard. This situation is troubling, I am beginning to wonder if RCCL is covering up an accidental fall, when I seen the scaffold, my first thought was if anyone was standing 3/4 feet above the deck, they can easy get tossed overboard, especially that night, the ship was rocking up & down/side to side. All of this stinks, I am inclined to believe RCCL is covering something up, a life was lost and we are all getting shafted for it.RCCL should release the video coverage!

  • JW

    While I was not on this particular cruise, I just returned from this same cruise route yesterday. First, no mention was ever made regarding this incident on our cruise. The staff and service was always friendly and near perfect. I feel for the family and crew that lost someone near and dear to them. The glass and rail are at least four feet high around the entire ship. Only the person missing knows what really happened.

    As for missing St. Thomas, it was the highlight of our cruise. I would have been sad for missing it, however, I would have wanted RC to have continued to look for the missing crew member. RC MUST follow the orders of the Coast Guard. This was not a PR stunt when they turned around. Fuel and time had to be considered.

    Unless you are the Captain Thorr, I don’t think speculation should be offered. We had nothing but a great time on our cruise. I would definitely use RC again in the future. (Lawsuit? that’s pathetic.)

  • upset and shocked

    To the writer “Crew member – May 29, 2010 10:19 PM” I totally agree with you. I know exactly how you feel as a tip earner it is the most degrading feeling when a guest walk away without tipping for your hard labour… RCI treatens to fire you when you ask a guest to tip and when you tell them that you only earn
    $50.00 USD per month .. THE TRUTH

    To the writer “FP – June 10, 2010 10:03 PM” You are full of shit.. you want compensation , all you can think about is I want … I want .. whoever you are you are heartless.. I’m fed-up with guests who don’t give a damn about the feelings of crew members working on ships … and RCI at times don’t give their crew members the respect when guests abuse the humanity rights of our crew.

  • FP

    To Upset And Shocked and baffled and ignorant, I have the highest level of respect for the staff, not only did I prepay the gratuities, I tripled it in cash on our final day. You pathetic human being, you are a republican and very proud of it. You should not feel alone, there are several others of you that hide under a draped sheet in the evenings, look in the mirror with pride and see who is really full of s***!

  • Diana

    I would love to say that I am surprised at some of the OUTRAGEOUS comments above posted by guests, but I am not. Asking for refunds (cash or credit) for missing a port not only is insensitive but stupid as when you book your cruise you have to sign a paper that says the cruise line is not responsible for such things, so giving you the credit is just something the company does so you (guests) don’t go out and complain like crazy and talk crap about it–precisely like you are now. Plus, St. Thomas ain’t really a great island, it’s boring and you can do pretty much the same (or even better) shopping in St. Maarten. And if you saved all of your hardly-earned money to go cruise and missed a port because someone committed suicide, well guess what? Sh*t happens, deal with it and start saving up again!

    As for Dillon, well may he RIP and yes, it was his decision but you cannot blame it on the working conditions, yes, they’re not the best or for some are actually pretty bad but you always have a choice and if it was so bad for him, perhaps he should have thought twice before coming back for another contract.

  • Stacey

    For all you whiners out there…it’s NOT like you missed all too much in St. Thomas. yes you missed Magen’s Bay beach and some crappy shopping but other than that, St. Thomas is just the same as any other island. POOR, DIRTY and CROWDED.

  • Chriss

    Lets just try and remember someones live was lost here, and that RCI done everything in their power to try and find them. Imagine if your son or daughter went missing? You would want them to try their hardest to find them. Its a human here, and they done the Humaine thing. Money or no money, we would all want them to do their best if it happened to us!

  • Peg Krumlinde

    I just finished that cruise from Ft. Lauderdale on the Oasis. I find it hard to believe anyone “falls” overboard from any deck on that ship. The rails, as well as the balcony enclosures, are much too high to just simply fall. One would have to purposely climb up onto the rail and jump, and unless a gymnist, one would need a chair or stool to stand on in order to get to the top of the rail.

  • Toniann

    I am in shock as to how many comments talk about money, what is owed to them, what they deserve, how unfair it was they didnt make it to St. Thomas. I can’t believe how selfish people can be, shame on most of you and your lack of compassion for a man who has lost his life. Instead of offering your condolences you are talking about what is owed to you. If God forbid it was any one of you who went overboard I bet your family would hope the cruise ship acted just as it did to find you. Is it unfortunate that the cruise did not go as planned? Obviously. That shouldnt take away from the fact something tragic happened on board this ship. Where is the compassion and humanity? Some people make me sick.

  • Lauren Abrams

    I’ve worked with him the Saturday evening the same day he’d sign on yo the sign after 2 months of a long vacation. He looked so confident n happy about his return that horrible night. I then later worked with him Sunday the lunch swift and he was not looking happy so I ask him how you are doing? He told me I am not feeling good so I told him go to the head waiter n tell him. That was the last time I’ve seen Dillion, how sadden.. It’s years gone by n I’m still worried what could have been wrong on that terrible day of Sunday..