It finally happened.  After 8 years, my Blackberry finally died.  Not a natural death mind you, but due to my negligence in leaving it on a lawn chair Friday evening after I enjoyed a glass of wine with my spouse. 

Our sprinkler timer kicked on Saturday morning and, after a 20 minute water cycle, my friend was soaked to the circuits.  

Blackberry Death - Goodbye Old FriendMy Blackberry has been my primary method of communication since 2002. I receive over 100 e-mails a day so I figure it handled 300,000 emails over the years – plus more than my fair share of google alerts, text messages and even an occasional telephone call or two.

But it didn’t have a camera.  No video or GPS either.  Compared to the sleek iPhones everyone whips out these days, it was kinda like a four-door Ford sedan.  Boring but reliable.

It has been eerily quiet this weekend.  No calls, no checking the crackberry every 5 minutes, no frantic texting to clients who have become accustomed to communicating on the weekends.  

So long old friend.  Should I bring you back?  Or is it time for an upgrade?  I think that I’ll be a traitor and give an iPhone OS 4 a try. 

Or maybe I’ll just enjoy the silence for another day.