The video below is from a passenger who was on Carnival’s Ecstasy with his family when the cruise ship listed in the Gulf of Mexico on April 21, 2010. "Mattyhiway" writes:

The Ecstasy made a sharp turn at sea to avoid a wayward buoy.  The ship listed to port hard causing dozens of injuries and traumatizing many more. What the news showed was only part of the story, this is the REST of the story told from passengers who survived this incident.



We have commented on this incident in an article "Did Carnival’s Ecstasy Cruise Ship Almost Hit A Sand Bar?"   If you were on this cruise, click on the link and leave a comment!

See our updated story: Carnival Mocks Injured and Traumatized Cruise Passenger Complaints As "Completely Ridiculous"


Credits:    Mattyhiway’s YouTube Channel

  • Here is a photo of the map taken a few minutes after the “incident.” There are clearly land masses in close proximity to where it occurred.

  • Susan Spencer

    I, too, made note that we received no instruction on what had happened for what seemed like about 5 or 10 minutes. A few of the passengers captured life vests they found around the pool, leaving other terrified passengers to wonder what they would do.
    There was no AED onboard for the gentleman who appeared to be having a “heart attack.”

    I am not reassured by any of this for the possibility of another cruise.

  • Fascinating video and it is quite simple, all those thousands of guests are lying and Carnival are the ones telling the truth……? BUT OF COURSE THAT IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL because Carnival has proven themselves to be heartless liars time and time again!

    Quite frankly can anyone trust a company that actually stole money from another cruise company in the 1970’s in order to get their own business off the ground, as I am to understand from one author? I urge all passengers and prospective passengers to read ‘Devils on the Deep Blue Sea’ and read that for themselves.

    In my personal opinion I would not book a cruise with any company affiliated to the ‘Carnivore Group’, they couldn’t lie straight in bed. As for their spokeswoman, well De Cruz remains a pathetic corporate puppet as always.

  • Lonny Smith

    My wife & I were on this cruise with our 4 year old and this was so downplayed by Carnival cruiselines … The worse experience of our lives…We have often wondered what legally came of this?? How do I view thi video? It keeps telling me to sign in??


    onny Smith