The Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy returned to sea following an incident where the ship listed heavily to avoid hitting a partially submerged buoy. 

Although Carnival initially downplayed the incident, it turns out that 60 passengers reported to the ship infirmary for injuries.

The video is from Houston News –

April 23, 2010 UPDATE:  Did Carnival’s Ecstasy Cruise Ship Almost Hit A Sand Bar?

  • Mark Gaouette

    Reminds me of the Crown Princess “steering glitch” in Port Everglades. When threatened with an NTSB investigation, the company admitted the hard turn which seriously injured dozens of passenges was due to a seamanship error on the part of a jr. officer and “the appropriate personnel changes have been made.” Let’s see what the USCG has to say about “submerged bouys.” I hope they are tracking down this hazard to navigation so that a similar incident doesn’t happen again. Isn’t the ship leaving on another cruise today? Keep those lookouts posted!

  • Beata & Michael

    No more cruising for me and my husband! It was almost like Titanic!!!! Very, very scary. It’s going to stay with us forever!!!!!

  • connie sanders ford

    I was on the promanade outside deck when the incident happened and we could see all the devastation going on they was a woman pushing a lady in a wheel chair trying to get through the door and people wouldnt let her through my husband stopped a man and asked him to help get her through the door and they did. So many people where falling and running to avoid dishes glasses and condiments, etc; I was going to find my children who were also traveling with us adults. I slipped and twisted my left knee and have been in pain since I will go see my doctor as soon as I can get an appointment I didn’t report anything to anyone because you didn’t know where to go any way there were people on the floors bleeding and in worse shape than me, nobody asks how you were

    The higher ups the crew were trying to handle a bad situation and did a good job, we were lied to and someone was not doing their job we stay on our side for 3-4 minutes at least we could have capsized very easily my husband is an ex navy man of 40 years and knew someond didn’t do some kind of correcting, there is more then what is beeing told.

    The truth should come out.

    Connie Sanders Ford