Six months ago, I launched Cruise Law News. My goal was to be the go-to source for breaking "cruise law" news with articles filled with with my own unabashed opinion regarding the cruise industry. 

The first month I had 964 people stumble upon the blog.  I was ecstatic!  Thirty people a day actually looked at my blog and took the time to read a few pages!

Since then, I have written feverishly – averaging over a blog a day – for six months.  My subscriptions have exploded and the number of people reading the blog has increased exponentially. 

Cruise Law - Cruise Law News - Jim Walker BlogOver 51,000 readers visited Cruise Law News last month alone.  We have been contacted by reporters from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the Caribbean islands – as well as local and national newspapers and television networks in the U.S. 

One of the most rewarding things about the blog is that cruise passengers are now contacting us before they cruise – to inquire about the safety and security of their family on cruises, which cruise lines are safe and which cruise ships to avoid – rather than after they have been victimized.  Our blog is helping get the word out there about the issue of cruise crimes which most Americans know nothing about.  

I would like to think that the success of this blog is due to my hard work, getting up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to write, as well as my keen insight and biting commentary.  But, no.  That would not be true at all.  Its the cruise industry’s incredible shenanigans which drive readers to Cruise Law News.

Just today, I commented on the unexpected and completely unjust end of an seven year ordeal involving the date-rape-drug-induced death of cruise passenger Dianne Brimble on a P & O cruise ship – juxtaposed against the revelation that Carnival teamed up with a corrupt brokerage firm which hired strippers for a swinger’s cruise.

It’s impossible to make this stuff up. 

So thanks to the cruise industry, with all of its shameless tax-avoiding executives, high paid lobbyists and deceptive PR firms, and its consistently ambiguous moral compass – for making my little blog a huge success.      

Stay tuned, the fun has just begun.  



Special thanks and credit:

Kevin O’Keefe and the pros at Lexblog – who created the blog and pointed me in the right direction.

Laurie Dishman – who fights the cruise industry every day with dignity, integrity, and relentless ferocity.  

Ken Carver – who started the fight for justice, led the way, and has never given up.

  • Mark Gaouette
  • Fabio

    Dear Jim, congratulations for your job, cruise passengers and crew support you and wish you all the best.
    America and the world need to know who they are and
    how they violate the US law and so on…
    How they paid $546 usd for 290 hours of hard work as i
    notice on board of Indepedence of the seas ?
    Amazing !!!
    DESCRIMINATION because the miserable crew come from
    poor country …
    Look where they are and what they do and NOT where come from.
    How USA let this happen in our land and ocean ??

  • Suzanne

    Cruise Law News is one of the first things I read each morning … I start with the CSMonitor, move to my local rag, then CLN to see what’s up in the world of cruising. I have sent a link to it to many of my friends working in the cruise industry today. Thanks for making this information accessible to us all.

  • Jim Walker

    Mark, Fabio, & Suzanne:

    Thanks for your kind comments . . . If you ever want to be a guest blogger on cruise issues, let us know!

    Jim Walker

  • You’ve done a great job with your blog Jim. You’re a role model for others in our legal profession.

    After spending an evening with you in Miami a couple months ago, I knew my decision to start LexBlog to enable good lawyers like you to reach people and be agents of positive change through blogging was the right thing. Continued success and let me know if I can help you on anything, anytime.