For the past three years, I have written several hundreds of pages of stories about the cruise ship cases we have handled.  The cruise lines’ skill, in engaging in an endless number of stunts and cover ups before judges and juries, our U.S. Congress and the American people, never ceases to amaze me. 

I have written these stories with an eye toward incorporating these experiences into a book about cruise ship crime.  We have represented over 70 victims of sexual assault on cruise ships.  Some cruise lines are nasty and other lines are even nastier regarding how they treat the victims.  A central focus of my writing has been the extraordinary steps taken by the cruise lines to keep the public from knowing the truth about what happens on the high seas. 

"Danger On The Love Boat - Cruise Ship Crimes, Disappearances, Cover Ups"®I have released tidbits of these stories as blog articles here on Cruise Law News ("CLN") to see if there is an interest.

So far, I have received a lot of encouragement.  Most recently, I received a nice recommendation via a #FollowFriday recommendation on Twitter from a very talented paralegal, Kristina Duncan, whose Twitter page is @legalninjaKris.  A reader to her blog made the following comment:

Mr. Walker’s series is a compelling presentation of cruising’s nasty underbelly.  It should be read by everyone considering a cruise, so they will be aware of the risks before signing a contract.  It is shocking to see how much support in law cruise operators have in defense of the outrageous behavior Mr. Walker documents.  There is an obvious need for serious legislation to deal with these issues.  I hope Mr. Walker will see his series titles as chapters in a much-needed book exposing cruise operator conduct to the American public.  Thank you for publicizing this informative series.

So with thanks to Ms. Duncan, I’ll admit that a cruise book has been in the works for a while.  I have a commitment from a good publishing house. There are many stories that are not well known, yet.  Like the outrageous circumstances surrounding the "disappearance" of Italian crew member Angelo Faliva (photo above), as well as other equally disturbing crimes not yet revealed to the public.  The task now is to figure out which stories are the most compelling and to turn the manuscript over to the publishing company.  

I will donate 100% of the "profits" (if any) to a non-profit organization involved in cruise safety issues.  If no one buys a copy, I’ll buy a 1,000 myself and pass them out to my friends and family – and then send the other 993 copies to whoever wants one!  

I hear that most publishing companies like to make the decision to name the books they publish.  We’ll see if that happens.  I am struggling with the title.  I am thinking of: "Danger On The Love Boat: Cruise Ship Crimes, Disappearances & Cover Ups."®

The lawyers and support staff at Cruise Law don’t like the title.  What so you think?

Contact me on the "Ask Jim A Question" box to the left, or leave a comment below, or call me at (305) 995-5300 with your thoughts.  I’ll send a couple of free copies to anyone who can think of a good name for the book.




  • Pat Funk

    I’d keep it simple

    Cruise Ship Crimes

    Crimes At Sea

    Crime Aboard The Love Boats

    I followed the Diane Brumble case from the beginning in the SMH. There is no justice in this case.

    I owned a travel agency in Orlando for many years and had a client sue Cunard over a pool accident back in the 80s so I know something of what you write. She eventially settled but her daughter was scarred for life.

    Keep up the good work to get the information out. I came across your blog about a month ago and read every email.

  • Jim Walker

    Janet and Pat:

    Good suggestions.

    Thanks . . .

    Jim Walker

  • Geoff Furlong

    I have read your comments with a great deal of interest. I am a retired Scotland Tard Detective and also a former Security Officer with Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal viking Line.

    I concur with all that you say and I have had the misfortune of dealing with numerous crew and pasengers in all kinds of situations ranging from monor theft to serious assaults and missing persons (overboard or otherwise)

    As a general rule of thumb they cruise ship industry is only interested in looking after it’s own interests and there is almost no interest ion the well being of the passenger or crew.

    I am now a memeber of the International Cruise Victims and doing whatever I can to inprove the dreaful situation that current exists with the cruise industry.


    Geoff Furlong