This morning Kendall Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims organization, appeared on the "Fox and Friends" television show regarding the death of passengers aboard the Louis Majesty cruise ship.  

Ken Carver - International Cruise VictimsMr. Carver raised the issue why the passengers were not warned of the wave conditions before the disaster, based on information gathered from the ship’s radar and ocean buoys.  Waves of this height (around 30 feet) are not considered to be "rogue" waves and are to be reasonably expected on a cyclical basis. 

Mr. Carver also questioned why passengers were sitting in public areas with unsecured items around them near the glass windows when the waves crashed against the ship, and why the Louis Cruise Line officers did not inform the passengers to secure themselves in their cabins.

No Stranger to Disaster

In response to our first article on this incident – Monster Waves Hit Louis Majesty Cruise Ship – a reader, Jose, left an interesting comment:

A coincidence? This ship was owned by the company Louis Cruises whose "Sea Diamond" sank in Santorini on 5th April three years ago; two people also died . . . I was on board the ship when she crashed and sank.

The reader is referring to the sinking of the Sea Diamond cruise ship which struck a reef in Santorini, Greece.  The reef was in a known and well marked location.  The vessel’s hull was ruptured and the cruise ship took on water.  Rather than grounding the vessel in shallow water, the officers thereafter took the vessel into deep water, where it sank. 

1,600 persons were evacuated, but two passengers, a father and daughter, were lost. There was a consensus that the officers engaged in reckless seamanship.  Greek maritime authorities arrested the cruise ship’s Master and five officers and charged them with negligence. 

Photographs of the sinking of the Sea Diamond can be viewed at the web site of Michael Hipler.



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