Local Miami news station WSVN – 7 News ran a story that a record 52,000 cruise passengers sailed to or from from Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) on nine cruise ships today.

The news station reported that "travelers from around the globe arrived at the port to set sail and help break a world record." 

The story reminded me of the diversity of our law firm’s clients and the wide variety of their problems. 

In the past few days, we were contacted by a passenger seriously injured on the Oasis of the Seas’ flow-rider, another passenger who underwent surgery after a glass door shattered, several seriously injured crew members sent back to their home countries without medical treatment, and even a newly-wed couple abandoned at a port when the cruise ship left early without informing them.

The most heartbreaking story comes from a mother whose daughter was sexually abused by a crew member – a problem we have addressed in many prior articles.        

There is no doubt that the cruise industry is a juggernaut – big, rich and growing.  There also is no doubt that there remain fundamental problems on cruise ships – inadequate medical treatment, an indifference to the passengers and crew after they have been injured, and sexual predators who prey on children.






Video         WVSN News 7 Miami