In most cases involving overboard passengers and crew, the cruise line faces criticism that it failed to respond quickly to the emergency.  Cruise lines are often guilty of trying to bamboozle the passengers after-the-fact and act like nothing happened.

So with the recent tragedy of a crew member jumping overboard from Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas, we were expecting the usual criticisms from both passengers and crew that the situation was handled poorly.  But instead, we have received calls and emails that the cruise ship Master - Captain Eric Tengelsen - Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seasresponded rapidly to the crisis.  The officers on the bridge quickly slowed the cruise ship and turned the vessel to begin rescue efforts.  The crew member was back on the cruise ship within 18 – 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, the crew member died notwithstanding the rescue efforts.

The Master of the cruise ship – Eric Tengelsen – was also praised for being informative and sincere with the passengers about what was happening.

Here are some comments we received from passengers aboard the cruise ship:

From Catherine: "The ship’s Captain was very honest and forthcoming coming with all the information."

From Esther:  "The Captain was very thoughtful and straightforward when he announced he was pleased that within 18-20 minutes they were able to rescue the man.  What a great response.  We were all relieved but the next day, heard the Captain announce that the man died after 1 1/2 hours of CPR.  We were so sad but glad that the Captain was honest with us. Our prayers go out to this man’s family."

From Susan: "A heroic effort by the crew.  The event was handled respectfully by the Captain who was honest and forthcoming.  Very sad that he wasn’t able to ask for help.  I was very impressed by the staff from day one to 10."         

The Cruise Critic website has similar comments praising Captain Tengelsen’s handling of this very sad situation.

Condolences to the crew member’s family and loved ones.   



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