According to the cruise community site Cruise Line Fans, a "man overboard" was  reported at 8:00 p.m. last night from Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Seas cruise ship. Here is the account:

"At about 8pm last night the call was heard OSCAR! OSCAR! OSCAR! PORT SIDE!  The ship shook as it slowed done and turned around.  Flashing buoy rings could be seen in the distance.  The rescue boats was quickly launched.  Within 20 minutes CPR was being conducted on a Radiance of the Seas - Crew - Overboardman being brought back onboard."

If this account is accurate, the good news is that the overboard was reported right away and the cruise ship responded quickly.

No one else has published information about this latest cruise overboard.  The news was first released via the Twitter page of @CruiseLine Fans.

Do you have information regarding this latest overboard?  If so, please leave a comment below.


A reader commented below that a crew member jumped, apparently an employee of the art concessionaire. 



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  • Katherine

    I Was on this cruise it is an accurate account of the incident. I felt the engines rumbling to accommodate it was very sad. The ships Captain was very honest and forthcoming coming with all the information. The man was a crew member took his badge off and jumped off. He was back on the ship in 18-20 minutes CPR could not revive him. He jumped from the 12th deck in front of many passengers and children. He was in his mid forties and worked in the ART department. The Art auction was cancelled.

  • Bruce

    This was my x-wife’s cousin a great guy but he had a lot of personal problems,didn’t see him much the last few years but I will always remember him.

  • Esther Loveridge

    It was a sad night when we saw the life rings thrown overboard in the attempt to save a man who jumped from the 12th deck. I didn’t think the ship shuttered as it turned around. It was very smooth. The Captain was very thoughtful and straighforward when he announced he was pleased that within 18-20 minutes they were able to rescue the man. What a great response. We were all relieved but the next day, heard the Captain announce that the man died after 1 1/2 hours of CPR. We were so sad but glad that the Captain was honest with us. Our prayers go out to this man’s family.

  • Susan

    We were on the cruise. The ship did not shudder. We were in the dining room and didn’t even detect the turn around. A heroic effort by the crew. The event was handled respectfully by the Captain who was honest and forthcoming. Very sad that he wasn’t able to ask for help. I was very impressed by the staff from day one to 10.

  • Dave

    I, too, was on the ship on Deck 6 in the rear with the overboard incident occurred. You could feel the ship shutter as it came to a quick stop so the rescue boat could be launched. Quick-thinking crew members and passengers threw lit life rings over to mark the spot where the jump took place. The Captain was very open and honest about the incident the next day at the “Captain’s Corner” Q&A session. Sad incident, but the Radiance of the Seas is an excellent ship with outstanding staff.

  • Cpt. Erik Tengelsen handled the incident in the most professional manner. We were waiting for the second dinner seating about 8:00 pm, when the Capt. spoke in urgent voice “Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, Port Side!” We all did not understand the code, which he explained later the meaning of code Oscar was Man Overboard.

    On the next day, at the Captain’s Corner, he allowed about 10 minutes open questions and answers about the incidents. Further he explained the Radiance of the Seas was traveling at about 20 knots and needed to halt immediately to about 2 knots in order to launch search and rescue. He, then, praised the team from the bridge staffs to the SAR teams that successfully execute the mission in 18 minutes. It was a sad incidents, but yet the crews worked as one team.

  • Jim Walker

    Thanks for your comments. I updated this story:

    “Master of Radiance of the Seas Praised for Rapid Response to Crew Overboard”

  • Joyce Brantner

    We were in our stateroom when we heard the Oscar port side call go out. We went immediately onto our balcony with our binoculars and birding scope. The sun was just setting. We could see a blinking light on a bouy ring and smoke from a flare that had been thrown out. Two more bouy rings were then thrown and trailed behind. The crew began lowering a speedboat for rescue. The ship began turning immediately and then came about going directly toward the first blinking light. The rescue boat followed the trail of blinking lights to the area where the person jumped. I was amazed at the speed at which a ship that size could turn around in an emergency. In 18-20 minutes they had found him and we saw their CPR efforts as they passed by our balcony. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s well trained efforts, he did not survive.

  • Jeannie McNicholas

    I would like to set the story straight about the tragic incident that happened on the ship Radiance of the Seas.

    On the night in question my husband and I and our two friends travelling with us were on Deck 12 standing outside the lifts talking. No one else was around. Outside the deck was deserted. It was extremely windy and many people were enjoying the formal night in the Cascades Dining Room.

    As we stood there two men appeared, a young man and an older man. They had their backs to us, but it was obvious the younger man was angry and was shouting. The younger man strode out and disappeared. The older man rushed past us out onto the deck. We stood there watching him as he rushed to the side, putting his head down on his arms, then putting his hand into his pockets and laying something down on the deck. It was obvious he was distressed. My husband went out first and walked towards the man calling out to him. The rest of us came out and also walked towards the man. Suddenly he was up on the rail and jumped. My husband looked over the rail and the man was caught by his sleeve on something protruding, but he broke free and was gone. Immediately my husband went to the rail overlooking the pool and shouted ‘MAN OVERBOARD, MAN OVERBOARD’ SEVERAL TIMES. Another man came out and grabbed a life belt and threw it overboard. My friend’s husband rushed down to the Windjammers Café on Deck 11 and alerted one of the staff who advised someone by telephone.

    Staff came running from everywhere as the message ‘OSCAR, OSCAR, OSCAR PORTSIDE’ came over the tannoy. The rest is history, the life boat was launched and they found the man within 30 minutes.
    The Captain made the announcement to the passengers.

    I can assure you we were the only people on that deck when the man jumped, there were no children there.

    We were all in a state of shock, we are all in our 60’s and 70’s and it really upset all of us, particularly my husband who thought he might have been able to stop him.

    I made a written statement at Reception.

    The next day we were interviewed by two security men. We were told the man was a member of the crew and 46 years old and Canadian. We heard one man on Deck 5 saw the body come past as he looked out the window. We were offered counselling.

    Before we left the ship at San Diego, we all gave separate statements to a FBI man.

    When we reached home in London, we received a further phone call offering counselling or help if we needed it.

  • shirley miklik

    Why lie about there being no children/no other people on deck 12 when that crew member jumped? My 13 year old granddaughter saw all of it happen and she was with some other children.

  • Jim Walker

    People – stay calm. Two people can see exactly the same traumatic event and see things a bit differently.

  • Jeannie McNicholas

    Why lie indeed Shirley? Why would anyone want or need to lie about such a tragic event? It’s not a competition!

    Maybe I should have said we were not AWARE of any other people OUTSIDE on Deck 12. Maybe your granddaughter was inside on Deck 12.

    I just hope your granddaughter isn’t having nightmares like we are.

  • Sabina

    I was on this cruise. Heard the Oscar call and then on the 4th deck saw an employee throw over the life ring. Unbelievable set of events, that quickly happened right in front of our eyes, especially with the quick launch of the life boat. I respect the crew and their wonderful work. Thanks to Captain Erik for his tact and information throughout this event.

  • Laura Kenyon

    I was the girl who saw this and FYI I was alone and out side on deck 12. I heard that man say “man overboard”. I ran to guest relations. Please next time tell the truth

  • W.R. Evans

    Laura, you’re a jerk. Is deck 12 big enough that you can see everybody on it? Perhaps you got your deck wrong. You said you were alone-perhaps the others did not see you. I hope you’re having nightmares, you deserve to.

    And Shirley, you’re a jerk too. You weren’t even there.

  • kitcat

    I was a crew member on that cruise,I remember that night like it was yesterday.6 years later I still remember the atmosphere amongst all crew members knowing one of our own had just taken his life and we still had to work and carry on like usual,by far the toughest cruise of my contract. I do know that Joyce is telling the truth about her husband trying to grab the crew member and deck 12 is large so it doesn’t matter if she didn’t see anyone else around it was a traumatic event and she and her husband and friends were in shock.10 people can be at the same place and time and each person will witness something different.