An Israeli business newspaper Globes Online reports on an unusual defense asserted by a Microsoft distributor in litigation pending against it by Microsoft in a business lawsuit pending in Israel. 

Microsoft - 1978 - Party Animals?Microsoft sued one of its distributors, EIM Computerized Technologies Ltd. (EIM), in Tel Aviv after its business relationship with EIM soured.  Microsoft claimed that EIM’s refusal to participate in certain unnamed "activities" during a cruise resulted in "displeasure by Microsoft."

EIM recently clarified matters by alleging that its relationship with Microsoft broke down because EIM’s employees refused to participate in "sex and drug orgies" on a cruise organized by Microsoft for its Israeli and Turkish distributors.  

And I always underestimated these nerds!

The online IT magazine Channel and Register also covered the story, characterizing the offer of "women for sex on a cruise ship" as an extreme "sales incentive."

We previously wrote about the combination of selling sex and cruises in a prior article "Marketing "Sex at Sea" on Cruise Ships."

The question everyone is wondering: which cruise line was involved?  If you know, please let us know!



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