Chiara Faliva - Sister of Angelo Favila - Coral Princess - Princess CruisesThe Faliva family has expressed their frustration with Princess Cruises’ lack of information, the attitude of the cruise ship’s captain, and the cruise line’s delay in cooperating with investigators following the "disappearance" of Angelo Faliva from the Coral Princess cruise ship on November 25th.

The Italian newspaper Gialli quotes Mr. Faliva’s sister, Chiara Faliva, questioning how a cruise ship filled with video surveillance cameras and other crew members can claim that is has no information regarding the disappearance of her brother.  With a December 30th headline of . . .

Mio Fratello è Stato Ucciso? Vogliamo la Verità!- "Was My Brother Killed?  We want the Truth!" 

. . . the newspaper raises issues whether Princess Cruises is withholding information from the Faliva family, investigators, and the public.  

The newspaper article includes a letter from 23 year old Ms. Faliva, the youngest sister of Angelo Faliva, who states that she is united in pain with her family and nearly a thousand friends on FaceBook.

Angelo Falavi - Missing - Chef - Coral Princess - Coral Princess

Ms. Faliva’s heart-felt public plea for help raises concerns and questions regarding the cruise line’s handling of the disappearance:

Mr. Faliva was happy on the cruise ship and enjoyed the ports of call. Just three days before vanishing, he expressed his intention of returning to work for another contract on the cruise ship. The Faliva family completely rejects the notion that he may have committed suicide – which is a PR tactic many cruise lines engage in.  We have written about some cruise lines like Holland America Lines (which, like Princess, is owned by Carnival) quickly concluding that the missing person committed suicide –  "Suicide" – One of the Cruise Lines’ Favorite Excuses for Disappearances at Sea.

Coral Princess - Princess CruisesMr. Faliva apparently spoke with some passengers in the Sabatini restaurant on the cruise ship, and then left his station around 8:15 p.m.  Yet, the cruise line delayed over 12 hours reporting him missing.  This delayed the search conducted by the Colombian Navy until the afternoon of the following day. 

Why the delay?  How can a crew member who leaves work not be noticed by a supervisor or his fellow employees?

Where were the video cameras positioned?  What are the infrared capabilities?  How can a person "disappear" without any of the 950 other crew members and 2,500 passengers seeing or hearing anything on a cruise ship which is alive 24 hours day?

Why did Princess Cruises delay sending the videotapes to the investigators in Bermuda for almost a month?  Why were these tapes not preserved immediately and seized by the investigators in November?

Who are the passengers in the restaurant who spoke to Mr. Faliva?  And what do they know?

Angelo Falavi - Cruise Chef - Coral Princess - Princess Cruises Mr. Faliva apparently had a prior incident of some type with another crewmember, who is identified as a "Filipino sous chef."  Who is he?  Has he been interviewed by the investigators?

Why was the Master of the Coral Princess insensitive to Ms. Faliva after she traveled from Italy to Los Angeles for answers?  Why did he complain that his name appeared in newspapers in Italy?  And why would he spare only 30 minutes of his time and act cold toward her?

Ms. Faliva’s letter raises three chilling scenarios:  Did someone kill Mr. Faliva and throw him into the sea?  Did he escape from attackers by jumping overboard, hoping to survive the fall?  The family also raised the ghastly scenario – did someone wanting him to vanish place him into one of the two incinerators located on decks 1 and 2?

This family is approaching 40 days since they learned their son and brother vanished into nothing.  They have just that, nothing, from the cruise line so far.   

Ms. Faliva expresses her family’s desire not to lose hope – but not at the expenses of not knowing the truth.  They are displeased – and so should the public reading this story.

For those passengers and crew members on the Coral Princess during this cruise who may know something – speak out, contact the family, the FBI, and the newspapers in Italy covering this important story. 

 Don’t let this case be another unexplained mystery.




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Photograph of Mr. Faliva in the galley       Italian newspaper Gialli

Coral Princess cruise ship      Brad Graverson / Staff Photographer of the

Mr. Faliva