The Daily Breeze newspaper reports that three ambulances and about 20 paramedics and rescue personnel were sent to a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the Port of Los Angeles yesterday to treat three passengers with serious injuries and medical complications.  This is an unusual story, given the large number of emergency response personnel involved.

Mariner of the SeasThe injuries occurred aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, which arrived back in port yesterday. 

One passenger was a pregnant woman suffering possible complications and two passengers who had slipped and fallen on the ship. 

Two of the passengers were in the ship’s infirmary when Los Angeles fire paramedics arrived. The other was in a state room on board. The paramedics transported the passengers to San Pedro Peninsula Hospital. 

A spokesperson described the injuries as "serious." While the spokesperson would not say what caused the injuries, he said they were unrelated.


Photo credit     Jane Engle / LA Times