The Tribune newspaper in the Bahamas reports that two men wielding shotguns robbed 18 cruise passengers who were on cruise sponsored eco-tours on Saturday. 

The passengers were from cruise ships operated by Disney and Royal Caribbean cruise lines.  They were part of two groups touring the "Earth Village," which is a preserve. 

The Nassau Guardian also reported on the brazen robbery and other robberies this past weekend in Nassau in an article "Multiple Tourist Robberies."

This was not a random excursion but was advertised and sold by the cruise lines and was in association Segway Excursion - Earth Village - Bahamas - Royal Caribbean - Disney Cruise  with a governmental organization called the Bahamas Association for Social Health’s (BASH). 

The excursion was a "Segway excursion" where passengers would use the two wheel "Segways" into the 162 acre natural preserve. One of the robbers fired his weapon during the robbery and passengers were physically battered.

We have reported on other crimes in the Bahamas in a prior blog entitled: "Eleven Cruise Passengers Robbed in Nassau." 

Cruise lines have a legal duty to use reasonable care toward their cruise passengers and to warn them of dangers in the ports of call where they frequent, particularly when they promote and sell the excursions.  

We also recently blogged about a Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger Murdered in Guatemala during a private tour.

Below is an interview of the one of the cruise passengers robbed during the "Segway Tour," by Bob Arno who was on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship:



Segway Tours – Bahamas

Video – Thiefhunters in Paradise (Bob Arno interview)

  • owl

    How come our local newspapers are not running this story. Is it because the cruise ship companies are mighter than the sword???
    This is disgusting and we should know about it and share it with our friends and family members

  • Neiceeb

    Darn, I am just reading about this after hearing about the young teen murdered in St. Thomas this week. And this was a cruise sponsored tour. I am so disappointed in how the Bahamas police handled the police report and how vunerable we really are when we walk off these ships. Time to reevaluate cruisin’! Really pissed off in Maryland!

  • Janett

    Thugs target cruise guests because in most parts of the island you can only pay with cash, credit cards are not accepted and policy needs to change. Guests should be able to pay for things with credit cards!

  • Pat

    No matter how cheap a cruise is in the future, I will NEVER go back to the Bahamas after I found this article. Who in their right mind would? On top of it, this was a ship-sponsored tour, which I would expect to have been a safe one. What is the world coming to?

  • Don Sayman

    We just got off a Disney cruise in Nassau, BA 4/10/13
    Disney published a WARNING on the front page
    of the daily paper. If you are forwarned
    it is not the cruise lines fault. we hope all
    have enough sense to look out for their own A**es
    these new ships ore so nice WHY get off?
    to all be careful, then sue!!!! D