Dianne Brimble cruise death trial - Mark Wilhelm ABC News reports that an Australian jury in the trial of cruise passenger Mark Wilhelm, accused of killing Dianne Brimble aboard a P & O cruise ship, has reached an unanimous verdict on one of two charges.

The prosecution charged defendant Wilhelm with manslaughter and "supplying a prohibited drug" (the date rape drug, GHB).

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It is conceivable that the jury all agreed that Wilhelm gave Ms. Brimble the date rape drug, but they cannot unanimously agree on the homicide charge.  The newspaper reports that the judge could accept a verdict of 11 – 1.  The seven woman – five man jury will continue to deliberate tomorrow. 

Ms. Brimble’s former husband, Mark Brimble, heads the Australian chapter of the International Cruise Victims organization

For a reminder of the circumstances leading to Ms. Brimble’s death, here is a video of the heavy partying aboard the P & O Cruises cruise ship:




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Photo of Mark Wilhelm    The Daily Telegraph