The lawyers at Cruise Law are going on vacation for a few days.  So you will not see the usual daily blogs about all of the cruise ship monkey business.

And, no, we are not going on a cruise.

But feel free to email me – yes I still work even on vacations:

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From time to time, I’ll include a “personal story” in Cruise Law News, like this one.

This year my younger son, John, a 7th grader tried out for the 7th and 8th grade lacrosse teams at his school Gulliver Academy.  He had never played lacrosse before.  Quite frankly, I don ‘t think he had ever

It finally happened.  After 8 years, my Blackberry finally died.  Not a natural death mind you, but due to my negligence in leaving it on a lawn chair Friday evening after I enjoyed a glass of wine with my spouse. 

Our sprinkler timer kicked on Saturday morning and, after a 20 minute water cycle, my friend was soaked to

Good things happen in three’s.  That’s what my Mom told me a long time a long time ago.  And so today, I affirm that lesson I learned as a child with the following three stories which warm my heart:

Life’s a Cruise for Cancer Survivor, Lyn Burdon

Lyn Burdon - Life's A Cruise - Cancer SurvivorCancer is a bitch.  Anyone who has lost a family member, spouse, or friend knows what

I moved to New Orleans in 1980 to attend law school at Tulane.  I lived in an apartment 10 blocks from campus in the bottom of a two story shotgun house on Freret Street in Uptown.  A witch lived Dixie Beerabove me and insisted that she hang bird feathers over the transom of my front door.

Yes, New Orleans was a weird place, full of

Miami - Wake Forest - BasketballI receive a lot of emails to the effect that I should write fewer articles about the cruise industry’s latest shenanigans and more about “personal stuff.”

O.K. – always happy to oblige.

Tonight I went with the boys to the University of Miami to watch the UM play Wake Forest – ACC basketball big time. 

Park City - SnowFor those of you who read my blog, you know that I have  taken a sabbatical away from Cruise Law News since December 19th.

Ten days without a single blog. A record!

After 100 articles in a little over three months, I needed a break.  My readers probably did too.

My other excuse is that