This weekend was the ten year anniversary of this blog. The first day of publishing Cruise Law News was September 15, 2009.

Over the last decade, I’ve published 3,075 articles about cruise ship related issues.  An average of over two million people read around seven million pages of Cruise Law News a year.  It is the most widely read legal blog in the world published by a full time lawyer, with an Alexa ranking of 110,000.

My blog led to the Cruise Law twitter feed, @CruiseLaw, which we started in February of 2012. Later, we began our popular Facebook page in December of 2012.

There are currently 266,432 subscribers to this blog and/or people who follow Cruise Law on Twitter or follow us on our Facebook page.

The motto of this blog is “everything cruise lines don’t want you to know.” Like cruise lines overworking and underpaying crew members while avoiding taxes and U.S. wage and labor laws.  Like cruise ships throwing bags filled with oily rags overboard or crew members being instructed to hide dirty pots and pans and trollies full of food in the crew member cabins and hallways. I write about issues which cruise lines and travel agents prefer that the public not know about.

If your prefer looking at glossy photographs of romatic trips to the Caribbean or reading puff pieces about dream cruise vacations, Cruise Law News is not for you.

Thank you for reading Cruise Law News and following us on Twitter and Facebook! I remember the first article which I wrote a decade ago which was read by less than 100 people.  I owe the success of this blog to the readers that have supported me over these many years.

We depend on crew members and the cruising public to send us information regarding what is really going on.  If you have news about unsafe conditions facing passengers and crew members or other issues of concern to you, like cruise ship pollution, we’d like to hear from you. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we keep all sources of information confidential and anonymous.

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