Carnival Vista Several passenger who disembarked from the Carnival Vista today stated that there was a suspicious death on the cruise ship near the end of the eight day cruise leaving from and returning to Miami.

One of the passengers stated that yesterday (Saturday) there was an announcement over the ship’s intercom where a passenger’s name (which I will keep anonymous) was repeatedly paged to report to guest services. The ship was approximately 20 miles from Cuba at the time. 

"I just debarked from Carnival Vista. There was a death on the 6th floor and they kept someone inside their cabin with security not allowing them to leave the room . . . There was a man with a black jacket that said “Security” sitting outside of the door with a walkie talkie and a clip board with a pen."   

The passenger sent me a number of photos and videos which she took of the of the cabin door sealed with a sign which stated: "DO NOT ENTER This is a secured area and can only be entered with authorization by the Captain or Staff Captain"

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Photo credit: Passenger Carnival Vista passenger (anonymous) 

  • Tracy

    That sign was there the second day of the cruise and on. The first night they had an emergency call to the room on the intercom and the sign was there after that.

  • John Doe

    Sounds like whoever is behinds door number one
    did a big No No!!!!!

  • Mary

    This doesn’t sound accurate. If they had a passenger arrested, they would have put him/her in the brig not kept in the cabin.

  • Teasha Conner

    That is so sad I’ve cruised with Carnival twice supposed to do a 3rd in July but can’t do grad school prep. I don’t understand people’s motives that come on the ships. I hope this person perished from natural causes.

  • Roger Tobias

    We debarked the Vista on April 7. Unless there is foul play, considering the number of passengers on these floating hotels, I’m surprised this is news. Makes me think it is a crime scene. . .otherwise I would think they would empty the cabin in the wee hours and move the body to the morgue cooler.

  • nancy

    my son was boarding early yesterday n saw two people arrested by police n being take in handcuffs. wonder if it was related.

  • nancy

    my son was boarding early yesterday n saw two people arrested by police n being take in handcuffs. wonder if it was related.

  • Jim N

    Had the same thing on Carnival Magic in December

  • Jim N

    Had the same thing on Carnival Magic in December

  • Kylee

    Who ever did that to my friends parent is crazy.

  • ashley

    I was on the Carnival Liberty April 5th sailing and starting at around 6pm on April 7th (the last night) they had a security guard sitting in the stateroom’s doorway (next door to me) all night. In the morning when it was time to debark they were still guarding it. Any idea what this could be? I can’t find anything in the news.

  • Travis

    The call for emergency workers was on the 2nd night which was the first full day at see . It
    happened past 10 PM I was in the room down the hall there was a security person that let me enter my room but past that no. His wife I’m guessing was in shock as most people in that situation would. There was that sign put up after I went to bed . If someone did get arrested I never saw it or heard of anything happening like that. Hope it wasn’t suspicious it was kinda weird but that type of thing can happen at any time and that’s what I put it to. Anything I hope the family got to grieve.

  • Kevin Chen

    The two people arrested was probably not related, I was on the 8 day cruise and what I heard was that the two people arrested were probably ones that had an altercation with each other and also I heard that those people were drunk and ended peeing everywhere on a women’s restroom during the quest show

  • Larry Davis

    There was an emergency medical request heard in every cabin at 2am the 1st full day at sea.

  • cj

    I was in cabin 6374 and i think at 2:36 they were calling for a doctor and medical support and the next morning i went to the cabin 6288 and the sign was there it shook me and i asked a friend what happen and he said he asked on of the ship co captains and the co captain said he had a heart attack and not to tell anyone or else he would get into trouble but he told me so im telling all you.

  • Frank astorga

    Leaving the ship was very disorganized. I lost a back support on the ship. I haven’t heard anything about it. If I travel on a cruise again I would probably go on noriengen cruise line

  • Susan Erickson

    On the Carnival Magic in December, a woman passed away from a heart attack.

  • Frank astorga

    I previously stated that my recent statement about how unorganized it was when we left the ship. Our cruise was from March 10 to March 18. My wife is disabled and I asked if we can be helped. And the people said no. You must wait in line and too bad. Very poor customer service. Like I stated I am thinking of going back on Norwegian. Thank you

  • MrsG

    When someone passes away on the ship in their stateroom, that sign must be put up until the Coast Guard comes on the ship and confirms it was natural causes. Until then, no one is allowed to enter the room to disturb any evidence if it is found to not be natural causes.