Roatan Pier MAC ArmoniaThe MSC Armonia crashed into the dock in Roatan, Honduras today, according to videos which were posted on Youtube. The MSC cruise ship is shown coming into the port at a higher than normal rate of speed. In addition to the vesel damage, there was significant damage to the pier.

There are several videos of the incident.

Some of the videos show damage to the ship along the forward, port side of the ship.

I first saw the video on the popular gCaptain site.

The incident is reminiscent of an incident in Alaska when the Celebrity Infinity struck a wharf in Ketchikan two years ago.

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Video credit: Nessy Warren; photo – La Prensa


  • Suzanne

    Wow. How in the hell? That was insane.

  • lloyd allen

    im on the boat at the moment and the speed it came in was way too fast.just before the crash a guy came over the tannoy screaming something over and over.were stayimg in room 9003 which is just below bridge so we had a front row reluctant to carey on as last night was a terrible rougb ride and now this basic area give s me no confidence.

  • Danny Scotti

    Seems to me more like a mechanical issue don’t think an operator error if you look up forward they have Deployed the port anchor. Seem to me it’s a controlled crash.

  • Scott Laird

    I agree with Danny.. The Port Anchor was deployed which does indicate something possibly mechanical occurred. We are so quick to jump to conclusions without understanding the facts first.

  • Dare

    Spaghetti drivers🤪🔫

  • Bryan

    The guy yelling in Spanish is saying, everyone get out of the kitchen. Where is this kitchen lol!

  • Joun

    I think the guy is referring to
    The kitchen of the resturant. It almost looked like the ship was going to impact the rear of the resto lol

  • Tristan Hydes

    Hope it was a mechanical/technical issue why the ship didn’t slow. Other Videos show BOTH Anchors were deployed and the bow thrusters were maxed out, which supports that hypothesis.
    Ironically, and this does show some overall crew error/inexperience though, is if they had only deployed the Starboard Anchor and maxed out the bow thrusters it would have help “swing” or deflect the ship from the pier. They really just tried an all out stop which was kinda impractical at that speed.
    But that’s hindsight…and a split sec decision that most Captains would have done it that way. Pity…

  • Max Bellido Alfaro

    Looks like Speed 2 movie

  • Sean

    It would be interesting to know what kinda of training the bridge and engine teams have received in the last 2 years. Is everyone current with their Bridge Resource Managment 1 & 2 training as well as their ship stability training. I mean while no one was injured in this incident luckily, someone could’ve have been.

  • Russ

    Suppose to arrive in Roatan Monday on NCL Jade. Anyone know if NCL will have to skip that port?

  • Bryan

    The guy yelling in Spanish is saying, everyone get out of the kitchen. Where is this kitchen lol!

  • Koduleht


  • David

    We were on the RCCL Liberty of the Seas and scheduled to Roatan the day after the MSC crash. We could not go to Roatan because of the pier damage. How can I find out if it was human error and mechanical. If human, I would like MSC to pay for part of my missed vacation experience due to their ruining the pier.

  • Ricardo Maduro

    Article about the accident said both achors were deployed just before the accident .. so maybe it was command error.

  • Steve

    At this stage of the docking, was the pilot from Roatan or the captain handeling the ship?