The delivery of Carnival’s newest cruise ship, the Carnival Horizon, which is currently in dry dock in Italy, is at risk of being delayed due to concerns that the water in the surrounding basin has been polluted during the painting of the ship’s hull.

The Carnival cruise ship is currently in dry dock in the Italian port of Monfalcone for the third time because of a problem with the application with the paint on the ship’s hull.

Carnival Horizon Monfalcone ItalyCarnival and the ship builder do not want this information leaked to the international press.

The Carnival Horizon just arrived in Monfalcone from the ship builder Fincantieri’s shipyard in Marghera on March 14th for its hull to be prepared for painting. An article in the Italian newspaper Il Piccolo reports that paint fragments from the Carnival Horizon ended up in the basin surrounding the dry-docked Carnival ship.

The Il Piccolo article mentions the concerns of a “polluting event at sea.” Painting operations have been suspended as of the date of the article.  The Harbor Master ‘s Office and the Public Prosecutor ‘s Office have obtained samplings of the contaminated waters. The Harbor Office also reportedly arranged for the positioning of absorbing panels to prevent further water pollution.

The Horizon was originally scheduled to go to a dry dock in Cadiz, Spain in preparation for its inaugural cruise from Barcelona on April 2, 2018; however, Carnival elected not to accept the responsibility and liability by accepting the cruise ship which was leaching paint particles.

The ship builder, Fincantieri, previously moved a ship in construction out of its dry dock to make space for the Horizon and therefore ended up polluting it’s own waters.

The shipyard touts that the silicone painting coating is a “more environmentally friendly process,” which seems belied by the news from Italy.

In the last year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has been requested to investigate the use of certain silicone-based foul release systems and other hull coatings.

The Carnival Horizon is a sister ship to the Carnival Vista and is the largest ship which Fincantieri has ever built for the Carnival Cruise Line’s fleet. It has a gross tonnage of 133,500 tons and is 323 meters long.

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March 19, 2018 Update: Master mariner, Andrea Romanin, tweets the following today: Carnival Horizon is under repainting in Monfalcone’s shipyard because the full coating of the hull and final touches up carried out in Palermo were a total failure (all peeling….🙈). Amazing….What about paint surveyors? ☹️

Photo credit: Katia Bonaventura via Il Piccolo.

  • John Vasky

    Does anyone know if carnival horizon will sail on time? If not what happens to previously booked customers cruises, airline flights, and Hotel stays? Does carnival cover customers expenses?

  • steven puoma

    id like to know if the ship is going to sail im on the april 29 2018 this is crazy how hard is it to paint a hull

  • simple sailor

    Coating a hull with paint is easy. Ensuring the coat cures properly due to humidity and other meteorological conditions less so. In this case doing the job in an environmentally acceptable manner might also be an issue.

  • Jason charles

    Hi to the last person who posted, how long does this process take in your opinion will the work be completed for the 02nd in your view?

    I do find it crazy that a ship that has some sea trials for a year is only now fixing this issue, surely would it not make sense to apply the coating which Carnival vista has where there has been no issues!

  • steven puoma

    just spoke to carnival they said if you didnt book your air fare or hotel they will not remburse you as of now the cruise is still scheduled to sail they said if not you’ll receive an email

  • Jason charlzz

    Ps Jim thanks for the update today if you get anymore please post as it’s very informative