Carnival TriumphThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally published the report of its sanitation inspection for the Carnival Triumph.  As you can read in the official report posted on the CDC website, the Carnival cruise ship received a failing score of 78. During its November 11, 2017 inspection, USPH inspectors numerous "heavily soiled" food preparation and storage surfaces among other shortcomings in the ship’s food service areas. 

A score of 85 or lower is considered a failure. 

Over six weeks ago, the popular Crew Center reported that the "Carnival Triumph failed to pass the recent USPH Inspection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Inspectors boarded the vessel on November 11, at the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, and found multiple violations.  (The) CDC has not yet released an official report on their website, however, several crew members have reported that the final USPH score was 78."

The Triumph has still not filed a corrective actions report with the CDC. 

Earlier this month, we received a similar tip from Carnival crew members after on the Carnival Breeze, failed a USPH inspection in Galveston. According to these crew members, the USPH gave the ship a failing score of only 77. However, as was the case with the Triumph, the CDC did not disclose that the Breeze received a failed score nor did it publish the inspection report.  

We have received similar tips over the years from cruise ship employees, including from crew members on the Silver Shadow where crew members were instructed to hide food, dirty pots & pans and cooking equipment from U.S. health inspectors. The Silversea cruise ship eventually received a failing score of 82. CNN aired a special on the story.

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  • Andy Smithers

    Is this mandated by law to release the failing inspections to ensure public safety and our ability to make decisions based on vital data?

  • David Wharton

    Where can members of the public access information regarding results of cruise ships inspections? Also, not just cruises out of USA ports? Any information would be appreciated.

  • David – you can review the sanitation scores at this link:

  • Brent York

    Other cruise lines/ships have failed or gotten close recently. ie.

    Adventure of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 10/17/2015 84
    Anthem of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 6/25/2016 86
    Enchantment of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 8/23/2013 86
    Empress of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 06/03/2016 80
    Freedom of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 4/9/2017 86
    Freedom of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 11/23/2014 86
    Oasis of the Seas Royal Caribbean International 5/7/2017 87


    Personally it concerns me, as I’m aware of what goes in any food establishment, as I’ve noticed all kinds of unsanitary things in both land and sea (of many cruise lines) based restaurants, but I wish the cruise lines would do a better job making sure sanitation is a priority. The only way that’s going to happen is to flash the scores in the public’s eyes, as they aren’t going to look them up otherwise.

    However for the average person, it doesn’t seem to bother them. If you check the health inspection scores for your local Asian restaurant, they’re often bad, but most people don’t bother to look it up and don’t care.

  • Tammy Blevins

    We have been on 7 carnival ships and we went on the triumph last week. We had to call and tell staff our commode water in the bowl was leaking out dry. So you had to flush commode before using. Nothing was ever done about it. The last night we were on the ship our carpet got pretty wet on the outside of the bathroom we had to put towels down to walk on. The worst cruise ship I have ever taken. Even employees were not even very friendly
    . Our room number was 1246.

  • Matthew

    I am not surprised about the findings. I went on the Carnival Magic in October when they started their new deli program which is pre made sandwiches which included lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches and meatball sandwiches sitting out in the open air behind the hot buffet. We raised our concern to the staff and they claimed the sandwiches could sit out for 4 hours before being rotated and was compliant with US code. I’m not so sure about that.