Carnival BreezeAccording to crew members on the Carnival Breeze, the Carnival cruise ship was in Galveston Sunday  when the United States Public Health (USPH) came aboard the ship for a semi-annual sanitation inspection. According to these crew members, the USPH gave a failing score of only 77, although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  has not published its official report yet. 

A score of 85 or lower is a failing grade, according to the CDC.

The low score is highly unusual for this ship, which received scores of 97, 100, 98, 100 and 97 on the last five USPH inspections over the last several years. The Breeze has not received a score less than 90 since it came in service in 2012. 

But the low score of a Carnival ship is not unprecedented. A month ago, the popular Crew Center reported that the "Carnival Triumph failed to pass the recent USPH Inspection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Inspectors boarded the vessel on November 11, at the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, and found multiple violations. CDC has not yet released an official report on their website, however, several crew members have reported that the final USPH score was 78." The CDC has still not published its report on the alleged failed USPH inspection.

This is not the first time that we have received a tip from a crew member of a cruise ship with a failed USPH score. In 2013, crew members on the Silver Shadow hid food, dirty pots & pans and cooking equipment from U.S. health inspectors. The Silversea cruise ship eventually received a failing score of 82. CNN aired a special on the story.

Stay tuned for the official reports.

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Photo Credit: Whiskey5jda – BY 3.0, commons / wikimedia. 

  • Joe Bloe

    If the official report hasn’t been published, this shouldn’t be published.

  • Janet

    I was on the October 8 2017 cruise. Our room was filthy. We had to change rooms. I have pictures to prove it. Throw up on the curtain by the window and bed. The sheets had not been changed. It made me sick. Also our room was hazardous. The concrete at the end of bed was sunken it. It was cracked underneath the carpet. I had friends in another cabin that had blood on her sheets. I also heard this from others on this cruise how dirty their room was.

  • This should be published because many are sick, including my husband and me.

  • This needs to be published! I want to know why I was sick!

  • Jane Doe

    It’s true. Carnival has cut its manning and it’s too overwhelming for the staff to do their jobs properly and effectively. The jobs were already hard. Now they are insane. Folks working round the clock with 8 hours off to squeeze in sleep, meals, personal hygiene, and laundry. It’s a slave ship. No raises. Everyone doing double duties at the same low pay. This is the reason for customer service issues and CDC failed inspections.

  • Diana Oxford

    I was on the December 3 2017 sailing of Carnival Breeze and 2nd day in a 7 night cruise and got extremely ill. Out of about 30 cruises I’ve never been sick! I waited until I got home and had to go to urgent care and I have pneumonia. Our cabin was not the cleanest and I asked for another blanket due to being ill and it was not clean and had a horrid smell. We are platinum with Carnival and now rethinking going on them again since we’ve been on other lines.