Today, the Trump administration announced new regulations restricting travel to Cuba. 

According to the Miami Herald, U.S. citizens will be banned from engaging in business with entities tied to the Cuban military, intelligence and security services, including hotels, stores, marinas, tourist agencies, and industries tied to the Cuban government. 

The regulations, however, do not restrict cruise lines operating to Cuba as they are currently doing.

Cruise CubaThe Herald writes that President Trump’s new travel restrictions were drafted with input from Miami anti-Castro Republicans, Representative Mario Diaz-Balart and Senator Marco Rubio, who previously opposed cruise ships going to Cuba.

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Photo credit: ALEXANDRE MENEGHINI / REUTERS via NY Daily News.

  • Cindy Thompson

    What difference does any of this make. Americans are flying to Russia for business & pleasure. We go to extreme socialistic countries like Spain, Greece, Venezuela, etc, without comment. Is our GOP so fragile & Pres. Trump so childish that he won’t allow what Obama did to become real to a country of warm & kind people? I wish this stupidity between Republicans & Democrats would just stop. We cannot survive in a nation run by a juvenile government.