Richard Fain  RCL Royal Caribbean CEO Richard D. Fain’s reportedly collected total compensation last year in the amount of $10,400,000 (million) compared to his total compensation in 2015 of $9,400,000 (million), according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CEO Fain recently sold 20,000 shares of  Royal Caribbean stock.  The RCL stock was sold at an average price of $94.92, for a total transaction of $1,898,400.00. Following the transaction, Mr. Fain now owns 1,027,741 shares in the company, valued at approximately $97,553,175.72. He also indirectly owns another 426,912 shares of RCL stock, for  the benefit of certain family members, worth over $40,230,479.

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  • Owen

    Incidentally Jim how much are you worth???

  • dpe

    So what? A waiter from a third-world country who works on one of his ships makes a fortune (compared to many of his fellow countrymen), and retires early.

    Mr Fain has done a great job running his company, and is justly rewarded.

    I am sure you don’t work for free.

  • Anonymous

    So that’s where my pay cut went to. Nice…smh

  • Jane

    Wow @Owen. Is that you Richard Fain??

    I doubt Jim works for free but I highly doubt his pay for the last year was over $10Mil.
    That is CRAZY stupid money and in no way compensation for his job. But how do I get that job!!?? lol

  • ConsumerRep

    That’s chump change. Bill Gates is predicted to become the first TRILLIONAIRE in about 25 years.

  • John Goldsmith

    While I cringe at the salaries of folks like Richard Fain, I have to admire their negotiating skills in securing the perks and benefits they get. If the Parent Company is willing to pay that.. then I’m sure that the CEO has to hit certain objective to secure his bonus.