The Anthem of the Seas is experiencing propulsion problems, necessitating a slight alteration in its current itinerary according to the popular RCL Blog. The ship will remain in Nassau, for two days, where repairs will be attempted to correct the problem.  

The propulsion problem issue is reportedly due to an electrical issue in one of the pod systems.  The Anthem has been cruising at reduced speed on this voyage. AIS systems show it sailing between 15 and 17 knots. 

Last February, the Anthem of the Seas encountered a large storm after leaving Bayonne, New Jersey. The Coast Guard announced that one of the vessel’s two azipods malfunctioned during the storm and that the Anthem returned to port in New Jersey with only one propulsion unit operating. The Coast Anthem of the Seas Guard stated that "during the storm the port azipod, which is one component of the vessel’s propulsion system, burned out all four clutches." Royal Caribbean, which initially denied any damage or injury to the ship or the passengers and then claimed that the only damage to the ship was cosmetic, was forced to try and quickly replace the clutches on the storm damaged azipod before the ship’s next cruise. The cruise line also decided the starboard azipod ‘s clutch also needed to be replaced "as a precaution," raising the possibility that it also sustained damage during the storm.

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Photo credit: El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video – El Crucero Anthem of The Seas en el muelle de Santa Catalina de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria., CC BY-SA 2.0, commons / wikimedia. 

  • Kath

    I’m due to sail on the Anthem in mid-August, I sincerely hope that all the problems have been
    fixed by then so as not to interfere with our scheduled ports.

  • Dr. Steve T. Raney

    It seems that this propulsion system has had problems for years. I know I have been on the NCL STAR before in 2015 when the STAR experienced the problem. And then earlier this year, 2017, the NCL STAR on the last 4 of my 10 back to back cruises the propulsion system has serious problems, one azipod would quit, and then on next cruise, the other failed, and finally on my last of 10 cruises, both quit at the same time. DEAD IN THE WATER!. around 100 miles off the coast from Melbourne, Australia. However NCL stepped up and refunded money up to 100% on the existing cruise and also gave us money for future cruises. Each of the cruises we were refunded different amounts and the future cruise money was different. I appreciated NCL for recognizing their problem and helping out the best they could under the circumstances.

  • Andy Smithers

    The bigger the boat the harder the system needs to push. Mechanical issues persist even on bigger and heavier cars, boats, whatever… We are at the point where the scale of the ship has outpaced technology and innovation. Build smaller ships. Heck the Star is 17 years old and was even stretched from its original build out. I think it a pretty cool ship considering it’s age.

  • ryba

    Our family was on the 03/12/17 sailing on Anthem and noticed that the ship was noticeably uneven for the entire cruise (even when docked in port). The starboard side was higher than the port side and could be felt most while walking the cabin hallways of higher decks. I wonder if this was a sign of something wrong before this propulsion problem affected the speed.

  • Sharon

    i am scheduled to go out April 29,2017. I hope it’s fixed by then. They should tell you if something is wrong before you get on the ship

  • Lisa Ann

    I’ll be sailing in June and I hope everything has been examined and repairs have been made by then iif not before. My sister was on this last cruise and was sorely upset that plans which had been made were shattered. Thankfully she had her money for Universal Studios reimbursed.

  • Unhappy passenger

    Was on this boat we did not remain in Nassau for 2 days! And then in Florida on way home had an immigration check all 4000 passengers had to get off lost over 2 hrs doing this that some excursions had to be cancelled. Many unhappy passengers this time!!!!!

  • Beware Anthem

    Those…..people sailed us into a nor-easter on that ship and almost killed us all. That’s when the propulsion was damaged. Apparently they will continue to have problems. And they have yet to learn from their mistakes. I’d never set foot on that ship again.

  • Joe the Sailor

    I was on that Feb. trip through the hurricane. After what I went through and the damage done to that ship, I’d never set foot on that thing again. And yes, that was my 18th RCCL cruise with them.