Roatan Honduras Carnival CruiseI received the following four messages from passengers on the Carnival Magic who all reported that several people apparently did not return to the Carnival ship in Roatan at the end of last week. The Magic reportedly used its spot lights to shine into the beach and surrounding areas for the passengers who went ashore.     

  • "Were just back from Carnival Magic. Our ship was docked in front of Carnival Breeze. In Roatan we (both ships) didn’t leave port until 10:00 p.m. We were supposed to leave at 6:00 p.m. Our ship had their ships spot light in Mahogany Bay waters looking for someone or something. Flash lights all over the beach area and island area in the port by people looking for something or someone. We asked several security people and crew on board afterwards, and no one would tell us what happened and said they either didn’t know or can’t talk about it. That night the Captain indicated they were waiting for clearance from the Honduran officials. We’ve never had to wait for clearance on the 7 other times we’ve been there, especially too because they own the port area."
  • "Hello. I recently returned from a cruise on Carnival Magic. On the 8th we were delayed nearly six hours in Roatan. None of the employees would tell us why. Also we were blocking the Carnival Breeze so they too were delayed. Around the time we were suppose to debark they announced the names of four people who had yet to board. Everyone on both cruises are dying to know what the cause of this massive delay was." 
  • "Aboard Carnival Magic, and four passengers did not return to ship last night in Roatan. We watched searchers combing through the port area, boats with spotlights, and the ship using the big searchlight. Magic and Breeze were delayed by about five hours in their departures. Never saw anyone brought back aboard. Everyone was very tight lipped. Breeze was berthed behind us so they could not leave till we did. They called the names repeatedly onboard, and we watched them methodically searching the whole port area and surrounding waters. I hope they were just laid up drunk somewhere, but someone suggested that maybe it was an intentional disappearance." 
  • I would like to know where I can find out what really happened in Honduras March 8th when the Carnival Magic was at port until 10:30 p.m. looking for 4 missing passengers.

There is no indication that the passengers met with foul play of any kind, although it appears unusual for this to occur.

In the past several years, there have been several reports of passengers "disappearing" in cruise ports from time to time, primarily in Jamaica, although these instances have been intentional in nature.  The passengers inevitably were "found" and had apparently taken an extended vacation.  

Does anyone have reliable information regarding what, if anything, happened in Roatan last week? 

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Photo credit: Roatan booth at Seatrade Miami 2014 – Jim Walker 

  • Elizabeth Lineberry

    I was on the Magic in Roatan and would like to know what the delay was about in leaving the port on March 8th.

  • Melissa

    I was on the Breeze in a suite close to the front of the ship, and can tell you what I personally saw, and what I was told.

    An hour after we were supposed to leave we saw from our balcony a golf cart come down the dock and go to the Magic. We thought it was late passengers, but instead it was a doctor in a white lab coat. He got out of the cart, walked slowly to the gangway, and shook his head to something a crew member asked him. He was obviously the ship’s doctor and got onboard. We thought that would be the end and we would be off, but we stayed for 4 more hours and the Magic kept the gangway down. During this time there were no emergency response crews on the dock as if they were looking for someone. Instead there was 1 security guard on a three wheeled scooter doing tricks and putting on his siren to entertain the passengers of both ships and make everyone cheer. We could also see the captain and crew from our balcony when they went to the window to look at the dock, and there was no sense of an emergency search going on right at the port.

    That night I ate in the Italian restaurant and crew, including officers, sat next to us. I asked what was going on, and after much hesitation and looks amongst each other, they told me that someone got in a car accident in a rental car and they were gathering the family’s belongings and passports so they could stay in Honduras. They did not know if the person was alive or passed away, or how many of them were injured. After that, I heard this story many times on the Breeze from passengers and crew. Before anyone blasts me for spreading rumors – please know my intention of sharing this information is because if any of this can help someone with investigative skills get to the bottom of what actually happened, it may be beneficial to all cruisers to know the hazards of renting cars at ports, or any other information that can be gathered to educate us to the hazards in ports (as other less widespread rumors that were going around the Breeze were even more disturbing).

  • Randy

    Someone on the Breeze told me they seen 3 ambulances on the dock and people looking in the water with spotlights.

  • Kerri

    Hello I was just on the carnival magic and would also like to know the truth behind what happened. Nobody would say a word. What we heard from heresay was that there was no drinking age limit on roatan and some of the younger spring breakers got really drunk on the island. But that didn’t really tell us much even then. If that was the case why weren’t they ever returned? Why were they searching the waters and near by banks and had a coast guard out in the water? We had a balcony suite close to the front of the ship and could see captain’s crew with binoculars looking where the spot light shined. We did receive a notice earlier in the week to stay in the tourist areas of roatan because of the high crime rate in the area. So does that have anything to do with it? But if someone was lost, in a car accident or kidnapped or something on the island then why search so close to the boat for something? None of the staff would talk they basically just shook their heads and said I don’t know but you could tell they knew something. Why so much secrecy? Too many unanswered questions and different stories.

  • Sherri

    I too was on the Breeze when this incident took place. I would like to know what happened as well, I had heard from at least two different sources that a couple of young adults, or kids rented a car and went off a cliff and did not make it. I would hate to think this was true, but with all the tight lipped secrecy it does make you wonder

  • Bob S
  • Carol Townsend

    I can’t believe with all of the accidents and crimes (both on ships and land) that happen and get published/reported – this incident (or whatever it is) has been this tightly guarded by Carnival.