A passenger who went overboard into the Pacific Ocean from the Sun Princess cruise ship as it sailed between Brisbane and New Caledonia was rescued today. 

Shortly after 4 P.M. local time today, the "man overboard" announcement came over the bridge.

A newspaper in Australia reported that it took about 15 minutes for the ship to completely turn around and make it back to the same area.

The cruise ship deployed a zodiac rescue boat to conduct a search.

The woman was in the water for about 45 minutes. An entertainer on the cruise ship videotaped the woman’s rescue.

The article does not explain how the passenger went overboard.

  • Owen

    Undoubtably the woman ,was probably drunk

  • Ian

    Owen – I’m not sure if I would judge the woman without knowing the full circumstances but I would classify her as extremely lucky

  • Pam

    My parents were on the boat and she jumped.

  • Tony

    I was on the ship, the woman did jump, there was plenty of rumors going around, an argument with her boyfriend was one of the most common rumors. only she will know. She seemed very happy to be rescued.