Carivanl Splendor DrowningLocal news stations in Miami are reporting that a two year old child nearly drowned in a swimming pool on the Carnival Splendor this afternoon.

NBC-6 says that the Miami Fire Rescue department responded to reports of a 2-year-old nearly drowning on a cruise ship, the Carnival Splendor, at the Port of Miami. The station reports that “the child was stabilized by paramedics and will be transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Pediatrics unit.”

With this latest incident, fifteen (15) passengers drowned or nearly drowned on cruise ships without lifeguards, including twelve children, over the past three years. After every such tragedy, many cruise fans quickly cast all of the blame on the children’s parents for not paying attention. But three adults drowned in cruise ship swimming pools without lifeguards in just the last two years.

Lifeguards, of course, are needed on cruise ships. Lifeguards do more than just keep kids safe in pools. A certified lifeguard, trained in life saving measures, can immediately provide immediate CPR on the scene.

My view remains that children need a combination of trained and experienced cruise ship lifeguards and parents, closely supervising their children, to stay safe on today’s gigantic water parks on the high seas.

A child drowned on the Carnival Victory in October 2014. The Miami New Times wrote about the death of 6-year-old Qwentyn Hunter on the Carnival cruise ship with no lifeguards in Kids Drown in Cruise Ship Pools With No Lifeguards on Duty.

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Photo credit: NBC-6

  • tinikini

    NEARLY…..This will be the key word here. Since the child didn’t drown there is no need for action. As I said in another post….yaw day do, business as usual. Thank God this child did not drown. Thought and prayers to the family for a full and speedy recovery!!

  • Ruth

    Simply senseless. Public pools are required to provide lifeguards, therefore cruise ships consider them to be private pools. This is a subject that needs to be addressed immediately. Silly assumption on my part because they are the only ones that can possibly rule on this issue. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

  • Owen

    My question is this……….Where were the Parents???
    getting drunk, assume??

  • Brian

    Cruise ships are like resort hotels and you do not see lifeguards at the vast majority of resort hotels.

  • tina

    Owen, it’s very stupid of you to assume the parents were off getting drunk. Read the stories. Many times the parents look away for only a second and spend time frantically searching for their child before they turn up at the bottom of the pool. These ships employ thousands and people pay thousands. Why not employ a few more to ensure the safety of your passengers and protect these innocent childrens lives??