Pacific PrincessThe Pacific Princess hit a breakwater at the port of Nice this morning, according to a French newspaper.

The Princess Cruises’ ship arrived at the Port of Nice at 6:15 A.M. this morning (Friday). The newspaper states that a leak was found in compartment no. 2 of the cruise ship. Twenty firefighters and divers reportedly responded to the incident.

The Forum Bateau website explained that the incident occurred in rough seas with an east wind over 45 knots, causing the port side of the cruise ship to strike rocks at the entrance to the Nice harbor before the ship docked.

The cruise ship was scheduled this depart Nice this evening, reportedly heading to Barcelona.  

The newspaper quotes a passenger aboard the ship as saying: "We felt the ship scrape port side . . . The captain told us later that the ship had hit the rocks. . . . for now, we’re stuck here and we do not know for how long. We do not know if we will be able to continue our cruise."

The newspaper also quoted a passenger in another vessel at the port further as saying "I heard a big ‘boom’, a thud that reverberated throughout the harbor like an explosion."

The newspaper article contains photos and video of the Pacific Princess at port in Nice.

Photo credit: By Kate Rozdabara CC BY 3.0, commons / wikimedia.

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October 14, 2016 Statement by Princess Cruises:  

"NICE, FRANCE (October 14, 2016 – 12:35PM) – Princess Cruises can confirm that during arrival at the port of Nice, under normal weather and sea conditions (at approximately 6:30 AM) Pacific Princess experienced an unexpected change in wind conditions and made contact with the breakwater wall resulting in damage to the port side of the ship under the water line. The water tight doors were already closed containing the inflow of sea water. The ship is safely alongside at the pier. There were no injuries and at no time were any guests or crew in danger. Guests are ashore enjoying excursions and site seeing. The ship has electrical power.

Divers are on scene assessing the damage to determine repair options and the amount of time required to complete. As a result of this incident we have made the decision to end the current cruise early so that necessary repairs can be made to the ship. We will be providing required transportation and lodging at our expense so that guests may proceed with their original onward travel arrangements as scheduled on Sunday, October 16. Additional details about these arrangements will be provided as soon as possible.

Pacific Princess is sailing with 669 guests and 382 crew members. The ship is on day ten of a 12 day cruise that departed Venice on October 4, and was scheduled to arrive in Barcelona on October 15, for an overnight stay before ending the cruise on October 16."

October 19, 2016 Update: At least one passenger is complaining that Princess Cruises is not honoring the promise of a "full refund" it made when it cancelled the October 16 cruise following the incident described above.

  • Jerry d. Smith

    But those of us who were to board the next leg out of Barcelona are screwed. Dealing with it now. I guess we will see how good the trip insurance is.
    My bag was already packed.

  • Mark Levinson

    I’m already in Barcelona acclimating to time change. Now scrambling to get hotel rooms and rest before I return. If not for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Let’s hope Princess really keeps us harmless including incidental costs, such as wasted airfares and hotels.

  • M Walker

    We feel for those who now can’t take the cruise from Barcelona but we are happy at Le Meridian on the beach in Nice for two nights and then on to BCN as planned. Princess has not been half bad about everything but it has been a bit of a gong show as can be expected when things happen like this.

  • John/DeeAnn Mattke

    And those who were staying onboard for another cruise as we were, are still in Nice waiting flight arrangements and hotel accommodations for the 2nd night and who is footing the bill. Luggage didn’t arrive at the hotel until al,oat midnight and left in the lobby. Not delivers to the rooms as advised. No representative present at our hotel…ever! Trying to make the most of it…. But not knowing when you can get home is frustrating.


    My Nephew and his fiance` got the call telling them that their honeymoon cruise of the Greek Isles is cancelled due to this accident. The call came the morning of their wedding,, yesterday. No refund for 2 weeks and no honeymoon, with time already taken off of work.

  • Alex

    Yesterday I got a call telling that cruise is canceled 🙂
    I was told that refund happens in about 2 weeks, but no refund for the vacation protection ($300+). Why?
    And what about taken time off of work?

  • Blair Breton

    Commercial pressure perhaps forcing the Captain to dock when conditions were not suitable. Beams on these ships are like a giant sail and at slow speed not fully responsive.

  • marcee

    Princess has been so amazing on the way things were handled. Can’t believe all the coordination this has taken. They will reimbursed us, have put us up in nice hotel, provided great transportation. Couldn’t ask for anything more!! We were on board, felt a little push and that’s all. Thanks to the entire crew for all their quick response and support!!

  • Simone

    What a pack of selfish, whining whingers! This could have been a catastrophic event but it wasn’t. We were all well looked after. Spare a thought at your fancy hotel or the airport for those of us that had 10 hours by bus to Barcelona. Then how about sparing a thought for the poor crew that ate REALLY stranded! I wonder if they even have work…

  • joanne

    I see the Oct. 16th cruise has been cancelled. When will we know if the cruise beginning Oct. 28th is still a go? Only have until the 19th to cancel hotels in Rome without paying in full.

  • Margaret

    Home safe and well with our sincere thanks to the wonderful staff of Princess. So many had not slept all night dealing with endless lists to help everyone get to their correct destinations. They did so with great efficiency and smiles in exceptional circumstances. Remember cancelling the next cruise was unavoidable because ships with holes below the water line sink! I was there on level 7 when it hit and we were immediately kept informed of what happened and reassured with progress reports. We went to Monaco and Monte Carlo for the day, really knowing when we got back we would have to pack and move out. To organise 669 passengers, with varying needs, would have been such a mammoth task, well done everyone at princess.

  • Joseph De Vivar

    A terrible journey back home by the cancellation.
    And lost time and money.

  • Maureen MacDonald

    We were on the Pacific Princess and feel we were treated extremely well. Princess should be complimented on the organization of so many people, moved to great hotels in an orderly fashion, choice of flying home from Nice or bus to Barcelona, super bus, long trip but we opted for that so can’t complain. Hotel in Nice and Barcelona were excellent and provided efficient service and breakfast for all of us. Complainers will always complain, we did not lose time or money but Princess certainly did.

  • Greg Gahan

    Add my name to those who thought Princess did just fine. It was more than fine. Our hotel in Nice was very good. And it was even better in Barcelona. We got most of the trip in. The crew was great then and the entire time.

  • Paul Daly

    I could not have asked for any more efficient,concerned effort on the part of ALL concerned with the evacuation and assistance provided. I say ” well done “, “Bravo Zulu ” Princess…

  • Andy Gouyet

    I cannot praise Princess Cruises highly enough for the well organised and efficient way the crew dealt with this unfortunate incident.

    All the crew were a credit to Princess Cruises.

    To organise hotels flights etc. in such a short time must have been a mammoth task well done!

  • Lorene (Lorrie) McVey

    My husband and I returned home following several days in Spain post cruise. While we are late in chiming in we want to congratulate Princess and all crew members on their excellent management of the early debarkcation required in Nice. Despite suffering their own losses and concerns, crew were calm and helpful every step of the way. Our group of passengers were never left alone and received immediate and top quality service and answers, not to forget fabulous accommodations and food. We planned on seeing the Gaudi Cathedral which did not happen. Instead we had the opportunity to view the countryside between Nice and Barcelona – not a bad exchange. Kudos to all. Thank you.

  • Sandi Burt

    I think Princess did a horrible job of letting passengers know that our cruise was cancelled…we were already in Barcelona and went to the port with no notification…Princess reps were rude when we called about returning home and accomendations…I was told if my air wasn’t booked thru Princess I was on my own…no help with securing a room….terrible customer service…I want my refund plus 100 percent back to booked another cruise with a company that cares about their passengers…