Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas was damaged after it encountered a storm early this morning during a cruise.

A dozen large windows in the Viking Crown Lounge were reportedly broken, as you can see in a video posted to YouTube. Several panes of glass are also missing from the pool deck.

Passengers reported that the ship heavily listed during the storm.

The ship is the middle of a ten day round trip cruise from Venice. It is currently sailing a sea day and is scheduled to arrive in Santorini tomorrow, assuming its itinerary does not change.

The Rhapsody of the Seas was last damaged by a storm on April 25th of this year. A wave struck the cruise ship early in the morning, breaking the windows of five passenger cabins on deck three, injuring cruise passengers and partially flooding the cabins on deck two and three. We received photographs suggesting that the windows in the passenger cabins were poorly maintained.

Video credit: Heather Barrett YouTube 

A passenger aboard the cruise ship sent photos of the damage which you can see on our Facebook page.  A passenger also sent a video of water cascading down the main stairwell as passengers come up the stairs holding their life vests, around 5:00 A.M.

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  • Ruth

    We were in one of the inside cabins affected by the flooding back in April, and were amongst the parties disembarked in Corsica. Our “do-over” cruise is on the Rhapsody leaving on 26th September, this time in an outside cabin. What were we thinking?!

  • GA

    Thank you Jim for tracking this issue and making Royal aware that you are looking out for their customers. Unfortunately, they are still pushing the limits on poorly maintained ships. I’m sure the profit margin is higher in these older ships but they need to know that compromising our safety is not an option!

  • Vincent Tavella

    I am on the Rhapsody of the seas and was
    Awakened at 5AM that morning.
    The ship tilted bad enough to throw me off the bed
    I happen to be in an outside cabin. I looked through
    The sliding door holding on to the door handle.
    The high wind and waves were pounding the ship.
    You could tell that the Captain was trying to turn
    The ship away from the wind and he did.
    Scared the hell out of me.
    I think it only lasted 5/6 min. But the damage was done!
    The captain kept us informed that everything is
    Under control. The crew went to every room on the
    Ship to make sure that everyone was ok.
    I must say that the Captain and the entire crew
    Did a fantastic job under the circumstances!
    I am still on the ship and enjoying the cruise.
    Thank you Captain and the entire crew!!

  • william McCartney

    I was in an inside stateroom deck 7. At the time of the heavy list i was standing in the toilet when the ship took a severe list due to the ship changing course. I was thrown against the toilet wall tearing the skin on my right upper arm. The list was so severe all the toiletries ended on the floor or down the toilet, my wife”s bed moved across the stateroom and all the drawers opened ,glass of water at the side of the bed spilt over the bed side table and over my phone.(I should explain our stateroom 7547 runs the length of the ship and not accross) At no time did anyone rap our door or my daughters in the next stateroom. I spent the rest of the cruise attending the medical center having the dressing changed daily i was also put on antibiotics. It was reported that there was no injuries i think you will find others were injured.

  • Victor Oliveira

    I happened to be awake at the time. As there was a 7 hour difference I was actually calling home talking to our sons. Upon hanging up… my wife and I heard a grinding noise that appeared to be all around us… but I assumed it was coming from the hall. As I walked towards the stateroom door the ship leaned and found myself running towards the door. Everything in the cabin shifted and fell over. My wife was partially thrown from the bed… I got her out of the cabin. I proceeded to knock on our friend’s cabin door (two doors down)… they could not come to the door as their small was blocking the door. They were panicking in the cabin as we could not even stand straight in the corridor. We had to push ourselves off the wall in order to walk down the hall. We were among the first passengers to arrive on the 5th floor… that where our muster station is. I called 911 (the bridge) and they said I must hang up this line is for emergency call only… HELLO??? YOUR SHIP IS TILTED… IS THAT NOT AN EMERGENCY. At this point passengers are arriving and chaos is starting to mount. water is coming into the ship from one of the 5th floor deck door… flowing across the carpet and exiting out the other door… which someone opened slightly. The dining room looked like a truck ran through it. everywhere you looked broken glass was visible. The atrium was blocked off due to some overhead glass damage… Atrium remained closed for several days. When the ship straightened up… water from the upper decks poured down the stairs like waterfalls. Up on the 9th floor was a disaster… some 13 panes of glass from the viking lounge had been sucked out of the frames, glass everywhere, even the satellite balls (atop the ship) had been damaged. The deck chairs seemed like they were swept to one side. We were finding shard of glass in the pool and on the deck right up to the last day. The Viking lounge was closed for the entire duration of the cruise. The staff did a great job of mitigating the mess but I felt the higher ranks did very little to connect with the passengers after the incident… shrugged it off and offered a glass of wine at one of the dinners. We noticed some passengers left the ship at the first location following the incident.

    The lack of communication during the incident made me feel a bit vulnerable… I would have expected more from Royal.

  • Holly Irvin

    I was on the ship, deck 2 inside cabin. I have been keeping up with this incident ever since the cruise. I can’t shake it from my memory. Reading Victor’s comments, he is very accurate in describing the damage we saw and had to work around in order to keep cruising on the ship. My dad spent the morning down in the doctor’s office as he was thrown so hard into the wall that he couldn’t walk. He needed a wheelchair for the rest of the cruise and couldn’t do any of his pre-purchased shore excursions, which was very disappointing as this was our last big vacation together. When the ship started to tilt, I woke up very scared. Then as it lurched downward from a 45 degree angle to a 19 degree angle, I thought we were going to die. It was pitch black in our room and I couldn’t find the light in my panic, and climbing up to the door at the steep angle didn’t help. Everything crashed off the shelves and I was crying, trying to get dressed and out of the room. The ship righted itself and we were able to climb up to the fifth floor. We saw so many people with life jackets on and a dazed and scared look. Water was pouring under the doors and there was so much rain and lightning. I have never been that scared, that sure that we were going to end up drowning, as I was when I was stuck in the dark in the room when it was laying on it’s side.

  • Flemming Bech

    Jeg var ombord, har sendt en forespørgsel til rederiet vedr. hvad var årsagen til den voldsomme krængning. efter 4 uger har jeg endnu ikke modtaget noget svar. jeg har også udbedt mig et vejrkort over området på tidspunkter, heller ikke det er der svar på.

  • Mary

    I was a crew when this happened and I have to say that there was lack of communication from the bridge to the crew. Before they fixed the ship right, the crew knew nothing and we are the ones who has to respond first and make sure the guests are taken care off. I can say that a lot of crew members was panicking and a few didn’t return to the ships after that accident. The captain did little to inform us what was going on. Waking up at 5am, falling out of the bed is no fun.