A cruise passenger aboard the Carnival Legend notified me yesterday that the Carnival cruise ship experienced a brief power loss causing a blackout on at least her deck.  

The incident occurred yesterday when the cruise ship was leaving the port of Seattle.  

The passenger said:

"Very strange thing happened been 4:05 pm on carnival legend just as the safety briefing is over everybody goes back to their rooms . . .  And the power goes off its been like 4 minutes already no announcement has been made about it / Pitch dark in the room. I’m in deck X fwd port side / Its back but nothing was said about it.   (deck number omitted to maintain passenger’s confidentiality).

The passenger sent a short video of the blackout which I posted on my YouTube page.

I’m told that power outages are relatively common. But this comes just a week after this ship suffered what many say was either a propulsion issue or a steering problem leading to the Carnival Legend listing heavily


  • Tim Dye

    I disagree with that this is common. I’ve been on 19 Cruises (15 RCL,3 Carnival,1 Princess).
    I have never experienced a Blackout of any kind aboard a Cruise Ship.

  • David

    Tim Dye,

    I’m not sure that your 19 cruises is a sufficient sample size to determine whether or not, well anything, is common on cruise ships. Carnival Corp. alone has more than 100 ships which run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.