Carnival Cruise BrawlThe popular Crew Center website reports today on a fight which broke out on a recent Carnival cruise. In a blog titled Chairs Start Flying in Brawl on Cruise Ship, Crew Center says that:

"Irie Namma captured a video (posted on YouTube and posted below) of a fight at Lido deck restaurant on cruise ship. The incident started with a group of man and women arguing next to the buffet line. From the video you can see a man throwing chair at the opposite group, hitting one lady in blue dress. Cruise ship security reacted fast and with help of other passengers managed to break up the brawl."

I first wrote about violence like this on cruise ships back in an article titled Cruise Ship Brawls – A Problem that Will Get Bigger with Bigger Ships.  As Carnival Chairman Micky Arison acknowledged years ago, “cruise ships are a microcosm of any city or any location and stuff happens . . . The negatives of discounting might be less commission for agents and less revenue for us but the positive is it opens up the product to a wider audience.”

The negative, of course, is what see in the video. From year to year, we will occasionally post videos of violence on cruise ships, like this bar fight: More Cruise Ship Violence – A Drunken Brawl On Carnival’s Dream.

As the Crew Center sites points out, this the third cruise ship fight in 16 days, all involving Carnival cruise ships. Carnival, however, doesn’t hold a monopoly on ship violence, as this video of a fight aboard a NCL ship points out.  

Photo and Video credit: Irie Namma YouTube

  • ChrisWhat could be so

    This only reflects the trashy people from society. What could have been the motive? You cut me in line for food? I work daily with children trying to teach pragmatics and manners, but if this is how they see their parents acting they will follow in the same way 🙁 Only so much we can do to teach what is right and what is wrong 🙁

  • tinikini

    People do dumb things when they are on vacation. It is as if the rules, laws and basic manners don’t apply to them for that week or two. While I am not a worldly traveler, I have been to a lot places, both in and out of the United States. Seems like there is always someone on every trip that chooses to be a douchebag, and it is not always Americans. You are representing your country when you are in another, no matter where you are from. Good grief people you are on vacation relax, be happy, be nice and behave!!! Be thankful you can even take the trip in the first place.

    Fighting in the food line of all places, where we all know there is more food than anyone could ever eat, while the crew eats slop in the hull. No matter what caused the incident, I’d bet the crew and all of the non-USA passengers on this ship think we are a bunch of Neanderthals.

  • bj roberts

    it is truly a shame that people behave like this… it ridiculous but at the same time typical……

  • Judkins75

    What you Mad for? You’re on a cruise ship on vacation! You should be Happy, enjoying yourselves,acting like responsible adults, not teens! They all should be banned from future cruises! Come on people, spread love not violence

  • Jen

    When we were in Vegas, pretty much every buffet we went to had some kind of argument erupt over the dang king crab legs. Seriously.