Today, the German newspaper Deutsche Welle published an article Faroe Islands: Cruise Boycott Hits Tourism.

The article explains that two German cruise lines, AIDA and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, “have agreed no longer to feature the Faroe Islands. The move comes in response to pressure from animal rights groups to boycott the country over the mass slaughter of whales.”

The article cites the efforts of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Forum (Wal- und Delfinschutz-Forum – WDSF) which brought about the change.  The conservation forum is now concentrating Faroe Islands Whale Slaughterits efforts to stop the horrific slaughter of pilot whales by focusing on another German cruise line, TUI, which is still cruising to the Faroe Islands.

I recently wrote about this gruesome, bloody so-called tradition where locals use powerboats to chase frightened whales into a harbor where they are met by locals with knives while their family members cheer them on in what appears like a cruel and bloody sport from hell. The locals rip out baby whales from their mothers in this monstrous, brutal slaughter.

Our article last week, Cruise Lines Continue to Support Mass Murder of Whales in Faroe Islands, was viewed several hundred thousand times with over 5,800 Facebook “likes,” for what that’s worth, (as well as numerous hate-emails from residents of the Faroe Islands and Denmark).

Aside from AIDA and Hapag-Lloyd, and Disney Cruises which took the Faroes off its proposed itinerary last year, most cruise lines still visit the Faroes Islands.

TUI’s Mein Shiff 4, owned by parent companies Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. & TUI AG, will call there next week.

The U.S. State Department says that the standard of living in the Faroe Islands for the total population Mein Schiff 4(about 48,000) is “high” by world standards.

The Faroese economy has revolved primarily around the fishery industry, accounting for about 95% of its exports of a little over one billions dollars a year.

The Faroes appear susceptible to a boycott.

In July 2013, the EU imposed sanctions on the Faroe Islands due to a dispute over the fishing quota of herring and mackerel. The boycott which started in August 2013 banned Faroese vessels carrying herring or mackerel from all EU ports, including Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The Faroe Islands could no longer export herring or mackerel to EU countries. The boycott was successful and ended a year later, in August of 2014

To achieve an effective boycott, we recommend taking three steps:

  1. Don’t buy any fish products, such as salmon, from the Faroe Islands. Tell your local supermarket, fish store or sushi restaurant to stop buying fish from the Faroe Islands.
  2. Don’t travel to the Faroe Islands; tell your travel agents to cross the Faroe Islands off your travel itinerary.
  3. Don’t cruise to the Faroe Islands or support cruise lines that do; contact your favorite cruise line and tell them to stop calling on the Faroe Islands.

TUI, a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean and TUI AG, claims that it “condemns the practice of whaling,” but it will send the Mein Schiff 4 to Thorshavn, Faroe Islands and spend the day there on July 20th.

It is talking out of both sides of its mouth by still supporting the Faroes’ inhumane whale slaughter.

If you are in the U.S. contact Royal Caribbean, or in Germany contact TUI, and tell them that you oppose the killing of whales and won’t cruise with them until they drop the Faroe Islands from their itineraries.

Photo Credit: Grind slaughter (2015) – Twitter #OpKillingBay; Mein Schiff 4 – By HenSti CC BY-SA 4.0.

Video Credit: Sea Shepherd

  • rabeneck sabine

    Please don’t go to these islands !!!! Stop the killing !! It even works wenn nobody will go there !!!! This are monsters and we can stop it !!!! Post this message to everyone !!!! Don’t buy anything form the faroe islands !!!! Tell it everybody ! And send an email to T U I, and tell them that they have to stop to send holiday – ships to these islands !!!!!


    I will boycott this island, shame on Faroe islands !
    Just don’t get how people can be so cruel and so disgusting !

  • Catherine Brissart

    I Cant Believe How People Can Be Soooo Heartless. It Makes My heart bleed To See How People Are Such AssHoles

  • Rolando Gomez

    I was thinking of taking a Royal Caribbean cruise from Florida to the caribbean but as far as the cruise line supports these barbaric practices i will seek for another way to spend my money..


    Thank you AIDA and Hapag-Lloyd for doing the right thing.

  • Maria Durran

    Thank you for bringing attention to this horrific slaughter. Who would want to visit a place where such horrors are considered tradition? These people need to move into the 21st century and leave this medieval mindset buried in the past.

  • Tina Shurtleff

    would never buy anything from The Faroe Islands or Denmark. Will not use any cruise line that supports this barbaric slaughter

  • sonja powell

    I have informed twenty members of my family who sail on RCCL as a group. We have all pledged to let the company know that we will no longer sail on their cruise line until they stop visiting the Faroe Islands.

  • sherry And Karl Ditzler

    The video’s and pictures are grueling to see and watch I will do all I can to inform others and boycott everything pertaining to the Faroe Islands! I consider this practice sadistic and is teaching kids to be insensitive to the pain and suffering of animals. I wonder if there are people living on Faroe Islands that do not like or want to participate and what is done if they disagree with them.It would be nice to know there are people living there who disagreee and what happens as a result. Thanks to every Cruise line that is a part of the boycott to Faroe Islands! And thank you for sharing this very important information with us. Sincerely SAherryD

  • David

    I applaud the cruise lines that have decided to stop sailing to the Faroe Islands, as well as the people that have vowed not to support the lines that go there. However, I think, for most cruisers, the commitment is too great. Not sailing on the ships of any company that visits the Faroes basically means not sailing. Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity and Azamara, as well as various European lines. NCL owns Reagent Seven Seas. Carnival owns Princess, Holland America, Costa, Cunard, Seabourn, P&O, and, and, and.

    So, if the boycott extends to all those lines,as well as the many other minor lines that cruise to the Faroe Islands, there aren’t many ships to choose from. I don’t think the commitment of most cruisers is that great.

    Oh, and Carnival also owns AIDA and TUI owns something like 20% of Haapg-Lloyd.

    Disney, anyone?

  • Georgia Prosser Lawrence

    I just wanted to thank you for stepping up and speaking the truth about the Faroe Islands and the atrocities that are occurring there. This is not tradition but another example of bloodlust! I would and will boycott any cruise lines that have the Faroe Islands on their itinerary. Again thank you.