Canada has issued another travel advisory, warning that travelers to the Bahamas "should exercise a high degree of caution (due to) high rates of crime, especially in Nassau."

The Canadian government said that "crime occurs mainly in Nassau and Freeport. There has been an increase in armed robberies targeting tourists in Nassau. Incidents take place in populated and isolated areas, and even in daylight hours. Do not carry large sums of cash or wear expensive jewelery. Ensure that your personal belongings, passports and other travel documents are secure Canasa Warning about Crime in the Bahamasat ail times. If you are threatened by robbers, stay calm and do not resist. Home invasions are also of concern in Nassau."

The government also warned that "sexual assaults are on the rise in Nassau." Canada specifically warned that "there have been reports of jet-ski operators assaulting their clients in New Providence and Paradise Islands".

Two months ago the Nassau Guardian reported that a Bahamian taxi cab driver was arrested on charges that he raped a US woman visiting Nassau. 

Nassau’s Tribune newspaper published an article in September 2014 about the last Canadian crime warning for the Bahamas. The US government, through the State Department and the US Embassy, has issued numerous warnings about crime in Nassau affecting cruise passengers and tourists.

We have written frequently about the high incidents of murder and armed robbery in Nassau (New Providence). Last year, the country experienced a record number of murders. The murder rate in the Bahamas is far more than 30 per 100,00, compared to the U,S, per capita rate or around 4.5 per 100,000.

We have also written about Canadians residents and citizens becoming victims of horrific violent crimes in the Bahamas. You can read a few of our articles here and here.

Many cruise passengers chose to decide to stay on their cruise ships while in the port of Nassau.

June 9, 2016 Update:  The Nassau Tribune covered the Canadian travel advisory.  The Bahama Journal quoted the leader of the opposition party, Dr. Hubert Minnis, saying:

"“Record high murder rates, and countless stories of the latest violent crime dominating the front page of our papers have had a chilling effect on the entire country and it continues to bleed out beyond our islands. As horrific as the crime rate has become, what’s more astounding is the lack of action from the Government.” 

Photo credit: Tribune newspaper

  • John Goldsmith

    I wonder what it will take for all the cruise lines to entirely stop going to Nassau until they get their collective crap together.

  • Sam
    What do you expect from a country who just voted “NO” on a Bill that would have given women equal rights. 400 years of slavery, and now the oppressed has become the oppressor of their own kind. What a shameful country the Bahamas is, I won’t ever visit or spend a cent there until my wife,mother,grandmother,sister,aunt and daughter have the same rights as I do; NEVER!

  • Cooper

    There has been an increasing dislike of Canadian investors in the Bahamas lately. The Bahamian people are concerned their country is being sold right out under their feet to Canadians like Peter Nygard and the Chinese by the corrupted PLP Bahamian government for personal gain. Their is a lot going on right now in the Bahamas between a greedy distrusted government and the angry oppressed people. Women are even at more risk there considering women are not treated equally as men; Bahamas is the rape capitol of the world where women are not seem equal to men.

  • Ross

    Read the comments of the Bahamian people in every newspaper, it will really inform you to what’s going on in Bahamaland. If you think your safe anywhere in the Bahamas, think again.