The Bahamas Weekly reported that two U.S. cruise passengers were arrested at the port in Nassau for possession of marijuana on Wednesday.

The Bahamian newspaper reported: 

"Two adult American females from North Carolina are in custody after they was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Wednesday 22nd June 2016.

According to reports, shortly after 10:00am, officers from the Tourism Policing Unit acting on intelligence went to a cruise ship moored at Prince George Wharf, where they found the suspects in possession of a quantity of marijuana. The female suspects were taken into custody and are expected Nassau Bahamasto appear in court sometime today to be formally charged." 

I suppose that there are readers saying these two women got what they deserved, but being busted for a few marijuana joints meant for your personal consumption is no different than having a few drinks of booze that the cruise lines will be pleased to sell you with a little umbrella on top.  I suppose that’s the difference, that the cruise lines frown on pot consumption because they can’t make any money on it.  Cruise line make literally hundreds of millions of dollars a year selling cruise booze. 

You can get hammered on the cruise ships and the cruise lines look the other way. You can come back from Senor Frog’s in Nassau knee-walking-drunk and the security guards will let you on the ship with a smirk. But a tote of the evil weed on your balcony and your cruise neighbors complain will result in the security officer placing a call to their friends in the Bahamas resulting in the "tourism police" in Nassau arresting you in your cabin.  

We have written about this scam many times but the game is always he same – this crime-ridden, poverty stricken little island looks at U.S. cruise passengers as easy targets. Nassau "tourism police" will be more than pleased to haul you from the It’s-better-In-the-Bahamas cruise before a Bahamian magistrate who will shake you down for a few thousand U.S. dollars or a threat of 30 days in jail.  

If you are unfortunate to get caught smoking a joint here in Miami, few cops will take the time to arrest you but, worst case scenario, you may pay a small fine or enter into a diversion program. But in Nassau, you will get harassed to buy pot or coke the second you walk down the gangway and if you have a few grams of pot back in the cruise ship’s cabin safe, you are still screwed. It’s all about how many U.S. dollars that the Bahamian "justice’" department, overwhelmed by violent crime, can keep in its pockets from U.S. cruise passengers foolish enough to cruise there. 

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Photo Credit: TampAGS, for AGS Media – CC BY-SA 3.0.  

  • David

    Maybe it was a large quantity of pot?

  • Rich

    Personally, I have no sympathy for alcohol or drug abusers. Anybody who appears to be intoxicated should not be served alcohol. Anybody possessing or supplying illegal drugs should be prosecuted.
    The cruise lines should consider the innocent passengers that do not wish to become victims of drunks as well as the drug addled.

  • C Thompson

    When we went there no one tried to get us to buy pot, but we did have young kids with us so we’re likely left alone. Why anyone would buy drugs in countries with questionable legal systems is beyond me. Why not just stick to the legal booze.

  • tinikini

    Just say NO…….to the Bahamas, that is. With all the things that go on and the corruption, I am surprised that anyone even travels there any more.

    They need to legalize it, they could make more money and maybe get their shit together and under control. Seems pretty simple to me, but then again I live in a state where it is legal.

  • Gregory Muir

    Funny thing. I am the most clueless and non drug savvy person you can find and someone approached me to sell me some coke. I had scratched my nose which evidently is a signal of what I’m looking for. Wow! I have to be careful about hand gestures. I have no idea what I’m asking for! This is at Atlantis.

  • Cort B

    I was arrested off of a cruise ship in January 2016 for less than 2 grams of marijuana that did not even belong to me. A security guard came into a room a group of coworker and I were in (not my room) and searched the room because someone had reported someone smoking… They initially arrested my coworker who’s room it was and pressed them to give the name of the girl with the glasses, me. They had admitted the bag that had been found belonged to them and I had nothing to do with it. The security on the ship and the Bahamian police then threatened her and her husband with never seeing their children again if they continued not to cooperate. Needless to say, they did what they were told at that point and I was arrested. They threw me into a jail cell that was everything as horrifying as one can imagine a jail cell in a 3rd world country to be. The guards that liked me allowed me my medications and food, those that didn’t would make me use the men’s room which had no door and wouldn’t give me toilet tissue. They picked me up on a Saturday night, our ship had to stay due to a storm that had blown in, the temperatures were into the 40’s… I wasn’t allowed a blanket and only had a thin sweater and pajama pants on. I was finally released that Monday after being convicted of a crime I didn’t commit and sleeping with rats, roaches and real criminals. The men on either side of my cell had attempted murder charges… the verbal harassment alone was awful. Believe me, no tourist busted for some weed is getting what they deserve. I’m a graduate student that was on a work trip with my entire company and my husband, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to be the only white person in a room of mixed folks with a security team that knew how to target tourists and squeeze the most money out of them. Little did they know that I have zero family and therefore no one to freak out and offer copious amounts of money for my release. Worst $1,000 I’ve ever had to spend.