This morning I received a message from a passenger on the Coral Princess that the Princess Cruises cruise ship picked up 7 Cuban migrants in a small make-shift boat.  

The photo sent to me showed what appeared to be at least one man in distress lying on his back near the bow of the boat. 

Here’s the message which I received:

"Coral princess just rescued 7 cubans on a damaged small boat off the coast of cuba…we are on our way back to FL with 7 cubans on board."

Usually cruise ships which take Cuban migrants aboard deliver them to a Coast Guard vessel and the migrants are returned to Cuba.

Cuban Migrants

  • Joe Smith

    Interesting. In one article CLN tries to make the case that Carnival discriminates against Cubans. Now Carnival is rescuing Cubans.

    Doesn’t seem like an action that would be taken by those who would discriminate.

  • Andrei

    Is this a complaint from that passenger? Did she want it to leave them to die there or what? I’v been on the Cruise Ships a few times, and I find that most of the passenger are really horrible, always complaining annoying people.

  • Brent

    I’m sure in the end, this ends up costing the cruise passengers (more fuel burn, etc).

    And then the taxpayers end up paying to get them back to Cuba. The cost to deport Mexicans is $12,000 per person. To Cuba is probably higher.

  • Lisa B

    It is law that the ships must address a vessel at sea in distress…..I was on the coral princess during this rescue and we all cheered the captains efforts to offer help to these 7 human beings regardless of their nationality. Laws are in place for the ships to follow and coral followed it to the letter including offering safety and medical care to these 7 men and also returning them to another rescue boat early this morning. We all arrived safely and on time to ft Lauderdale and had a FABULOUS Panama Canal cruise! And I agree with the above comment regarding rude people on cruise ships. There were many grouchy rude old people on board…..mostly elderly Americans who think they are above the very dedicated, hardworking and I am sure underpaid foriengers who dispite rude comments still smile and make every effort to make you happy! Shame on them …..but I now have at least 10 new best friends /pen pals since this cruise! For the most part everyone was great! Far outweighed the rude ones!

  • Sher

    My wife and I witnessed the rescue of the seven men and along with most passengers were pleased the captain observed the law when he changed his route to perform the rescue. We can’t imagine being stranded in the vast ocean and seeing a ship on the horizon; so far away but coming closer. The makeshift boat was merely a speck on the horizon when we first saw it. The message from the bridge was three men in a small boat waving their arms.
    We are American seniors and met many wonderful seniors during the cruise.

  • Linda S.

    I too was on this cruise and everyone around me were very concerned not only for the 7 human beings in the boat (as noted above in the previous post) but for the safety of the passengers as well. During this cruise I did not come across anyone who was grouchy or rude and if you conducted a survey – how would you know they were all AMERICAN! Shame on you – what goes around usually comes around. The ships crew and passengers – all of different cultures- were quite gracious

  • Pat

    I also was on that cruise. It was a wonderful experience and I met some amazing people. The little boat was but a speck on the sea. I do not know how anyone could have seen it. Thank God that the Princess was required to go to them. We were all clapping and cheering when they were finally rescued. They must be so desperate to try an escape in the most delapidated boat you I have ever seen. Kudos to the wonderful crew for an incredible job. They medically evaluated them and gave them food and drink. Quite an experience for the rest of us.

  • Carole Ann Lee

    My husband and I also witnessed this event and were very proud that our ship was able to change course to help these 7 men. I did not hear any complaints from passengers and to the contrary everyone was very happy that these men would be helped. We were kept informed as to their well-being. A similar event also occurred in Dec 2015. This cruise was very enjoyable and we will cruise with Princess again!

  • Janet Thoreson

    We, too, were on the cruise. It was amazing to think that those 7 men thought they could get anywhere in that boat. We were curious as to what happened to the men once we reached Port Everglades, Never heard anything. Most of the staff were extremely helpful & friendly. The majority of the passengers were over 50 but there were younger people on the cruise.

  • Patricia

    me and my friend were also on the cruise and witness the rescue. Janet we saw the coast guard take them at 5:30am before we arrive in ft Lauderdale


    My Husband and I were both on the coral princess on during the rescue mission of our fellow Cubans. I was born and raised in Boston and off course of Cuban descent. This was my first time on a cruise and must say everyone I came across were just wonderful. However, during the rescue mission I did encounter a fellow Bostonian who had many crude things to say about the men that were being rescued. As, I heard that STRONG Bostonian accent I turned to this gentleman and asked him if he knew where his parents came from? I informed him that the US is made up of many, many immigrants and if he looks really hard I’m sure his Irish decent family members arrived on Ellis Island way back. However, Kudos to Princess Cruise for assisting with these men..although they will be returned back to Cuba.

  • Lara

    I am very grateful and proud the Princess Cruise did this for my people. I was born in Cuba and went to Spain then Miami, Florida. So much the cuban families have done to succeed and for acceptance. This was a horrible experience and I am sure it would be one for them to never forget. Just today in Phoenix, Arizona where I currently reside heard on the radio station 98KUPD hosted by John Holmberg and Brady how they trashed and insulted the people that were rescued. Shame on them, ignorant individuals as many people in Arizona are – making comments about how they should have left them in the water and not showing any compassion for the children that were saved, talking how dirty they must have been – such dissapointment. This is a horrible radio station. Make a point never to listen to them if you ever come to Phoenix, AZ- they are trashy, ignorant and a disgrace to society not to mention racist.

  • Barb

    My second cruise on Princess in 6 months, the other was Alaska. The crew, service etc was wonderful. So thankful we were able to save 7 human lives. Does anyone know if the were able to stay or if they were returned to Cuba.