When the Anthem of the Seas sailed into the forecasted storm last month, Royal Caribbean’s PR department began to downplay the controversy. They claimed that they were surprised by the storm. But the truth is that the storm was accurately forecasted with waves over 30 feet and hurricane strength winds. Even NBC weatherman Al Roker mocked Royal Caribbean, pointing out the forecast and saying "Bullfeathers!" (see video) to the cruise line’s claim of surprise.  

Royal Caribbean initially said that no one was injured and the cruise ship experienced no damage. This was also untrue. When passengers began posting photos and video on social media showing the destruction of the storm, the cruise line finally admitted that there were injuries but claimed that only "four injuries have been reported, none severe." This was untrue. I’ve spoken to far more than 4 Al Roker Bullfeatherspassengers who allege injuries, some of them quite severe. They all say that the ship infirmary was literally overwhelmed by injured passengers. Some tell me that the medical staff finally shut and locked the door to the medical facility in order to keep others injured out.

Royal Caribbean also later said that the ship only had cosmetic damage and was "seaworthy." Again, this was completely untrue. The U.S. Coast Guard revealed that when the Anthem returned to port in New Jersey, one of the two azipods was in fact damaged and had to be repaired before the cruise ship could be cleared to sail.

Several passengers contacted our office seeking to become involved in the class action lawsuit filed against Royal Caribbean because they feel that the cruise line has not been honest with them or the public and had trivialized their concerns and fears. 

Today PIX-11 in New York interviewed a Royal Caribbean passenger who feels that Royal Caribbean was not honest with the passengers on the latest Anthem cruise that was cut short short again.  The cruise line said that they were returning the Anthem early to port because of "rough weather" that was supposed to hit the ship on Tuesday and Wednesday.  But there was no such storm.  Instead there was a gastrointestinal illness outbreak that the passenger believes was the true cause of the early return.  

Listen to the interview.  She’s a cruise fan but feels deceived.


  • sharra

    How can I be apart of the class action lawsuit? Not only was I on that awful ship, but me and my baby and my husband got norovirus and the medical staff totally dismissed my baby having it, but they have on file that I had it. So doesn’t that mean my baby got it too? She had all the symptoms and is still sick!!! There was no storm, it was purely the viruses going around on that ship that medical didn’t even look into most of them, like my baby for an example. Instead, when I told them about it, I got yelled at by the night nurse. He didn’t care that my baby had a fever of 104 and has a history of febrile seizures. Nope, none of them cared.

    And 116 cases? LOL NO WAY, that is not true. Because before I reported my symptoms that was the number and they dismissed my baby, so that means at least 118 people got it. And of course way more than that even.

    Denying a BABY medical treatment at first and then when treating her for something they said wasn’t the norovirus, they charge us $142 which we can’t get back? Something very wrong is going on here and I want answers. EVery kid on that ship under 5 was sick, that I saw.

  • Hello Jim Walker,

    Very great article sir.
    It seems to be that now days cruise ships are not any long any safer modes to travel along.

    Many of these kind of recent activities would spoil the reputation of the luxuries cruises around the globe.

    The Royal Caribbean seems to get involved in bit of troubles upon themselves.

    This article will surely help us know about the real motive of the cruise members.

    Thanks for the great post sir.

    Keep blogging 🙂

    Shantanu sinha

  • EFor

    Sorry for the 5 y old -baby but maybe Royal Caribbean should limit the age for youngsters? Afterall those big ships are sailing on big waters and they can encounter all kind of problems.
    We did sail few of them and we (me and my wife) had lots of fun and relaxation but I always kept in my mind that I’m in the middle of the deep merciless water.And shit can happen.
    And I would never,never took 5 years old an this kind of fun.
    On the other hand-maybe RC will loose their ratings to Carnival class?I hate to see it..

  • Ken F

    After 25 cruises this is the main reason that we no longer cruise. Have not been on a ship in over 3 years. We love the vacation experience of being on the open sea but there comes a time that the risk out weighs the enjoyment. Not to mention that its just a matter of time before the ships will become targets for the extremist. There will always be those who refuse to see the light of the realitys of the dangers of being on a ship that is not American soil. All law protections we have in America are out the window when steping on a ship with a foreign registery. I feel very fortunate that we have never contracted this virus. The only sickness I have encountered was on a TransAtlantic in 1990 which I received from one of my fellow passengers from a hand shake. If anyone thinks that this can’t happen to them is only fooling themselfs.This site has been an eye opener to the treatment of the crew members and the ever growing dangers of leaving the country on a ship. Thanks Jim for all you do.

  • tinikini

    AMEN!! Ken F. Very well said.

  • MJr

    Hello, I’m getting ready to take a cruise with Royal Caribbean on this Sunday, leaving out of Galveston. Do I need to reconsider taking this trip? I just came across this sight and not hearing a lot of positive things with Royal Caribbean. I would appreciate any honest feedback.


  • Ken F

    Mjr At this point you will loose your cruise fare. I would say go and enjoy but be aware of your suroundings when in port.

  • David Meek

    Been sailing with R.C for 20 years,so for all good,they have always stood behind their word, and remember you are on water,God has his on idea’s,Captian has to do his best to deal with it, Keep on Sailing R.C, Two more cruise’s this year onR.C. Thanks

  • Suchanh chung

    I would join a class action lawsuit on the norovirus outbreak they try to hide. They also misdiagnosed my daughter as having ear infection stating it causes them to throw up. When we got back ashore after 4 days confined to room I brought my daughter to her pediatrician. My pediatrician said no sign of ear infection whatsoever. And ear infection does not resolve completely in 5-10 days. There will always be scarring or residual bulging or redness for weeks despite on antibiotics. What a load of bullshit Royal carribean is dishing out. I think they are trying to keep the statistics low so they can maintain customers. This is a severe risk to patients by hiding the truth about how widespread their infections is out off control to their ships,