Golden Princess9News in Australia reports that the Golden Princess cruise ship docked in Melbourne this morning “after hundreds of passengers were struck down with gastro.”

The newspaper reports that “more than 300 passengers” on-board the cruise ship are believed to have been affected with a gastrointestinal illness.

Princess Cruises spokesman praised the ship’s crew and medical personnel who handled what the newspapers said is believed to be norovirus.

In the last two month, Princess Cruises has experienced a number of gastrointestinal outbreaks, on the Ocean Princess, Diamond Princess, and the Crown Princess.

Princess Cruises has experienced the most gastrointestinal outbreaks in the last decade – over 20.

Norovirus is primarily a food-borne virus which often spreads through contaminated food or water.  It can be spread by food handlers, people who touch contaminated surfaces and from person to person transmission.

Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Boulet, CC BY 3.0.


    yes I was on golden princess on Vanuatu 14day cruise-

    I come from new Zealand-I was very sick for 4 days I am ok now-

    staff worked very hard–

    its lovely ship- I did new Zealand Christmas cruise and new year from Melbourne last Dec and had Wonderfull cruise- still like the ship–

    from Richard

  • Elaine windhofer

    I was one of first to contact virus, two days out, recovered by confining myself to cabin.
    Unfortunately also last day disembarked with chest infection, also from ship, and four days later still in hospital recovering. Will choose another line next time. Change overs too quick.

  • Andrew

    I was on the Golden Princess on this cruise. I Was ill the first day after coming ashore – my wife 2 days later.
    I think the ship is turned around far too quickly – it’s difficult (if not impossible) to prevent this sort of outbreak in a hospital – what chance does a ship stand when it it’s docked for only a few hours! Some of the passengers didn’t get off either they went on the NZ so my guess is the new contingent of happy holiday makers is going to get a serve of Norovirus too. And another thing – the ‘flu “epidemic” wasn’t mentioned once by the Captain even though many many passengers had that too!! Same old “tellem nothing-treatem like mushrooms” American PR…

  • Andrea

    My parents recently returned from the Golden Princess where they developed Gastro effectively eliminating half of their expensive holiday.

    As a clinician I was surprised to hear that ONLY the people with Gastro were isolated in their cabins and not the people who resided with them (who clearly acted as carriers). I was equally surprised to hear that as people disembarked the ship, vomiting as they left, new passengers were embarking allowing no time to isolate or eliminate the virus.

    The good news is that my parents were offered a $300 refund which is just enough to pay for the on board Dr my father had to see, and the water they had to PURCHASE when they were unable to eat or drink anything else for 7 out of the 14 days they were on board.

    Unfortunately my mother was unable to obtain medical attention because she was too sick and weak to get to the clinic and was refused a visit to her cabin.