A couple of days ago, Cruise industry News reported that, according to NCL’s 2015 Annual Report, Kevin Sheehan received a severance package from NCL last year totaling $13,400,000 (million). 

Mr. Sheehan resigned unexpectedly in January last year amidst some controversy.   

The annual report in question, which you can see here, specified a "a total severance expense of $13.4 million of which $8.2 million was due to the acceleration of the equity-based awards which was Kevin Sheehanrecorded in January 2015." 

In an industry which includes cruise CEO’s who make the big bucks like multi-billionaire Micky Arison and multi-millionaire Richard Fain, perhaps this is just business as usual.

But it must be hard to swallow for some crew members who work around the clock for peanuts, and without any real benefits. Crew members can be fired without cause. There is a saying that a cruise line can fire a crew member for any reason – good reason, bad reason or no reason – without legal consequence.     

NCL has suffered over the year from the perception even amongst cruise fans of being the king of "nickel and diming" its customers. But when it’s time to make a deal with a CEO to move him out of the way without a fuss, NCL will not hesitate to pay millions. 

Photo credit: @CruiseNorwegian via CruiseInd 

March 17, 2016 Update: Proxy statement explaning, among other thing, what Mr. Sheehan’s financial benefits he was entitled to if he was terminated with cause versus without cause. 

March 18, 2016 Update:  Many crew members seemed to like Mr. Sheehan and not the CEO who replaced him, Frank Del Rio, who many describe as an arrogant and cost-cutting boss. Here’s one of many comments sent to me on Facebook:

"It doesnt matter how much Mr Sheehans got. He is such a nice and approchable person. I had the chance to meet his 3 years ago in the NCL Sun,h e came to my side stand to greet and thank us for our hard work. Unlike Mr Del Rio, who comes to NCL changing evwrything, all our benefits. The company is going down for the crew. Del Rio came to NCL PEARL when i was there, stood therw for 2 hours and put the ship up side down. So arrogant and unpolite to the crew, didnt even smile at us. Not even a "well done guys, thank you for your hard work." NOTHING. I’ve been with NCL for the past 3 years. I will appreciate if you keep my name private. I may lose my job if anything comes to public."

  • Steve T. Raney, Esquire

    I have travelled extensively on NCL in the last 6 years with over 300 days on board their fine ships. However, I have noticed in the last 14 months that the new leadership has begun to nickel and dime me for everything. Further, the great perks for being a VIP Player status (NCL highest status in their casinos) in their Casino at Seas Program has decreased tremendously over the last 3 years.
    I sincerely hope that NCL will make major corrections to their programs as I will be on 10 back to back cruises from Sept 18, 2016 to Feb 18, 2017 from Copenhagen to Auckland New Zealand on their new routes as a Platinum and VIP status traveller!!

  • jason

    Kevin sheehan was a good ceo…not like the new one who joined the company after Kevin sheehan. Kevin use to do plenty good favour to the crew member..whether he bad or good.but every body like him. .he was nice by heart and he understands the felling of a crew members. .but know company changed a lot…by new ceo..all the crew is not happy with his rules and regulations. .crew members work hard to bring good business to company..but crewmembers r not payed good salary…but this company charge many service charge from the passanger..but all this money goes some were…if any body go agenst it to hr..they r not able to slove the problem..more over he can loss his job

  • Blackhawk

    Kevin sheehan is such a nice guy and a good boss too. I was able to meet and greet him in bremerhavem, germany when i was part of opening team of Norwegian Getaway. You can see in his personality for being humble to everyone especially the crew and he greet you with a smile and giving thanks to our hardworking for the company, with that kind of gesture, he instantly boost your morale and focus more to our jobs onboard. We got sad that kevin sheehan is not our ceo anymore and aside from that we have no any idea on frank del rio. There was the time when frank del rio to norwegian gem as our new ceo, he never introduce himself to the crew he just there staying in his suite in garden villa. Frank is strict, perfectionist and son of a bitch attitude. There is no appreciation for us crews from frank del rio. He change or scrap on what kevin sheehan started in ncl. The speculations are true with frank del rio that he is not a crew friendly oriented. I wish that kevin sheehan will become our ceo again in the future. We missed him.

  • Anonymous

    I too currently work for Norwegian Cruise Line and I did not like this guy from the minute they announced Mr. Sheehan’s departure. I warn anyone I encounter to never cruise with NCL as long as Frank Del Rio is in charge. He has only his best interest at heart, which is filling his pockets even if it means sacrificing all of the hard work Mr. Sheehan did. Del Rio does not care about the customers, nor his employees. I work shoreside, meaning I work at the call center and it doesnt take much to understand how he treats employees onboard.

  • Jennifer Vanderploeg

    The ex CEO Kevin Sheehan deserves the golden parachute….He did great things for NCL….Ever since the new CEO came onboard….the cruise line has done nothing but nickel and dime the passengers. I am going to take my money elsewhere and tell all of my friends to do the same. NCL is no longer a cruise line I want to sail on. I will let my cruise reward expire rather than take another cruise on them. So I say to the new CEO good luck….You are well on your way to driving what used to be the best and most fun cruise line to the ground!!!

  • Joseph Diaz

    Can anyone please send me the email addresses to Frank Del Rio and the executives?

  • Karien de Villiers

    Could I please have the e-mail address of mr. Frank del Rio? It is of utmost importance

  • Maureen Carrita

    I would also appreciate the email address for Frank Del Rio! Thank you!

  • Jr trist

    Why did everybody want del ríos email?

    I have a couple of his as I preciously did business with him.

  • Billy

    I will never cruise again on NCL! I am a high roller in the casino. Yet treated like shit by casinos at sea reps this week. Back to Celebrity! Way above the quality of NCL!!! Bye bye

  • Marcelo DiNapoli
  • Maria Fisch

    Took the 3/26 out of NYC. What a nightmare. Our cabin needed cleaning, our steward was surly even though I gave him a tip upon boarding hoping for good service. I guess I won’t do that again. The food was mediocre at best, even the specialty restaurants except the oyster bar. I got food poisoning at Cagneys, which they denied could happen, I was astounded and told them to check with the plumber who had to unclog our sink. We took it for a quick trip out of the city because it was so cold, but I would rather freeze in Central Park than take NCL again. When I called corporate and tried to reach a Frank Rio (I googled and got his name as a new CEO) I was treated with disdain by a person only identifying herself as “Catherine”. Someone would get back to me. I am still awaiting a communication. Really bad experience all around. Save your money and stay home. I am interested in tracking their stock since new CEO has taken over. Maria Fisch

  • Paula Atkins

    I just returned from the most disenchanting experince on the Norweign Sky. My BFF of 30 years treated me to a cruise. Well get this I do not drink all day in the hot sun, nor do I drink and gamble. Just to sail the beautiful ocean and lounge on Stirrup Caye was my ultimate. Cuba off shore excursions were a disorganized mess.
    Then the cherry on top was my host who paid in advance top dollar left her jewelry in 2 pouches inside the safe unlocked.Immediately we reported to their shitty customer service number and behold no one gives a shit or cannot communicate to the Steward which she tip 100 dollars for 4 nights and agin we do not drink, leave crap or act a muck.How is ithat a ship that comes into Port is notified next day cannot get a message to the Steward Joel room 0205 where the 10,000s in Jewelry (a Ladies Rolex included) and have confirmation that the jewelry had been secured and brought to customer service. NO Hotel I ever worked for operate like that. Park Hyatt, Ritz Carlton or even a Marriott. What a joke and insult to someone who was a Haven customer also in January 2007 and then takes guest on another NCL in May 2017. My friend spent over 30,000 thus far in 2017. We both go to Relax not over indulge in alcohol.No monies lost on us nor do we eat like pigs. Thou great food and dining service. I am apallled and until NCL makes good I will go on the national news.Awful service and not that complicated.
    The run around and apparently this is the MO.

    Paula Atkins

  • Samuel

    I am neither right, nor left. I don’t belong to any group or party. I condemn Nazis, KKK and Black Panthers, etc. I vote with my own conscience. And I believe in freedom of speech as long as it does not incite imminent violence. The right say whatever they wish to say, the left do the same. Those who love, talk about love, those haters talk hatred. People like me let all others to express themselves freely, without shutting anyone down, but without necessarily supporting the speakers. What NCL did with Rebel Media is called discrimination based on political views. It’s wrong and possibly illegal. It’s also unwise from a business plan perspective. One should never allow politics interfere with business. This is a sure way to lose customers. My name and email address here are fake, but all the rest is true and comes from the heart. By now I also have read about recent NCL CEO wars and scandals as well as disgruntled employees and customers reviews. It leaves a very sour taste. I and my wife are NCL gold members. But we’ll be thinking now twice whether to remain a loyal NCL customers or explore other available cruising opportunities.