A YouTube video of the Master of the Anthem of the Seas was broadcast to the staterooms on the Anthem of the Seas internal channel the day after the storm. A passenger, Sean Ferguson, recorded it with his iPhone.

The captain stated that, in his opinion, the low pressure system was not forecast accurately and the Anthem of the Seas faced wind and wave conditions much worse than were forecast.

His comments are in stark contrast to a number of meteorologists who have stated that the storm was accurately forecast last week. Chief Meteorologist Eric Elwell, a local meteorologist from Ohio, posted photographs of the damage on his Facebook page. Another meteorologist, Ryan Maue, a “digital meteorologist for WeatherBell Analytics, said it’s hard to believe no one at Royal Caribbean had been aware of a storm system that had been forecast — and included in official advisories and warnings issued by the National Weather Service — days in advance, ” says NJ.com in the article Royal Caribbean ripped by weather pro for routing ‘Anthem’ cruise ship into storm.

The meteorologists at the Weather Channel were highly critical of Royal Caribbean last night and stated that the storm was accurately predicted in several programs and widely reported. The Weather Channel broadcast images showing that the seas were predicted to be over 30 feet last week (see photo below), which sharply contrasted with the Royal Caribbean captain’s claim that the waves were forecast to be only 12 to 15 feet in height.

Of interest is the Master’s statement that the winds which rocked the cruise ship were up to 170 MPH which is actually higher than the estimates of many terrified passengers who contacted us of around 150 MPH.  He also stated that the passenger were understandably extremely uncomfortable and fearful of the weather conditions.

Ar the 18 minute mark of the video, the Master used an online chart from PassageWeather.com which, ironically, accurately predicted the development of this storm before the Anthem of the Seas sailed into danger.

Al Roker, the popular television weatherman on the Today Show, best summed up Royal Caribbean’s claim that the storm was not predicted:  “Royal Caribbean’s claim that this was not predicted is bullfeathers.

USA TODAY published Meteorologists: Royal Caribbean blew it on sailing into storm.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson was quoted in the press asking why would the ship continue right into the path of the ferocious storm that had been predicted at least four days on February 3rd, before the cruise encountered it, according to the Daily Mail.

Storm Anthem of the Seas Cruise


  • Tim

    We all know the truth!

  • Axel Krack

    Hehe, very interesting the captain’s talk.
    The problem is, they carry on 4 stripes on their shoulders and think they are “king of the world”. These types of ships are not build for weather like this. You’ve to take care – very carefully – of your course, before you leave the port.
    With this ship in weather like this… it’s the same, you leave the port with a tall ship and try to round Cape Hoorn by force 12, with full hoist sails…
    I’ve been in weather like this. One mistake could be your last (Blackout)…. and… you want to bring 6.000 people in the life boats…. good luck.
    That’s the problem with some companies – Think big – risk more – money, money

  • Margot Haliday Knight

    Were there other cruise ships that were scheduled to be in the same area but chose to divert due to forecast? That would be telling, I think.

  • Joan

    To add insult to injury – Royal Caribbean are now denying that the Captain announced that we would dock at 6am today , despite 4000 passengers witnessing this! 1000’s of guests changed flights and were then delivered the bombshell that we won’t actually dock until 9pm! We are now having a nightmare trying to change them again – the cost is exceeding £2000 at present!

  • Paul

    RCL wants the public to believe that this vessel is built to withstand even more incredible forces? Come-on, I think this vessel was put to the limit and it’s a miracle that it didn’t break in half and sink taking 4,000+ lives with it – question authority! Someone said that the captain should be commended for his heroic seamanship – I think he was a fool! This seems to be a situation of corporate profit overriding passenger safety

  • Donna C

    Yes I do believe the cruise line should have cancelled the voyage or left a few days later, however the captain did speak keeping us update on weather conditions and for my safety and my husband we decided to stay in our cabin and watch tv Classic movies and were told that movies would be free. I finally got room service with no charge. The next morning was a beautiful day in Bermuda. The voyage back to New Jersey was smooth sailing. The crew also did an excellent job