The New Orleans Advocate reports that a branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has busted a cocaine smuggling operation where crew members smuggled cocaine from Honduras to New Orleans aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL) Norwegian Dawn cruise ship. 

The drug bust took place last Sunday. On line AIS tracking sites show that the Norwegian Dawn is now cruising to countries in the Caribbean / Central America, having recently left the Honduran cruise port of Roatan which is in the Bay Islands. 

Earlier this year, NCL crew members have been busted before trying to smuggle drugs into the U.S. from Norwegian DawnRoatan. Five NCL crew members on the Norwegian Sun were arrested in Tampa when the cruise ship returned from Roatan where the crew members picked up the drugs. One crew member was recently convicted and the other 4 pled guilty. 

The Norwegian Dawn was last mentioned in our article last year about a NCL Nicaraguan galley worker, tried to board the Dawn with a package of cocaine hidden under his clothes. The ship’s security discovered the drugs and reported the incident to the national police, who arrested the crew member.  

The NCL cruise ship drug smuggling stories last year then reportedly involved widespread arrests of NCL crew members on the Epic as well as some on the Sun. Several NCL crew members have told me that as many as 20 NCL crew members from Nicaragua were arrested with cocaine in April last year. 

You can read about the latest NCL drug bust at the New Orlean Advocate in an article by Jim Mustian. The article mention five arrests: Asbert Lowmans, Jean Louis, Esias Felicien, Kevin John, and Alfred Dennison. The first four men appear to crew members. The last, Mr. Dennison identified as being from Jamaica, is alleged to have met with the crew member to buy the drugs. 

Photo Credit: Norwegian Dawn by Fletcher6 licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Commons / Wikipedia.

  • Sasha Betts

    This is know surprise to me. Oct 31 2014 a bunch of us were heading back to our cabin & the entire deck smelled of pot. Again on Oct 23rd week 2015 someone was smoking pot during the white hot party. We had to leave the party it was so bad & had to put towels by our door to block out the smell. My husband a Massachusetts state police officer called security in 2014 but no one ever came. If he got drug tested & got a second hand smoke (high) he could of lost his job. Ncl is quick to find sand from beaches even when it was stuck to your wet towel you were laying on after drying off then hold up the line and make you look guilty for something you never intentionally did, but when it comes to drugs, they look the other way. If cruise lines paid there staff more they wouldn’t have to sell drugs to make extra $.

  • The blame should fall with the port authority and the cruise line in question. How is this continuously happening from the same ports. If proper screening takes place, there is no way this would repeatedly happen, unless certain entities are in on it?