Paradise Beach Nassau BahamasThe Bahamian newspapers are reporting that an U.S. woman visiting Nassau over the weekend was raped by a jet ski operator on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island around 5 P.M. on Saturday, January 2nd.

The Tribune newspaper, in an article titled Man Held After Rape Attack On US Tourist, talks about the rape. The Nassau Guardian mentions that there have been other sexual assaults allegedly committed by jet ski operators in Nassau, generally, and Cabbage Beach in particular, which have been the subject of international crime warnings.  

We reported on a prior sexual assault of a tourist reported to have occurred by a jet ski operator in Nassau on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island less than 30 days ago.    

The U.S. Embassy previously warned about sexual assaults by jet ski operators in Nassau before.

This type of crime has been repeatedly highlighted in the last two years but is only one of many crimes which the U.S. State Department has warned are occurring to tourists who visit Nassau.

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce was quoted in the Tribune last year:

“The Chamber remains very concerned about the levels of crime, especially the types of crime that have been reported recently, and that has to do mostly with regards to crime against the person.

We have heard increasing reports of sexual harassment of tourists. We have even heard of some cases of alleged rapes, and we are extremely concerned about the safety not only of the tourists who are coming here and naturally provide us with great stimulus to our economy through their tourism dollars, but we are equally concerned for the health and safety of Bahamians and other residents.

A new US warning about crime in the Bahamas has expressed concern over home invasions and a recent spike in reported sexual assaults, some of which it says are linked to the “loosely regulated water sports industry” on Paradise Island."

We just wrote about the out-of-control crime problem in Nassau in More Per Capita Murder than Detroit: Nassau Continues with Mayhem in 2016.

The Tribune just published ‘Mind Blowing’ Crime Concern For Tourism.

Photo Credit: "Nassau, The Bahamas" by NASA Astronauts licensed under Public Domain via Commons – Wikipedia

  • Phillippa Lady Russell


  • Ms. Russell:

    I know that applying Bahamian standards, it may seem that no one is going to be involved in a social issue without being bribed or having direct financial interests. But this article is part of my decision to warn people on cruise ships what to expect in Nassau Bahamas when they cruise to that port.

    The country of the Bahamas doesn’t issue such crime warnings. I also see evidence that many government officials and police officers cover the crime incidents up. I have written about these concerns many times.

    When I started this blog, none of the cruise lines warned their guests about crime in Nassau. Most of them do now.

    You seem to see the crime problem exactly as the Bahamian government does – as part of a problem only insofar as it affects tourism which other Caribbean islands may exploit. Your phrase of “COMPETITORS FOR TOURISM DOLLARS” to describe the Bahamas’ rival Caribbean islands is revealing.

    No, I don’t represent any of the other islands in the Caribbean. I have been criticial of virtually all of the countries there. The high crime and murder rate in the Caribbean includes all of the major stops – St. Lucia, St. Thomas USVI, Roatan, St. Kitts & Nevis.

  • Felix Agredon

    So typical of Bahamian apologists who try to conceal the horrible truth about Nassau and its ever-growing crime problem.

    The wild men of Paradise Island (the jet-ski operators) see women tourists as fair game and are protected by a corrupt and inefficient law enforcement system.

    With their political contacts on hand to help thwart due process, the sex-crazed – and probably drugged-up – hooligans do as they please. They have been a danger to tourists for years, but increasing lawlessness in the Bahamas is making things worse.

    Nassau is a broken society governed by corrupt politicians. It s finished. ‘Lady’ Russell needs to face facts instead of attributing Bahamian standards – i.e. corruption, graft, kickbacks, brown envelopes etc – to those who are trying to alert potential visitors to the truth.

    Within five years, the Bahamas will have lost its tourists to Cuba, a safer destination with much deeper culture where law-breakers are dealt with accordingly.

  • Amerikkka is evil

    Nassau is not some warzone. Tourists rarely get in any trouble over here. Lets talk about the Police that kill innocent black people in america each year. Or the american soliders that kill innocent middle eastern women and children each year

    Or the detroit and chicago crime rate. Lets talk about these issues.

  • Dear “Amerikkka is evil:”

    Your internet provider address places you in Nassau Bahamas.

    The KKK reference you make is disrespectful to 99% of U.S. citizens.

    Yes, we have a problem with black citizens being shot by the police and there is no denying that. But that has nothing whatsoever with your country’s significant problems of black Bahamians killing each other in record numbers. And it certainly has nothing to do with an American tourist raped in Nassau last week.

    Attacking Americans with these sentiments is counter-productive. It will not solve the Bahamas’s crime problems. And it only serves to remind us that many Bahamians hold deep bitterness against Americans.

    Your criticism of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen is uncalled for. But for the U.S. military, the Bahamas would be the playground for Nazi Germans.

  • tinikini

    Jim, couldn’t have said it better myself. Your comments were what I was thinking about “evil’s” comments.

    Evil, there are other blogs that discuss what you would like to discuss. Sign on to one of those blogs because we sure as hell won’t miss you here.

  • Alfonso

    Thank you Jim for standing up for our country, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was born in a communist country and raised in N.Y., I truly love this country even with it’s own problems. If it wasn’t for the U.S.A., a lot of countries would be under Nazi rule or Nazi genocide. Because remember, if you weren’t German blue eyed, blonde hair, you were exterminated.

  • Skip


    Hitler was not blue eyed, blonde, or even German by birth.

  • Diamond Jim

    Jim Walker –

    you say “Yes, we have a problem with black citizens being shot by the police.” But is this true? The incidents of black persons being shot in the US invariably involve persons who were engaged in some criminal activity and then getting shot once the police arrive and try to bring the suspect under control. It is unfortunate when anyone is shot by the police, but usually circumstances warrant it.