FOX 4 Fort Myers aired a gruesome video last night taken by passengers on the Carnival Ecstasy of blood pouring out of the top of the elevator running down the elevator door like a sheet. The passenger said "it sounded like a rainstorm . . . "

The news account reported that the couple were heading to dinner on the 10th floor of the ship Sunday night when they saw the horrifying scene.

The video apparently shows the aftermath of an elevator accident where a crew member who was in the elevator shaft was mortally injured.

The FOX channel reported that cruise ship employees told the couple that the accident seriously injured an electrician who later died.

The Miami-Dade Police Department identified the victim as 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo.

The family reportedly said that Carnival offered to pay for them to go to three counseling sessions.

WARNING: Graphic content. 

January 5 2016 update: Ms. Sandoval’s daughter left a message (below) seeking relevant information, saying in part: "Does anyone know the truth, and why he was there alone. anyone who wants to help me, my contact is Thanks Carolina"

  • Bill

    Those poor people who saw blood and were so traumatized they stayed to video the scene and share it with the news. SERIOUSLY??? A man died doing his job. He is the victim as well as his family, friends and those who rendered aid to him. Not those who looked at the scene. My thoughts and prayers for the mans family and his co workers.

    3 Therapy sessions for seeing blood? As a former NYC Paramedic me and my peers must really need serious therapy. These people need to get a life.

  • Brent

    I agree that the person shouldn’t have filmed this, or at least not given the video to the news. Reporting the death is fine, but there’s no reason to show it.

    And of course I’d hope most people realize a death like this could have just as easily happened at your local department store or the multilevel Toys R Us in NYC.

  • TS

    Bill, these people aren’t paramedics and weren’t doing the job a paramedic or other first responder does – quite the opposite, actually, as they were on VACATION.

    These are people who paid a lot of money to take a vacation on a cruise line and had that trip essentially ruined by blood gushing down an elevator. They paid to take a Carnival cruise, not to stay at the Overlook Hotel.

  • David Ryan

    Carnival had another crew member killed in a similar elevator accident in New Orleans on Sensation in January 2001. No lessons learned?

  • Aggie

    I. I feel so sad for his friends and family!crew members leave life behind to serve on cruise ships..I spend 12 years on Royal Caribbean and sorry to said this but any accident on cruise ship always generate fame or money for cruise passengers..nobody cares about crew families and they feelings. This people need reality check..somebody lost life serving you on your vacation. This electrician fix this elevator so you don’t have to use stairs…ungrateful people.

  • Deb

    We were there. Probably missed the blood by moments Noticed an officer who looked I’ll. Carnival did a great job of keeping everyone safe and secure. Such an awful way for a person to loose a life. They kept calm and performed remarkably in the face of the horrific death of a teammate.

  • Jasmine

    AGGIE is right. I worked on ships for 3 years. We went through a hurricane and the passengers had melt downs that they were bored and the gift shop should be open. The gft shop had broken glass shards everywhere and liquor all over the place. Tell me again how it should be open. The crew member that died is the victim.. not these entitled passengers.!

  • Steven Francis

    Poor form by these two. Why would you film this and cry foul. The people who work on these ships have families and often sacrifice long periods away from their families for low pay to support their families. How dare they try to capitalize from a tragedy to benefit themselves. This is a true problem with our society of felling like victims anytime something occurs. They should have headed the other way or tried to help the situation as opposed to videotaping this tragedy! Shame on them!

  • Debbie

    TS, you are an idiot! So what if they are on VACATION? they should have called someone for help and not just recording the bloody elevator! You are an idiot, so if you have an accident on a cruise or somewhere else no one is going to help ypu, cuz they are on vacation? You are a prick!

    Anyway I feel so bad for the crew member, the cruise lines always treat them like if they were sub human or slaves, I hope justice be done with this Carnival cruise line, becuase too much tragedies already have happened, my prayers are with all the crew members

  • Eliza gemmell

    Condolences to the family and friends of Jorge Sandoval, who lost his life, making repairs to make the cruise comfortable for the passengers.
    We could see the commotion from the dining room, until the doors were closed.
    I do believe the terrible and most unfortunate accident was kept very hush, hush.
    I could not get any information as to what was going on. The crew handled the situation very well.preventing much gossip and causing discomfort to the passengers on their final night of the cruise. I think the filming go this incident should not go public, in respect of the victim.-

  • Jim

    If he was an electrician and not an elevator constructor he had no business working on it. Probably Carnival not hiring the right people and trying to cut corners. Shame he lost his life for something he knew nothing about.

  • Audrey Hammond

    As a former employee on many cruise lines I can say that there were very few incidents arising in the death of crew members (fortunately) This was a terrible tragedy that could have happened anywhere in the world. The fact that it happened on a cruise ship does not mean that Carnival should pay out to passengers who witnessed some of the scenes of the tragedy. Any normal human being would have raised the alarm to the appropriate people and realised that what they just witnessed was obviously a serious incident involving severe injuries and in this case the death of an employee.
    To lash out at Carnival is just greed! Why should Carnival pay them simply because they witnessed blood? What is the world coming to? Sick individuals who are only interested in moneytory gain! Have a heart and think of the poor mans family and if the affect on his co workers and refrain from crying out “pay me”!!! Disgusting, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Rosemarie

    I did not watch the video. Very sad this tragedy happened. Someone lost their loved one and family. Just as horrible for the passengers who saw the aftermath of the accident. I don’t think the video should have gone to the news. I do though feel the cruise lines should offer up more than three sessions to ‘get over’ that. I’m sure it did ruin the balance of their vacation. The video should have been turned over to the cruise lines or whatever company does investigations for these incidents and for the opportunity for the victim’s family to view it IF they wanted.

  • Chris

    I for one am GLAD these people took the time to grab a cell phone and video this tragedy. It serves nothing but good in the long run for future passengers, the ships crew and above all CARNIVAL cruise lines. This video will surely be used as a training tool and help to generate safer and more practical solutions for upcoming sailings and workers in their fleet. While it is a tragic accident and probably was an error on the worker that could have been avoided through lock out tag out procedures it allows for possible beneficial change in the industry and safer work practices for employees and without the video all but definately would have been nothing but a “blurp” on the nightly news. At least this will raise awareness to work practices on board. As far as trama or needed “therapy”? That seems like the couple trying to get something for nothing. Was simply blood, the tragedy was unseen by the guests and if anyone would need comfort seems more logical it would be the employees family and shipmates.

  • John

    This is why only trained and experienced elevator mechanics should work on elevators. Electricians should never work on our equipment. They are not qualified. I have been in the elevator business for 18 years and face danger every day. Shame on the company for putting him in harms way. He Also shares the blame for getting on top of that elevator without knowing what to do. This is avoidable by employing trained mechanics.

  • Lou Bloom

    If it bleeds it leads…

  • Crew

    I am ex crew and I can already see this video being shown to the new crew during their trainings as in “this is what happens if you dont follow safety rules and regulations” . For one I know that Carnival (where I happened to work) is genuinely concerned about safety and continuously monitoring and doing any effort they can to avoid accidents. For those who doubt that I can tell you a fact – the upper level management bonuses depend on the accident amounts – yes, exactly, they have a target tobreach, and if some dumb ass slips and falls on an even spot doesnt matter, management is still hold responsible. So thats how serious Carnival takes it.
    As to Jose’s family my deepest condolences, this is beyond words hard for a family whos man is out there at seas to make money and to get the bad news… Stay strong, may god bless you.

    As to this chap here who made the video, you know I want to puke how sick people like this make me feel, what a “victim” , “wanted to get off the ship”. Nice job with the video but thats it, suck it up princess and be happy youre alive and safe.

  • Phil

    In the movie The Shining, it was a lot worse!

    I’ve seen so much of stuff like this that I’ve gotten used to it.

  • crewmember

    OMG, this is just an American thing. I work for Carnival, and the level of stupidity of our gsts is unbelievable.So if u watch blood on the news do u ask ur cqble privider for compensation? NO! Gsts nowadays pay nothing for a cruise and expect compensation for their “inconveniece” grow up and look at the world u live in. No kne on the ships really cares about ur whining and complaining, we really dont care. It is unfortunate what happened to this crew member, but guess what we did not plan to ruin ur vacation. It seems you guys leave ur brains behid when u come cruising.

  • kate smith

    This was all about the money. They sold this video I am sure of it. SAD.

  • There is no indication that anyone sold this video to the press. The press is not engaged in buying video like this.

    As far as therapy goes, my understanding is that Carnival offered to send the couple to have therapy if they chose to have it. It was Carnival’s idea. There is no indication that the couple is planning a lawsuit. I do not know any lawyer who would file such a claim.

    My opinion is that it is always a good idea to take a video of an event at sea. The cruise line will otherwise deny that it occurred or down play it if it makes them look bad. Citizen journalists and YouTube are here to stay. Getting to the truth of the matter is not always a pleasant process, although I understand that it will upset many people.

  • jb

    Work place accidents happen all the time. OSHA needs to investigate. A safety mechanism was not set or something like that. Very insensitive to show the death scene. Death is just a part of life and life continues on cruise ships and promise me, your cruise will never be perfect, no matter what brand you sail on. I have been on 15 plus cruises and had all sorts of things happen, you feel sad, pray, but continue your vacation as best you can. I pray for the worker’s family and friends for their loss.

  • Ida Rathernotsay

    Just want to reply to “crew member”. It’s an American thing huh? I wouldn’t even ask for the cruise company to pay for counseling, I’m an American, and I’ve seen work accidents. Some of us have seen way worse than that an go on about our lives, even though sometimes it may be a bit hard. Nice how you speak so ill of people you evidently really don’t know. Could I group your nationality in as heartless jackholes just based on seeing your comment? Would that be OK? I understand you may see a bunch of brainless twits, but we most certainly are not all that way. Maybe it has something to do with the booze filled atmosphere on those ships, seems like many of the people I saw take free license with the idea of being on vacation, surrounded by booze! Alcohol is also known as liquid stupid! Now, then. It’s sad that a man evidently got squashed in the elevator, either he got hung in the cables or there is not enough clearance at the top of the shaft. We won’t get to see the results of the investigation, but I have little doubt that proper lockout tagout procedure wasn’t followed. That or he locked the wrong elevator. Maybe he wasn’t certified in elevator repair? Who knows. I’m just sorry for the man’s family and the guys that had to get him out of there. I KNOW that’s a sight they won’t forget.

  • Malcolm

    Not the cruiseline fault. The employee didnt follow the first rule . He didnt follow the lockout proceedure. If he woukd have survived he would have been fired. Sadly this inciddent caused his death and another statistic for why we do lockout proceedures at all mechanical areas. This truly is not a Cruiseline fault. Most workplace have policies where you cant work alone in certain areas.

  • Angryredhead

    The media should be ashamed of themselves for airing video of this man’s death!! I’m not one for lawsuits…but I hope Jose’s family sues the idiot cameraman and every news station that aired this for emotional trauma!! What kind of human being ignores crew directions and continues to film after being asked to clear the scene…then claims to be traumatized!! You did it to yourself buddy and deserve zero compensation and a nice fat lawsuit!! My sincere condolences to this man’s family…May he rest in peace!!

  • Judy

    The video that was taken should only be used for the employees family for legal reason. Why was the elevator not closed down while it was being repaired. At the hotel I worked at if the elevator was being repaired or maintainance being done , the elevator was shut down. While cruising with Princess there was a problem with one elevator and there where signs all over telling guests that it was closed down these signs where placed on every floor in front of the emlevator being repaired. That video needs to be turned over to the family or someone investigating the incident. As far as the recorder they just want another free cruise. There are a lot of people that are travellers that make it a habit by complaining hoping to be given comps to make them happy. The video should be handed over and the people can carry on with the cruise and get home tell their friends and throw the cruise line under the bus.

  • Ida Rathernotsay

    Well, I’ve been looking around and there are times when you have to work on a live elevator, there are switches on the top that elevator mechanics use to take control of the car. Maybe the electrician is forced to be a jack of all trades and used the controls improperly or just plain and simple didn’t use proper elevator repair procedure. I’m also curious as to who the guy was and what he was doing in the elevator? Maybe the electrician had him operating controls? That or he was an unsuspecting guy that stepped in an elevator that wasn’t cordoned off as it should have been on EVERY floor (as evidenced in the video, nothing was put there until the electrician got squashed) and hit the button for tenth floor. I imagine he has a story to tell that would beat the pants off the three counseling sessions.

  • Dee

    Prayers and thoughts for the family who lost their loved one. To the guests who stood there and filmed this, what were you thinking? If you were so traumatized why did you stand there and record it? Why didn’t you go get help? Screaming “NO NO NO This cant be” does not help anyone around you, just you because you were now the victim of a scene off of “The Shining” No guest deserves compensation for this incident!!! get help

  • Carolina Sandoval

    First of all, thank you all for the affection you have shown to my father and my family.
    My father was a good person, respectful and thorough in his work. He was a chief, a professional, not a beginner. While the investigation is still ongoing, I, daughter and in love with my dad, I carry my personal cause. To do him justice. It was his last trip, and he would be with his family. I remember often complained to his work, because the elevators were old and broken constantly, the work was so hard. He would not risk his life … he knew the safety regulations. Does anyone know the truth, and why he was there alone. anyone who wants to help me, my contact is Thanks Carolina

  • Ida Rathernotsay

    I so wish there were something we knew that would help, I have serious doubt of what the cruise line would actually reveal in the investigation, especially if it were their wrongdoing. One thing that is obvious to me in the video is that the elevators weren’t blocked off on EVERY level. Carolina, I know there’s nothing that we can say to stop the hurt of your loss, just know that there are some of us who are praying for your family and we are sorry for your loss. My wife, mother in law, kids and I cruised on this ship a few years ago from Florida, and I noticed it looked to be a fairly old ship. I hope you can find whatever you may need to know.

  • Blessings

    Dearest Carolina, my sympathies to you and your family. This tragedy is so deeply saddening. And the thought that this was your father’s last cruise and that he died repairing something that he complained about being “old/broken” makes it even more heart wrenching. I encourage you to find ways to make your father’s death a wake up call to an industry. This billion dollar industry needs to ensure their employees are safe and that their concerns are heeded.

    I cruise often and the feeling that by doing so is promoting some bizarre form of unfair labor practices is beginning to unfold in my mind. Although I’ve never met people on board at father’s professional level(master electrician), it is very obvious most of the staff works 18 hour days. Maybe your loss can be a gain in the industry that appears to have little oversight in how they treat their employees. I pray for your strengthen in the days to come.

  • Cruiser

    Carolina, I was cruising when this horrible accident happened. First I want to say that your family and friends are in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart breaks that this video taken wasn’t how a family wants to see the last moments of their dear loved one. I hope that you and your family find closure with your fathers death. I hope you are able to get answers to all of your questions you have regarding
    your dads death..

    By the time we left the ship the video was already going around. I just started to pray. I’ve thought about your dad and his family so many times in this past month. May your dad rest in peace

  • Little old lady victim

    I live in an old hotel building that was converted to apartments for the elderly and disabled 42 years ago. One of the elevators malfunctions on a regular basis. Shortly after I moved in, the doors of this elevator slammed shut on me pinning my arms to my side. It was few terrifying moments before they released and I was able to escape. Since we have two elevators I try to avoid using this elevator, but sometime the cleaning crew locks the good one out and we have no choice but to wait or climb several floors. Recently paramedics reported the elevator to the Indiana State Fire Marshall and is was shut down for a few weeks for repair. So I used it again and guess what … it slammed shut on my crutch before I could board and didn’t release it for several minutes while it ran up and down with the doors open about 3 inches. Today I met he elevator inspector who came at my request and he found that the elevator was malfunctioning on 4 or 5 floors out of nine.
    This is the second building that I have been in with elevator problems. Same thing with both, bumpy jerky ride, doors closing on people and stopping above or below the floor. On the other elevator it jumped a foot as I was stepping off and I broke my foot. After that I was able to interest Senator Lugar in the problem and he got that elevator fixed. I dk what is wrong with these people who ignore malfunctioning elevators. I think that this amounts to criminal neglegence. Still hobbling along.

  • Nicola Campitelli

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    This is why the doors can happen to open during the run or the elevator may start before the doors close.

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