Seabourn Pride a/k/a Star PrideWindstar Cruises’ Star Pride (photo left in Europe when it was operated by Seabourn) hit rocks near Isla de Coiba, Panama yesterday morning. 

Professor Ross Klein’s website says that according to a passenger aboard the Star Breeze:

"We have just picked up 109 passenger and crew from another Windstar Cruise Liner in (what I think is) the south end of Costa Rica. The other Windstar ship hit rocks and took on water near the port where people got off. We left our port in an emergency to assist and it took 13 hours to get to them. According to people on that Windstar ship no one was injured which makes us all happy. We are going to be back tracking to get them to the closest airport. The ship we all saw is clearly damaged at it is listing."

News sources says that guests were refunded 100 percent of their voyage fare. Cruise Critic says that the cruise line offered ‘100 percent of cruise fare paid for future cruise credit." 

The cruise ship will be towed to the port of Balboa in Panama for repairs to the hull. Windstar is also reportedly canceling the December 26th Star Pride voyage. 

The cruise ship was renamed the Star Pride after Seabourn Cruises stopped operating the vessel last year. 

Photo Credit: Seabourn Pride by Churchill188 licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikipedia.

December 26 2015 Update: It seems that this occurred on a UNESCO World Heritage site. According Star Pride Groundingto the Facebook Sea Shepard Panama page (Photo Credit for photo right):

"A Cruise Ship Passing Through UNESCO World Heritage Site Coiba National Park, hit some slightly submerged rocks while attempting to navigate through a shallow channel.

The ship is undergoing repairs In this delicate ecosystem so it can continue on its way. Meanwhile other Cruise Ships navigate around it as they load and unload their 100’s of passengers for waterskiing and other activities.

We hope that while repairs are happening on the Ship that there is no furthur negative impact to the environment.

At this stage it is unknown how much damage has-been done to the Reef and Marine life at the site of impact."

  • Bassam ezzat

    Need details

  • Russell K

    Currently (12/24 @ 4:pm) I am sitting on the Star Breeze headed to Balboa, but where we are or how long that will take is unknown as communication from the captain has continued to be horrible (and of course among others those tours have been cancelled as we are not allowed off the ship now). The crew members have been beyond great. They have been working almost non-stop since the initial emergency announcement Tuesday morning, and they have been doing so with smiles and a positive attitude. I can’t commend them enough for their hard work and amazing attitude during these extra long days. Initially we were told Wednesday after we dropped off the passengers to the nearest port with access to an airport that we were going to head back, pick up the crew and go to Balboa (adding another 26 hours of lost time). We got to the damaged ship around midnight Wednesday and they decided to unload as much as possible from the disabled ship to our ship. After sitting there for an additional 13 hours that was not explained we were told we will be headed to Balboa. With that in mind I don’t think they are going to allow us off the ship and we will have to stay another full day (now 4) on ship. When all is said and done (assuming we don’t get off the boat in Balboa like we were supposed to) we have been stuck in the ship since we ended our walk on the beach Monday afternoon and won’t be able to get off until the end of the cruise Saturday morning. As far as compensation the people on the Star Pride received 100% refund with 100% of their purchase price also paid towards another cruise, the people scheduled to take the Star Pride next week got 100% refund plus 50% discount on next cruise. This information was posted on Windstars Facebook page and the passengers of the Star Pride were given their information in private and asked not to tell the rest of the passengers on the Star Breeze. The rest of us on the Star Breeze who have only enjoyed a maximum of 2 day off ship and were not allowed off anywhere else have received a letter giving us compensated of 30% refund of current cruise and $500 off (roughly 10%) our next cruise. A majority of the passengers including myself are insulted by this as our vacation has been ruined all but 2 days (of the 7). In my humble opinion Windstar should be ashamed of their offer and apologize while coming back with something more comparable to what everyone else has received.

  • Wendy

    Windstar’s Star Breeze saga continues. I was able to step off Star Breeze today in Balboa, Panama, 12-25-15, the second time off the ship since we departed Costa Rica 7 days ago. We had quite a gathering at the dock waiting for transportation and were even teased when a beautiful charter bus arrived (and was sent away empty) when we were told that our transportation was 2 vehicles that held 24-25 people. Our director did not know where the 2 vehicles were, I felt his frustration – this is the cruise from hell for all concerned (I’m not displacing what has happened to Star Pride, but we’ve been held “captive” on board since Tuesday morning).
    After standing in the heat and humidity for an hour without any information on the 2 vehicles and with an hour left to return to the vessel, my group of 4 opted to return to Star Breeze without seeing Balboa. Now it it 3 hrs later and we are just pulling up anchor to go anchor closer to the Panama Canal (as directed by the authorities) – which we will begin around 8 pm. Much later than anticipated with the original cruise.
    Please, do not misunderstand me. We needed to help Star Pride, no doubt there at all. We should have been more informed and we should have been asked if we would be willing to share our room and shower to those displaced. I have heard from other sources that some Star Pride passengers had to sleep on lounge chairs.
    I applaude our crew for working overtime and trying to keep us happy. However, Windstar needs to rework how to communicate to those that are stuck watching people embark, disembark, watch a listing ship for a day, not knowing where we are – what we are doing. It is frustrating.

  • Barrett

    Was on the Pride a few weeks ago, the ship is in poor shape way below wind stars standards. I am ashamed of the way Windstar has treated its employees they are what Windstar should be!

  • On the other hand, My father is on the panama hotel.

  • Jbeitman

    Thank goodness everyone is okay! We love WIndstar and have been using their line for over 15 years!

  • kit boden

    Windstar refunded our ship fare but not our airfare. as of today, april 22, 2016, Windstar has not compensated us for the items left behind by the crew when they cleared out our cabins. the customer service rep says “there is no new information’ when we will be made whole.
    I wrote the CEO, I email the customer service rep frequently, but nothing new to report. really

  • James “Kimo” Dejon

    I hope this entire saga and sad event with Windstar will be rectified – completely – for all those folks that were om the two ships involved in this event…if not, we will be cancelling our Tahiti trip next June.
    I look forward to 100% positive results!